Film Theory: Shrek's Donkey was SECRETLY a Human! (Shrek Movie)

Pubblicato il 17 set 2019
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Have you thought about Shrek lately? Well, I have. Specifically, I've been thinking about the mystery that is Donkey. What do we know about him and where he came from? He is an animal of mystery... until you start to look a little closer. You see, I think Donkey has been hiding a big secret about where he came from and for good reason. Donkey may not be the good guy he pretends to be. Saddle up Theorists, this may be a bumpy ride.
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  • That or if he told someone he’d be afraid of being sent back to the island to be complete, or no one would believe him. Maybe he’s already told someone but was just not taken seriously. It would be a very understandable fear or outcome for the trauma he presumably went through.

  • why do you continue to ruin my favorite childhood movies

  • I never like Pinocchio I never got through the first like 10 minutes because it always creeped me out now I know why it creeped me out those poor little kids

  • The bible also has a story of a talking donkey. So that could be a reasonable explanation. Although true, it wouldn't explain the clothing issues.

  • Yeah but could donkey just be facing mad PTSD be the reason he refuses to talk about it? Like, it would be a pretty traumatic experience going to the island as a human and escaping as a donkey.

  • Where is the singing donkey

  • Or Bremen musicians German tale

  • Author: I want a cool donkey in my story for no reason English teachers:

  • I'm pretty sure the Bremen Town Musicians would be a better pick. I mean, a traveling and singing donkey with a cat, a dog and a rooster companion. I loved that fairytale as a child.

  • Ok but what about in the second movie with the potion? Why didn't he turn into a human like shrek did?

  • Wtf wow

  • Sees shrek immediately watches

  • It's hilarious to me that both Donkey and Shrek obviously came up with their names on the spot.

  • I saw a Spinel thumbnail and now I wanna see a Steven Universe theory..

  • Sorry but how is this only the second Shrek video on this channel 🤢🐴🥚

  • Maybe donkey has tried to tell people, but people ran away because a donkey was talking, so he lost the confidence to try and talk to people, hence why he's shy at the beginning of shrek.

  • Talking donkey from the bible

  • Stop using Disney movies as canon. They're not the same thing as the original books.

  • I have never thought about Donkey’s origin, but I wish I did. This theory sounds very plausible which is really sad. I feel like Donkey hasn’t said anything because maybe he’s still afraid of them? Or like someone else mentioned in the comments blocked parts of that memory so perhaps he doesn’t remember everything. Oh, can we talk about how Pinocchio’s dad (can’t remember his name) is selling him? Like didn’t he love Pinocchio and made him because he wanted a son? I haven’t watched the movie in years so I don’t remember all the details, but watching this made me realized how sad and messed up this movie is. I mean I knew it was, but like I said I haven’t watched it in awhile so watching this I was did this movie not terrify me as a kid.

  • So my theory was right! Yay!

  • This could also work with the children turned into donkeys from pinoccio

  • yo, just thought I'd let you know that the original Pinocchio book could also be source material for any theories involving the story. Disney didn't exactly make their Pinocchio film out of whole cloth. Fun facts: Pinocchio murders the cricket and Monstro used to be a nameless asthmatic shark. If I remember correctly, sometime after Pinocchio leaves Pleasure Island, he finds a donkey that was sold off who could still talk. On the other hand, the first Shrek movie loved ribbing Disney **cough cough Farquad cough**

  • Good theorie but in my country everyone knows donkey is a gold coin shiting magic donkey

  • For some reason I thought this was canon? Maybe I just heard the theory somewhere else and thought it sounded right.

  • I love this theory but most of the evidence is from shrek 3............... THE WORST ONE

  • When you made this theory, did you consider the book the movie was based off of? Just curious

  • did any body notice he said sesame street and put kermet the frog from the muppets

  • Can we just appreciate how much work film theorie puts into all of these videos

  • Don’t forget that in the 1st Shrek movie he pretends to not be able to talk, he could have easily done that to get off pleasure island. If so then who was he sold to and how did he end up with Shrek? We could make a full theory about this! Anyway, it’s just something to think about

  • Before the video: I think donkey is one of the children that turned into donkeys on pleasure island. (Pinoccio)

  • i think in the dream works spooky stories pinocchio mentions something about the time he got stuck in a petting zoo..?

  • That's actually a fan theory I had as a kid. Good to see one of my favorite theorizers thought of it too. That makes another movie were the manager of Pleasure island goes unpunished.

  • Matpat: He rips off his skin to reveal he's human Me: WAIT WHAT NOW?!? (I actually jumped) 😂😂😂

  • The Grimm's Donkey, was born in donkey form. It only stands to reason that his children would be born genetically similar.

  • Hi Sesame Street that from the Muppets

  • Just gonna throw this out there: Bottom from Midsummer Nights Dream

    • Also, he was considered the Fool/the Clown in that story, and Donkey is clearly meant to be comedy relief, so...

  • I’ve never heard the word ‘donkey’ so much in my life

  • *Schaffrillas! You recognized him!*

  • Pp

  • and here we see mattpat slowly running out of ideas.

  • 3:30 most of the fairy tales by the Grimm brothers have very obscure servants or companions

  • Many victims of traumatic crimes often refuse to testify in open court for fear of the perpetrators so donkey not wanting to talk about it could be his way to take back control of his life

  • We are da loyal peeps to Mat UwU

  • Well donkey be scared to speak in case he gets...well...turned into a meal. Or something equally depressing

  • Can u make theory why he love dragon or He feel something in her? i think he feel it because that dragon was human before... like him(that possible)

  • Maybe he told someone before he found Shrek...maybe he tried to tell Farquaad and he just didn't care

  • Donkey might not that pleasure islands still happening. Maybe he thought it was a one time thing? Did you ever consider that maybe donkey doesn't know where pleasure island is? Maybe he doesn't even remember? I don't know, but donkey seems like he's an overall good person. He helps shrek capture fiona, he even has his own kids. If this theory about donkey is true, I don't think he's cruel enough to forget about all those boys on pleasure island for his new life

  • you sied ass

  • Yes he is a ***

  • When the fuck was pinocchio this dark wtf????

  • Wait... donkey said he went to college... those boys were NOT the age to be in college....

  • I think Donkey can be partially forgiven for saying nothing about Pleasure Island. Sometimes the trauma makes you fear its source to the point where addressing it in private is near impossible, now thin about addressing it in public. Also, it's unlikely that Pleasure Island is operating without the backing of powerful people, they probably pay a lot in taxes (or gifts) to the government and they most likely have the backing of their customers who probably wouldn't be too concerned by the fact that their primary labour source is built from human children (after all, slavery is still alive in 2019). Now given the last point, it's unlikely that Donkey's testimony could have changed much. Look at Snowden; he is still considered a fugitive and regardless of your feelings about how he did what he did, he is a parallel of Donkey in this case. Lastly, let's consider how the powers that be would rather demonise accusers instead of addressing the accusation directly. If Donkey were to try and have the "curious case of Pleasure Island" addressed, he would likely be publicly demonised and humiliated for his past as a 'bad child'. Not everyone has it in them to be a martyr and Donkey probably just wants to live out the rest of his life in relative comfort without attracting too much attention to his past (trauma included). Saying he has blood on his hands is literally claiming that a victim of abuse who didn't report the abuse is partially responsible of any subsequent abuses by the abuser.

  • Matpat: In The words of Sesame Street Also Matpat: Shows a Picture of the muppets

  • or maybe he already told people about it and it's stopped

  • *So donkey is a donkey*

  • Ok so the theory made sense but what if we look to the old lady that is selling him

  • But royals have immunity to jail so opening make no sense

  • Donkey actually appears in the book that Shrek is (VERY loosely) based on, but he's a lot more depressed there.


  • I was with you until you started victim blaming Matpat.