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  • How press x. if you touch it's not press pleyer will not defend

  • He will be protecting the ball with his body, his body will be protecting the ball...the ball will be protected by the players body. Stop fucking dragging it out you fucking idiot!!

  • Fuck me you're annoying

  • "I suggest using this in 2019 if you need coins&points:" ** i have a lot now!


  • "Another cool way to get coins&points in 2019 is this one: ** pretty cool that it works!"

  • Please when making these videos please don’t beat me I’m ur fan ok lol

  • fake shots are hella unreliable its 50/50 if the player crosses it it actually does what you want, you cant do it too fast and not slow and when you do it perfectly 2/5 are crosses not fake shots

  • need to explain exit more with arrows but good vid

  • 0:38 music on the background pls🙏

  • And the possibilities are... endless

  • How to play fifa am shit

  • Loved the way the other player paused instantly after the goal at the end. He was like fuck this lol.

  • I new to fifa, so you press X and Square at the same time with R1?

  • The best way to attack is shoot and score from the rebound when the keeper palms it to your strikers feet, it's a rebound simulator the same as last year, majority of the goals I concede are like that

  • I’m gonna subscribe if this works out my g😬 back in 6 mins

  • Good tricks, keep it up 👍

  • Am I the only one who thinks that fifa 19 gamplay is better than 20

  • How do u get all them players ovvy is not even a month that fifa 20 is out can you put me on how to get them.. thanx man

  • Ovvy how do I put that line in top of my players? Thanx big guy.

  • hello, Do you have a movie where you dribble in the penalty area between the defenders. I know the trick from heel to heel, fake shot , drag back, but many times I lose the ball when I want to pass two defenders in the penalty box . Most goals are with a cross from the flank Thank you for the video s Abou defending, this has helped me a lot..

  • 3.54 defender on the team you attacking against just runs away from the box the ai defenders look terrible.why would the cb not be running to cover in the box awful ai.

  • I can’t believe 92 K people watched and just 2,5 k liked, FIFA community is really sucks, how hard is press a like.

  • Your intro is garbage stop living in the past

  • You do many defending tutorial that are very good but I think you should do a complete noob tutorial for people that are just picking this game up for the first time.

  • FIFA = best Player always lose. This last year we are a same pro or not thanks ea. experience = will give you zero 00000 .someone ho play for many years(more than 20 years to be honest) can lose with other ho buy it yesterday tanks ea. Tactics = make your player's play against you thanks ea.

  • The worst defensive gameplay ever!!! Cant tackle! If you try your burnt!

  • Can u guys shareplay with me because i can not afford fifa 20😔😔 Psn-Magnificent359

  • had to stop watching because your chair pillow is upside down can you plz fix and reupload

  • Professor Ovvy! Great FIFA 20 lectures 😂

  • Bad tips

  • I love Ovvy’s videos but somehow I can never apply any of this. I guess that means I’m crap at Fifa! Lol

    • I've played about 6 matches on Rivals and lost all of them with 6-7 goals conceded. It's impossible to play

  • Can u please advertise ur videos saying it’s a skill move not a trick because all ur videos I watch aren’t attacking tricks they are skill moves

  • Come check out my fifa 20 rtg RonaldoToGlory

  • Thx ovvy. :)

  • What a shit tip

  • Keep going brother You amazing 💣🔥

  • That last move was incredible. Your opponent went to have a shower next that move mate.

  • Well when I fake shoot there nothing fake about it, it boots it up the field

    • Especially on first touch happens all the time and first time skill moves don't register

  • ovvy pls show me best tactic and instruction for formation 4231 and 433 all team

  • Best asmr out there.

  • Does anyone know hot to get the power bar above your player??

    • T Bootje it’s in customize controls, player name plus indicator

  • I packed OTW HAZARD on my channel from a rare players pack, vid on my channel now, should I sell him or wait till he gets an inform?

  • Με λένε Μπάμπη

  • Fucking hell listening to the way you speak is like listening to cancer

  • Now do it against someone that can actually defend lol


  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Krasi and Ovvy stop play VS noobs start play real Ultimate team show the skills there va amateur i can do too

  • duuuuuude we all know that R1 on PS4 is the RB on Xbox...You dont have to say this all over again!

  • tare

  • Anyone else watch these videos on 1.25x speed because he talks so damn slow?

  • Trying to get a playstation for past few years😓. Watching each video in the hope that I will get it one day.

    • @Israel Ogunsakin Appreciate the effort man. But all the way from India.

    • Lol. Where are you located? I have one for you if you are in Canada 🇨🇦

    • Put up a savings plan for yourself and get a PS4 instead of begging for it on here

    • I had the same feeling in 2013 about a playstation 4 cause it had just been released recently, i entered promos to get a free one but i never won. But you know what? I started grinding, grinding real hard then in 2016 i got my first laptop and started gaming on it, 2017 i got an upgrade , 2018 i got a very beastly gaming laptop along side a ps4. They are till today one of my many proud achievements. So don't give up kid you got this.

  • Doing a $100 PlayStation/Xbox giveaway at 20 subscribers!

  • i think i would be a world class player if im playing with people because CPU feels soooo scripted and this tricks you are showing dont work for me in offline because CPU feels always 1 steep ahead (they know what im going to do)

  • Hi Ovvy, Your channel is quite nice! I'm from Brazil and I'm trying to improve my skills haha Best regards

  • For me is the Gameplay in Fifa 20 Just insane i love it. Thanks for tutorials mate this help me a lot because this game is very difficault but not when you know how to play. Thanks a lot

  • What camera angle are you using in this video?

  • Thanks Ovvy 💙

  • Can you do more videos about profit, sbc, transfers, snipes? I need some money for Dembele because I heard that he is a beast

  • Hello Ovvy, I've been using the normal fake shot, and it also exists in any direction. On the wing going baseline, we can do a normal fake shot and exit 90 degrees to cut inside, very cool!! I haven't tried the modified fake shot with R1, is it more even powerful? I need to give it a go. Your video on the modified heel flick (L2 + fake shot) is going to be a game changer, I see a EA patch coming it's just so OP been killing with it! Thanks for sharing, awesome info as always