FIFA 20 Review

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019
Volta, a brand-new way to play FIFA that offers a breath of fresh air to the series - albeit not without its own faults - is here, but does it come at the expense of the game as a whole?
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  • Can I get a link for the fifa 20 mobile game

  • EA really should fix and improve some aspects of the game. 1- Player contact and react to the ball. 2- stopping and passing the ball. 3- developing many player animation and player physics. 4- referee aspects are very weak. 5- authenticity player running with the ball. 6- the ball looks small.

  • Do any of you guys think fifa 20 is worth it for me someone who hasn’t bought a fifa game?

  • You know what the problem is with Fifa reviews is that you compare it with the earlier games if you would compare fifa like an real game it would get a 4/10 at max

  • The ball physics and (slow) speed looks totally unrealistic. I wouldn't buy Fifa based on watching the gameplay in this video alone. Won't buy PES again either until they dramatically improve the gameplay. Same old games, same old issues and then new ones by design! :-/

  • Absolute garbage

  • The fact that I cant even play with my friends online with Volta should automatically give this game a rating of 1/10

  • Slow defenders still catch fast attackers in fifa 20, the person who recorded this video is lying to us all!!!

  • as a PES player playing on hardest difficulty (and getting fair reward when I play well) I dont understand FIFA and why your team gets worse, instead of just the opponent getting better when you play at hardest diff. Lousy mechanics

  • Yay time to buy the same game again ,I'm so excited .

  • Sports games = biggest scam in the industry.

  • These games are really bad, not to mention the fucken referee !

  • Now i realized that ign gave more score to fifa than death stranding

  • My rare for this year’s Fifa is 3/10

  • 3:52 what’s the name of that song


  • This didn’t age well

  • You have to be kidding me. The online gameplay is unplayable why don’t you mention that.. it’s the only reason ppl buy fifa. Nobody wants to play the cpu lmao

  • Online is unplayable when you press a button it doenst react then you lose the ball same happens to them then you win the ball and it becomes tennis match

  • This game is at best a 4

  • Whats new in fifa 20 ? The number and the cover is RED :O

  • Wow these reviewers have no clue what they are talking about

  • This fifa is by far the worst one I played. Straight Garbagee

  • Dear EA please have some focus on we Cricket lovers. We don't have even one decent game. Love the gameplay and graphics of every fifa game. Awesome

  • This game is Horrible I really lost interest in it now

  • Spoiler Alert: FIFA 21...... isn't gonna release.

  • Volta Football Story - The Journey Coming in FIFA 21

  • One of worst Fifa’s I have ever played. FUT is comedy of football now last year it was Ping pong this year funny comedy. Deeper and deeper every year EA.

  • Hmm, the first time I will skip the edition.

  • Sean tu

  • This game is so scripted that when you restart a game 3 times and the outcome still the same in which you lose 2 nils

  • I bought pes2020 this year

  • Worst fifa In years

  • Can't wait to play the mars volta

  • Is there anyone here who actually likes the game and thinks it’s an improvement over 19?

  • What fifa do people actually like

  • FIFA - Iam fully licensed Pes(graphics&gameplay)-hold my ball

  • FIFA 2020 = A LOAD A BOLLOCKS!!!

  • song

  • Aiii, i just wish ea could made another rugby

  • What's the name of the first background music?

  • arghh i am mad!

  • me and my mate are gonna carry one with 19...20 they got too cute and the shot manual crap is annoying...keepers catching the ball is a joke and set pieces are meh.

  • Why would you "charge *at* a defender and *press* the *TACKLE* BUTTON?" And how?

  • This game is tragic. Just like every other fifa

  • Now the real question how is FUT? Is it fun? Cuz if I'm buying, that's all I'm playing

  • Disliking if this gets anything higher than a 4

  • 💩 game

  • 7.8 is generous

  • This review supports evil.

  • Played 3 games this morning and got Red Carded 3 times for minor fouls. WTF EA Sports? It’s a piece of Sh$& game. Don’t waste your money on this game. Many many more glitches and issues!!!

  • Fifa 20 is slept on

  • This game is awful and it's not a 7.1

  • It has a little for everybody

  • 3 weeks.

  • FIFA 20 currently holds a 1/10 on Metacritic for user reviews

  • You spent the entire review complaining and you give it a 7.8. I just don't get the point of scoring if every game will end up in the high 7's or low 8's anyway.

  • FIFA 2020 is the worst so far 🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬

  • But what do the 36 other reviewers on IGN think?

  • Woman player? Hahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahah