Pubblicato il 12 dic 2019
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  • lol Messi does not worth 2.1 million coins. especially when EA packs suck this year. EA is ridiculous.

  • Your cooked 2.2mil on a card that your never ever going to get back lol EA see you coming 🤣😂

  • Do you have to do All the challenges which are 7 do get Messi or Do you just have to do the last one? Krasi or anyone know?

  • Now I’m a Messi fan bro, but spending all that 2.1m coins on an untradeable card is ridiculous..! I saw this Sbc and I was wondering why would anyone do this and why not buy the other tradeable Messi card..! But here u are my friend here u are..!!

  • Remember when he lied to his viewers and used the no loss glitch to get top 100

  • "88 Godin 60 pace nevermind" lol

  • That was mistake, Krasi. You had to buy Messi TOTT:GS, and you will can sell him for coins to upgrade for TOTY. 2M coins lost... : (

  • this is the dumbest thing you have done

  • Слагай гуардиола на паулиньо и купи алисън и нападател пак си купи дъглиш дришльо гнусен

  • Pretty pointless to do this..

  • You can buy Griezmann striker and ter stegen in goal

  • Well, you proved me this is not an RTG account, as simple as that, because if you are grinding for the coins you'll buy the TOTT card not the untradeable POTM!

  • Krasi get ngolo kante instead of paulinho. he will play on full chem also its not a bad idea to have 2 vergy good cdms because your attack looks abnormal bro

  • His other 96 rated card is better overall AND THEY’RE THE SAME RATING

  • It's his job, that's why he did it. I watched...

  • Crepo 87

  • Ur fifa/football knowledge is terrible

  • MattHdgamer like this

  • Buy TOTGS Benzema and Oblak

  • Buy baby gullit or baby del Piero like so krasi can se

  • We lose to complete noobs

  • Anyone wondering how he has so many coins on a Rtg and hasn’t even had good pack luck

  • Kraasi try OTW frenkie de jong

  • Buy Vergil Van Djik and Lloris

  • доста беден речник

  • Why did you did that m8. Messi's TOTGS is better and tradable!!! Huge Mistake from you. I didn't expect that.

  • Buy Crespo 85

  • U should’ve bought the totgs instead krasi it has better stats only 200k more needed

  • kante at cm

  • krasi u made a big mistake ! that card is untradable

  • POTM Messi is the GOAT

  • My pack luck is worst

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I cant believe my eyes u sold gold messi and Dalglish to this overpriced sbc

  • Oh no, Krasi, what did you do!? 🤦‍♂️

  • Wtf is wrong with this guy

  • you could have at least played a game with him all that video an no game at the end pointless

  • Krasi buy pogba and if ben yedder he is a beast 👍🏽

  • everyone who says "JuSt WaIt FoR ToTy MeSsI" is just dumb . Toty Messi will only be better in Strength and Stamina because the rest with Chem styles is nearly maxed out anyways . AND Messi Toty will be like 6-7 Million until Tots will come out . So you Rather spend the 2 Mill on this sbc which you will never swap out and use the other 4 Mill that you would use on a Stamina Upgraded Messi for something like Eusebio/Gullit/Vieira or anything else .

    • @Kratos reag youre kinda wrong . 1st of all you say hes tradeable . Does it matter , if hes is or not , if you wont sell him anyway ? As i said his Toty will be 3x the pric for an Stamina and Strenght upgrade. 2nd Point is , that his TOTGS wont fall under 2 million and it might get even higher when Toty comes out because 99% of the people cant afford Toty Messi and because of that they will buy his TOTGS which will inflate his pric e. So if you can do Messi for around 1,8 Million or less because of untrades hes okay to do as someone who wont be able to afford a god team + toty Messi .

    • When toty Messi comes out, totgs Messi will go under 2 mil coins. Also, totgs Messi is better than the sbc version and it is TRADABLE. So doing this sbc is the dumbest thing to do.

  • get 86 rated kyle walker

  • He will regret this lol

  • You are just rich this year

  • Ucl 96 is better stats, and tradable. Krasi... krasi....

  • It is a mistake 😣

  • What did u do man?!! Its to expensive !!

  • He is around 1m coins

  • Buy Socrates and put him att

  • Buy Gerard

  • Big mistake Krasi, you could have bought TOTT Messi and most importantly you could sell him later when TOTY would be out.

  • What a waste of Daglish, see You like a small Timmy. Nice

  • Anyone knows on how to get that cat badge on 10:28?

  • Krasi buy the Tott Kante

  • Buy baby Drogba.He is a beast

  • Tott is better, disappointing Krasi

  • Bad move Krassi cmon!!

  • U just paid 2 million coins. Krasi krasi krasi.

  • Sell this card and buy the TOTY Messi after it is released in a few days Oh wait...

  • Bad decision by doing SBC you should have bought TOTGS Messi instead. Who is much better than SBC Messi and is tradable.

  • 100 poor childrens one day food 🙏 👍 ❤️

  • Get TOGS lloris 89 for your gk