FIA Formula 3 World Cup LIVE from Macau

Pubblicato il 17 nov 2019
Join us for live coverage of the 66th running of the historic Macau Grand Prix! Watch as the stars of the FIA Formula 3 Championship battle it out around the legendary Guia Circuit, for the prestigious FIA Formula 3 World Cup.
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  • Check out the full race replay of the 2019 FIA Formula 3 World Cup in Macau!

    • Thanks for sharing! I had never seen this circuit but after watching I tried it in rFactor2 and it is fantastic to drive!

    • Finally! after searching long and hard for this race in the years past, thank you F1 for putting it live for the first time, please keep this race on this channel every year.

    • Thank you for showing this in full. Much appreciated as it's the only way I can get to watch it. Superb race!

    • BlitzGamerJasper YT Because 90% of the fans watch F1 and it’s probably the best way to get people who don’t normally watch the lower levels (like myself) to watch. Which is what I’m doing now.

    • BlitzGamerJasper YT more people will see it on the F1 channel, and it's to do with F1 it's not like their uploading a FE race

  • The commentator is TERRIBLE.

  • The commentator is terrible.

  • I can’t choose between Macau and Monaco.

    • -Macau=More overtake places but greater crash chances -Monaco=only 1 straight for overtakes and allot of crash chances If you want a good race track choose macau If you want prestige and money choose Monaco

  • Thank you very much F1, for streaming this race. I hope we will see this next year too. Maybe you could stream more special events in the future on this chanel, for example the Indy 500 ;) (as a former F1 race it would reflect on the history of the sport.) or some Australian S5000 races as a homage to all the great drivers from down under and new zealand that drove in those iconic championships in australia in the past or help the promoters of the race of champions or, or, or. Just embrace the world of motorsport and bring those smaller categories more into the spotlight. In my opinion this would boost the F1 championships status as the pinncale of motorsport and as the leading championship of the world. All drivers in lower or other categories aspire to drive in F1, why doesn't give them the chance to shine in the spotlight that F1could shine on them with streaming their races on its chanel.

  • this commentator just pisses me off, how can you not tell within 3 seconds that it was Habsburg, I bet he didn't watch F3, just someone told him that Shwarzmann won and that's it

  • Love this track and the new, faster F3 cars. The onboard footage from this race is amazing, looks and feels faster than anything. Very raw and aggressive, a very exciting race.

  • Cars sound better than F1, great track, fast cars, terrible commentary

  • Clássico !

  • This is more faster and intense than F1

  • this is to dangeours to drive with a Formula 1 car on this circuit

  • .

  • Petition to make this an Olympic sport

  • 31:25 WHAT THE FUCK was that guy doing up there? especially after what happened last year, Jesus Christ.

  • I am a local Macaness and I am really proud of the Macau Grand prix and this amazing street circuit

  • This commentator going “these men” when there’s clearly also a woman on the grid is annoying me

  • That nobody realized that no driver even lift for the yellow flag at 47:40. With onboard telemetrie you can see it real clear that he stay full trottle all the time.

  • This race is way too short. It should be at least another 10 or 15 laps.

  • Thanks for streaming and uploading this. Great to showcase the young talent! I don’t always catch every F3 race, but I always watch Macau, so thank you for making it easier to watch from Canada from an official source :P

  • I Live Again In Formula !

  • Bowing

  • Race starts at 24:00

  • I think F1 should also upload full race highlights & livestream it here on youtube, hopefully someday pls. F1!

  • We can see who crashed, by looking at them drop down on the timing screen, yet the commentators can't find the name.... twice. Not saying they're incompetent, but how much data is actually available to them? No matter how much, it's not enough.

  • sophia is my idol

  • Congratulations to Verschoor...and that he beats the little RedBull-Bastard. 😂😂😂😂

  • Sounds better than f1

  • Why Enzo Fittipaldi is racing for Italy?

  • It’s a very minor version of the GT3 crash a few years back

  • 24:02 if you want to see the start of the race

  • I grew up watching this particular race, Macau Grand Prix, back in the 1980s when I was living in Hong Kong, and take someone long enough to put this up live on IT-tvs or any form of media. Please keep airing this annual event for the future.

  • Sophia 👍

  • Lol😎

  • Neat

  • i saw a comment on the live stream said no likes gasly anyways the russian can take his spot. And then Gasly gets P2 in Brazil lol. Good for Gasly.

  • Thank you very much for showing this great race.

  • Go youngsters, go! I enjoyed this event.

  • *Shows Sophia's Car* "All of these men [...] One of these men" (23:43)

    • Commentator had me thinking that they were all male, kinda disappointed

    • Erik Stinson Noticed that too. Not impressed by the commentators...

  • LOGAN SARGENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Done us Americans Proud Will be good to see an American in F1 if you keep working hard I’ll be watching

  • Double Dutch win this weekend!