Ferrari GT3 458 Color Reveal!

Pubblicato il 11 ott 2019
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA


  • I have the same color on my GTI

  • Looks like a legit shark in that color


  • Color looks dead on the car. Doesn't look appealing.

  • That might just be the worst colour he could have chosen

  • lul (wall) 12:47

  • Why did they not R+I the striker?

  • Right after shaving he looks like a cat 🐱

  • Calvin change your stupid hair colour

  • 13:11 the sound reminds me of a lawnmower

  • that green is beautiful

  • We all know Calvin just wanted to drive his supra

  • It's kinda similar to your rx7 when you first got it hahaha

  • Now with tan interior, this would be the nicest exotic on the face of the earth

  • 97 Honda Civic color?

  • you have just created the BEST 458 on the road - that colour is ON POINT

  • I live your GT3 Projekt, but I will need to learn loving this color. Right now I really don’t like it. Greetings from Germany

  • There are british racing green ferrari's. 360, 430, 458 F355, F12 there are some ferraris in that color even the 1960's ferraris

  • Green ..... totally bunk


  • What dash cam do you use?

  • Love the XKE in the background at 2:24

  • Is it just me or there’s a lot of fish eyes and random imperfections in the paint?

  • Tj you nailed it!! I want to see it in person. The color on my jeep does not come across in pictures. Totally know how you feel when it comes to that.

  • Aston martin in italian job

  • The wheel color you choose will make or break the paint. As others said, i think that a gold of some sort would make this color scheme INSANE

  • I actually have a 1973 Jaguar XJ 12 and it’s British Green and it’s absolutely a beautiful color!!!

  • I like the British racing green but imagine a silver stain paintjob

  • Some white rims on that would look awesome

  • Looks like shit lmao

  • TJ rebuilds a wrecked ferrari talking about resale value the entire time.....then paints the fucking thing GREEN. Goodbye to literally ANY resale value on that car.

  • Very poor color choice for a Ferrari

  • I love Tj So much been watching for years, never once went against anything he does but......THAT COLOR FUCKING SUCKS ASS BRO😑😑😑 but it’s not my car so idc but something unique would of been sick like something other than a bland color so Some designs Tj, YOU’RE PAPA HOT BOY SO THAT HOT BOY ROD SHOULD SHOW CASE YOU, now i feel like I’m just watching a regular car channel which sucks really, still love you bro hope i meet you someday and Shake ya hand💪🏾

  • I was expecting a lime green if I'm honest, either way this is an awesome color!!

  • ugly color this is how to make your ferrari ugly tutorial

  • Siiiick color

  • Don't like it

  • Am I the only one that saw the imperfection on the hood

  • i kind of liked the original color better

  • Green 😞👎

  • I’m not a huge fan of green, but it looks NICE. Time to throw an orange racing stripe down the center now !

  • What a terrible color for a Ferrari

  • Imagine how it will look like with the wing!!!!

  • Too darkkkkk

  • White, grey, or black

  • Think it would look dope with yellow tinted healights

  • Green if it's none of those. Maybe even off white.

  • You said the red pops so much on the green And it does Make the wheels red

  • Congratulations on picking the absolute WORST color possible 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yellow out the headloghts

  • Get a dodge demon. Or charger

  • Get a 1500 Chevy. Some wheels. Swap.

  • Greg has been doing british racing green for years on all his exotics

  • 7:05 blatant blemish in the new paint

  • GT3 ? Not at all !!! It's just a body kit and exhaust. Track it. PROVE IT ?

  • 8i fucki g knew it was green

  • Thats ugly


  • Yo when did faze rain start painting cars?

  • My Miata is British racing green