FedMyster's Birthday!!! 🎉❤️🎉

Pubblicato il 9 ago 2019
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  • You might don't know but he follows me

  • Did anyone else realize how there are no hashtag Fedmyster on the hashtags? Only lilypichu, disguised toast and offline tv?

  • wait no Fed and Poki moments for the birthday? Disappointed.

  • Fed’s a year closer to becoming a boomer

  • Hi (sorry for my bad English)

  • I frking laughed when I realised something about Lily and Alberts gift

  • Sees ads. Turns on ad blocker lol

  • tf i am getting recommendations by someone called ‘Dead Squirrel’

  • Fed birthday is the 8 of agust?

  • I miss foki

  • Happy birthday fed!

  • wish i had an friend like fed hes the same kind of kid i am xD

  • 21 yo. American:finally i can drink alkohol 16 yo. Austrian: * insert are you kidding me meme *

  • too good

  • Happy Bday tho.

  • 8:40 wtf family should get naked to protect themselves :v

  • happy birthday fed

  • Physically abuse me,; A , and 2, emotionally abuse me - Fed

  • #disguisedtoast ...... Right

  • The pepa pig invasion nooooooo

  • Happy birthday to ur 80 year

  • feds voice is sounding different

  • it was my birthday too same day as feds, he ignored my dono and message about it pepehands feelsbadman

  • 8:49 *realises he was grown in alabama

  • just fuck already

  • wholesome video what are my fucking recommended videos though!?

  • Guess he just wants to see them all naked. Well perhaps it wouldn't be bad seeing that. xD

  • "We protect our family .. and like sometimes you see your family naked" ok XD 8:46 11:06 good one fed

  • Holy shoot, ur 24 but u look 23

  • I really expected fed as the outro since it's his birthday..

  • What is this recommended?

  • wtf happened to the reccomended

  • We should get everyone in the offline house to do the outro like albi

  • My birthday was yesterday and nobody remembered. PepeHands

  • why is peppa in my reccomedations

  • When Fed started doing Yvonne and Janet impressions with the red balloon I lost it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The algorythm, what have you done?

  • They keep recommending these baby videos

  • 8:56 I had Jonah Hill throwback from 22 Jump Street. Anyone else?

    • @Daniel Ramos I mean the mexico part in 22 Jump Street man

    • SicarioVN bruh she's like 29 and has a boyfriend

  • I ship Fyvonne so hard tho

  • the last one actually made me laugh lmao XD

  • Where is Imane on fed birthday ? WTF I hope he will get the full package gift from her, if u know what i'm saying '-'

  • ye ye

  • When somebody subs you need to put ivan seaying somthing

  • Who skipped feds talk??

  • 3:01 😂😂

  • me and fed have the same birthday omg

  • Happy birthday

  • The fuck are these baby videos

  • Just realized that Fed is 1 1/2 years younger then me. xD

  • Recommendations gone wild

  • Baby videos WTF

  • Happy birthday Fedmyster we all love you ❤️ My bro's becoming a man.

  • Happy bday


  • its so hard to catch fed streaming cuz im from eu fml

  • I thought this would be a hearthstone expansion video

  • Happy birthday Fed7

  • What's going on with the recommendations?

  • Happybday fred