Federer, Kyrgios & more star in Rally for Relief | Australian Open 2020

Pubblicato il 15 gen 2020
Tennis superstars who united for a special evening at Rod Laver Arena have helped raise close to AUD $5 million for bushfire relief efforts. Roger Federer, Nick Kyrgios, Naomi Osaka, Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem, Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Petra Kvitova, Coco Gauff, Novak Djokovic, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Rafael Nadal all took part in the charity match in Melbourne on Tuesday.
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  • Is this fake I dont see tennis players

  • If the rumours are true- this is very sad- I just hope a miracle happens, and Federer is able to play French Open, one last time, and win it! I don't understand this terrible luck/fate, I am rather angry God would do this, after the disappointment of last year, Wimledon, now U.S. Open, and AO2020, I just don't understand, what's Roger done so wrong, to deserve just brutal punishment.

  • Coco just made the first triple fault in history

  • Damn Novak is halorious

  • 187 people (Australia-wide) have been charged with deliberately lighting fires during the recent carnage. I hope the courts deal with them appropriately. By that I mean serious jail time.

  • I cannot hear what they are saying Very disappointing,

  • Naomi and Petra are so shy.

  • what is the name of the singer right at the beginning?

  • Amazing fans of roger it-tvs.com/tv/video-wpOhT35YtWg.html

  • Rafa’s “wha whae” sends me every time 🤣

  • Rafa is so funny simply!

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  • No one: Djokovic:”OH MY GOD”

  • Subtitles would be nice, don’t get what the commentator on court is saying 😂

  • I love rafe smile

  • 大阪なおみの態度酷い

  • Ohhh, "back to James and Rebecca", Rafa, I love you! So cute♥️

  • Novak: “See, next gen, how slow they are?” Rafa: “yeah” Damage done: 36 slams

  • What did Novak say at 28:44 ?

  • Poor nick having the bushfires in his own home country and one of his heroes just died

  • I really like tsitsipas and zverev's dynamic

  • What’s with Rafa and the pink outfit. It looks like shit on him

  • Rafa 😂❤️

  • It's incredible to see such great players like them laughing with each other, in spite the fact that they usually play against each other. Federer will always be my favorite one, but c'mon, they're all incredible.

  • Hello everybody, Hallo alle zusammen, ich finde das soooooo wunderschön, dass sich einige Top Spieler dafür bereiterklärt haben, sich für die Buschfeuer-Opfer einzusetzen und durch dieses Tennis Spiel, vielmehr für jedes gespielte Ass, eine Summe an Geld zu spenden, dass die armen leute die leider alles durch das Feuer verloren haben, sich wieder eine Existenz aufbauen können.... ein RIESEN REEESPEKT!!!!!!! it´s soooooooooooo verry beautiful!!!! Liebe grüße aus Deutschland, Best Greetings from Germany :-)

  • Fed entry ... No one can match that goosebump moment. Lov you fed and we will be always with you. Fed fans for life.

  • Insane how hardly a player can bring everyone behind his back. I have never seen that. Now one electrifiys people so much than Federer and that is what makes him the greatest of all time. Not the titels, it is about to thrill people and their heart.

  • "How about the goat". Nice :)

  • Gonna miss you Caroline, and thanks for giving back.

  • 1:13:20 Kyrgios comes on the court 1:13:54 Federer's intro and entry...& Serena calling him the #GOAT (1:14:07) 1:15:20 Rafa announces that he & Fed together would be giving 250,000 Ausi dollars for the relief

  • 1:06:17 Novak being savage to the ”next gen” was my favorite part.

  • Very nice video

  • I love co co

  • I love all them

  • why is no one talking about nick at 1:34:51 he looks so confused and its so funny

  • go team WOZNIACKI

  • let's go Zverev!

  • 1:14:00 Any one notice when the goat comes in and shak every body's hand , unlike Neck , he is not only THE GOAT , he is Humble and gentelman ..love you Roger

  • Song name at 1:20:40 ??????????

  • Nadal's sexy masculine legs are everything..#gawking#

  • 2:10:02 His first Australian Open Grand Slam was 2004 not 2003

  • 1:18:54 Roger Kyrgios LMAO

  • Oh Osaka your such a sweetheart

  • All love our dear Rafa

  • did anyone else see Mr. Beast was watching in the live chat replay?

  • 40:16 - Domi has been doing his box jumps in the off season 😃

  • 1:14:00, chiils man...chills, 1:15:40

  • So much sexual tension

  • Stefanos Tsitsipas for ever

  • 1:54:38 Haha

  • 1:14:10 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 1:54:40 potential meme

  • So sweet one GOAT calling on another GOAT.... Serena and Roger....

  • What an idea to help bush fire in Australia. its amazing watching the stars out there. love Rafa, Roger and Osaka and Guaf to bits.

  • крута

  • Who else loved it when Wozniaki hit the ball through her legs 😂😂😂

  • How can u give one player 4 million and five the entire country 1 million (anticipated aces amount). The price money for this tournament is 70 million dollars. Australia is burning. It just seems ridiculous to me

  • Thanks Nadal Federel ❤

  • Osaka's "F**k off!" to Zverev at 47:02 was so funny, I didn't notice it the first time

  • "i earned that 20 years ago my friend. You were still in your nappies" - Novak to Tsitsipas 😂 01:03:40

    • Ryota Arai * I learnt that trick 20 years...