Fed Trying to Make Cookies & Touched Lily's Bооbs?! #NoAds

Pubblicato il 25 apr 2019
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  • Another clickbait. What a surprise.

  • Fed touched what nothing

  • Teemi looks cute. I could not focus on what's happening.

  • Outro music pls?

  • Whats the outro tho ? I wanna knoooow

  • Is it just going to show fed touching lily's chicken breast?

  • 4:56 WAS ??

  • music 3:18 ?

  • Fed? Myster Poke? Mane Cookies? Bread Hotel? Trivago

  • still like the outro

  • how did fed touched something so non-existent

  • Just here for the click bait

  • can anyone tell me what the outro song is called? please and thank you.

  • Its so obvious when pokis fake laughing 5:28 for an example

  • i am still wondering what is the outro music Reply PLZ

  • 5:55 did not expect that

  • Props to you, this is Fedmyster vlog level clickbait

  • 5:55 what was that edit??😂😂 fed gay?

  • I got jabaited!

  • I got banned from yvonne stream last night lmao

  • well it would have felt the same if u know what i mean :)

  • got clickbaited too tho... dang it.

  • finally a video where the channel name is right

  • That intro is lit

  • no ads is not good but wanna know what’s better? a daily video schedule

  • Son of a clickbait

  • Or he purposely used this title cause lily said it.

  • Ah I'm gonna put chat on my phone here

  • #BringBackAds #NoAds

  • Bring back ads

  • Do they purposely fuck up at cooking and baking? Its hard for me to believe that a house of tech savvy people can't watch or read something to figure it out. Fucking clips tilt me.

  • Yessss No adssss

  • Okaaay highlight channel 😂

  • Outro ?


  • O wow, Lily striked your reaction video of her strike

  • I thought the title was "Fed trying to make a Coochie"

  • lily and boobs shouldnt be in the same sentence

  • 1:40 why does Lily sound like Lui Calibre 😭

    • Thatkidj310 - broooo trueee

  • Yvonie reacts to pink guy i think i heard enough ... XD pink gu... joji.. pink guy is the best !!

  • I have the feeling no one at OTV knows who Frank and the other Charakters are

  • is it just me or is poki's laugh getting closer to moe's xD

  • What’s the outro song?

  • I've been a silence SUPPORTER since the subscribers was like 2K and I must say thank you for making amazing clips from OFFLINE TV because I honestly love them so much! Keep it up!

  • albie is an alcoholic after 3 beers... FeelsBadMan

  • Nice fake laugh


  • 5:54 cracked me up so bad😂😂😂

    • whas the songs name

  • 3:14 aye I got him to play the song 😂

  • Rose's are red violets are blue I just got click baited and so did you!!😑

  • 2:20 hahahahaha obviously not planned damn how unfortunate that his cookies just slid off like that

  • Still demonitized?!?

  • Lmao Lily calls it. I'm starting to think she deosnt really like your channel!

    • Or he chose it because she said it to be funny?

  • 6:29 seems about right

  • I use to defend poki but fuck dude wtf is that laugh... “hehehehehehehehe hahahahahahahahahah hehehehehe”

  • Is the lack of monetization causing the videos to be shorter now?

  • What happened with the ads thing?

  • The clickbait is so real

  • “Oh hey scarra” -Albert