Fast Food Fight (Ft. TheOdd1sOut & Arin Hanson) - Meta Runner Special

Pubblicato il 19 ott 2019
An animation about action, drama and hamburgers.
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  • Meta Runner Season 1 ► Official Meta Runner Store ► Hope you guys enjoyed the animation! Huge shoutout to TheOdd1sout and Arin for collabing with us :)

  • Arin: *hates subway* James/the odd one's out: it seems you have chosen death

  • Yaaaaaaaas

  • This is actually the best fight ever.

  • Numbef 10 3:22

  • Top 10 anime fingers

  • 3:35 Shall we compare the speed of our attack rushes


  • The 4th Wall breaks are *HARD*

  • Tari: food based violence never solved anything. Ian & Anthony: are you sure about that {\ _ /} ( • - • ) (>🍩

  • I hate you, Tari, and your meta runner crap. For what you did to smg4, and how he changed into what he is now. I mean look at you. 3d... Anime looking craphead Why smg4? Why'd you change

  • i love tari

  • Wondy vs Sooubway

  • Arin's voice acting is always good

  • Explain how these objects work in the Meta Runner universe: Roller coaster Elevator Traffic signal Refrigerator

  • And were the bun grumps

  • Noice vid

  • I was so confused with the thumbnail that I thought it was james reacting to the video or something.

  • This was so stupid. I love it!


  • Odd1sout: *SOOUBWAY!* Arin Hanson: *WONDYS!* Tari: *cheese sandwitch...?*

  • When will season two come out cus this season is sad but amazing

  • 4:26 how do you have pockets

  • 4:27 This face gets me every time

  • Tari:gentlemen? *tari is spy 100%*

  • Have you heard about our lord and savior wandys

  • when's season 2?

  • WHAT'S A SOPHIA?!!!!

  • The Oddonesout wins

  • This is the 2nd time they did an oddonesout collab. And it's amazing. WE NEED MORE JAMES

  • Love 😮😮

  • 5:01 or 5:02 pause and look at theodd1souts face

  • tari food violence never solved anything random guy who i think is known as arin youre right lets try real violence pulls out light saber me how did he even get that

  • Food based violence doesn’t solve anything! Your right what about REAL VIOLENCE

  • The funniest part is at 2:45

  • Unfortunate that this actually got more views than the final episode of the actual show.

  • The most famouse JAMES attack "sprinkles"

  • pls season 2 im so bored


  • R

  • Top 10 Epic crossovers of anime

  • my two favorite youtubers yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omg

  • *realizes it's a Crossover with odds 1 out* "OMG!"

  • Look like if they want them to make meta runner paintings plzzzz

  • grilled cheese sucks. also why are you making me choose between my favorite two fast food chains. it breaks my heart.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Hey... Guys... come on.... STOP...


  • "Sub ways the land of inconveniences"

  • Probably shouldn’t have put this AFTER the end of Meta Runner Season 1

  • Crazy burger Idea get a Caesar salad take some of the salad and put it in the burger, after that put ketchup under the salad in the burger but add enough to the point where when you put the bottom part on the ketchup leaks out.

  • OOOOHHHH I LOVE THIS *2 minutes later*ARINS IN THIS TOO!! 3:23 I no longer love this , but isso good

  • Subway does not take as long as a real life subway it takes fast cause you get to choose what you want in your sandwich But WEDDIES TAKE A HOUR TO MAKE YOUR FLIPPING FOOD.

  • Pause at the right frame at 3:16 and theodd1sout disappears

  • You will never get on the level of jersey mikes, sooubway, you too wöndys


    • I’d also like this to be a real video game please.

  • why are you a 3d model

  • Dis vid nearly made me laugh to death

  • Top 10 video game boss battles

  • W h y. Just why.