FAST and FURIOUS 4 - Audition Race (Chevelle vs GT-R vs M5 vs Silvia) #1080HD

Pubblicato il 12 giu 2017
The Fast and The Furious IV (2009)
Auditioning Race for Arturo Braga
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 - Dom Toretto / Vin Diesel
Engine was 502 GM Performance V8, Year One body and trim, Hanaman fiberglass cowl induction, Hotchkis shocks and springs and 17" Coys C-55 Gun Metal wheels.
2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R [R34] - Brian O'Conner / Paul Walker
Production team decided it made more sense to get their hands on some RWD GT-Ss and then dress them up to portray the AWD GT-R. So it saved them them from having to disconnect the front driveshafts, as they would have had to do with actual GT-Rs (and which they'd already done in previous F&F movies. Six cars were used in total, with a seventh being built from a fiberglass R34 shell that was slapped onto a dune buggy to do off-roading sequences.
2001 BMW 540i [E39] - Alex / Brandon T. Jackson
11 were made, but only 2 survived filming of these 5-series which were made to look vaguely M5ish. Mods included Eibach suspensions and carbon fiber painted hoods, roofs, and trunk lids and no other performance mods.
2000 Nissan Silvia [S15] - David Park / Ron Yuan
Director Justin Lin loved the Silvias in Tokyo Drift so much, he wanted one for the followup as well. Since the S15 was never released in the U.S., the production team used a few S14 240SXs with clever body kits to act as doubles. Of them, the true S15 is the only one that survived the shoot - turboed SR20DET with a GReddy intake and a Koyo radiator with dual electric fans. Other performance mods include Tomei Turboman headers, Grenade stainless exhaust pipes, an RSR downpipe, an RPS Stage 4 clutch with lightened chromoly flywheel, a B&M short shifter, a Tomei Technical trax 2-way diff, Cusco coil-overs, and GReddy six-piston brake calipers front and rear. Appearance mods include Volk Racing 18" rims, a Cwest GT widebody kit, and a VIS carbon fiber hood.


  • Same scene Tokyo drift final race 04:20


  • 4:19 , when someone tries to ram me in a gta 5 race

  • "Chia pet" "ghetto smurf" 🤣😂

  • This one is for you Paul. ✝ ✝ ✝

  • Hurts to see the nice vehicles getting destroyed :(

  • I don't know why the director choose gal gadot the pitch Zionists to act in fast and furious

  • The last good movie

  • Can't believe this movie is 10 years old now.

  • 4:08 every racer in GTA online

  • Isn't the black guy played "Alpa Chino" in the Ben Stiller movie "Tropic Thunder". Lol he really was that guy.



  • “go cry to your mama alright”

  • You are now 1/4 from your destination (you know that moment is deep)

  • Using google maps when your late for school

  • I love the scene but I hate how fast and furious get everything wrong just for the storyline

  • Brian seems to have problems with drifting in this scene, just like Sean in the first race of the previous film.

  • The man in a siliva make the turn but crashed into a suv

  • Who says muscle cars can't turn

    • @E X O N I know but people always sa"try turning that big boat on the circuit" I'm like be real fam

    • Master Cain Bruh every cars turns

  • still a

  • Still waiting on the proper rematch of Dom’s Black Charger and this incarnation of Brian’s skyline

    • Hate to break it to you, but Paul Walker sort of died so you might be waiting a while.

  • If you are over the age of 18, you should not be watching these kind of racing fantasy movies

  • How can a muscle car do that art of drifting with a lot of clearance and that massive live axle !

  • Love you Brian 😍😍😍

  • brian always tell his technology to shut up 😂😂

  • I love imports and this is to the import guys believe it or not the Chevrolet Chevelle actually can be fine tuned to be a tuner and import car designed for high speed turns if you lower the chassis in the very back fun fact

  • This movie was so underrated!!

  • First 4,75 miles: 4 minutes and 10 seconds; last quartermile: 50 seconds!

  • so did the other drivers just casually die?

  • Should not have read comments. Just kids talking video games pretending to know about cars.

  • That was a bitch move no lie

  • We all know that if Brian had the Skyline from 2F2F he would have smoked dom

    • just saying gtr is a bit faster than the gtt

    • MOVED TO FM THROUGH THE YEARS ok and? The Supra in the drag race in the first movie was a S-RZ with a NA Auto. Does that mean Brian actually drove a NA 2JZ with a Auto? They also had 1 real GT-R on set, I think it’s obvious the GTTs are supposed to be taken as GTRs just like how the Supra S-RZs with the NA Auto are supposed to be taken as Turbocharged 6 speeds.

    • GTT with gtr kit

    • MOVED TO FM THROUGH THE YEARS No it wasn’t a GTT, it was a GTR. Although they used GTTs as stunt cars, they made it obvious that they were having him drive a GTR. Hell there was one real GTR on set.

    • this was gtt and the one from 2f2f was pure gtr and gtr is faster than gtt

  • Nyc car baby🤣🤘

  • Grover’s life took a different turn after Percy Jackson saved the world.

  • 2:40 That's the same sound Sean's Mustang made in his final race against DK in Tokyo Drift.

    • Cause sean's mustang is an rbengine swap from an r34

    • Because seans mustang had the skyline engine

  • ''Still a buster''😎

  • this movie is one of my favorites from the franchise!!

  • digo ga ko kurac

  • Where can I go to watch F&F4 I’ve seen all the F&F movies multiple times, except the 4th one I’ve only seen 3x and I love this one the most. Please someone help me lmao

  • It’s crazy how Dom taught Brian not to use his nitro too early from the first race but then go and use it and still beat him with the dirty tip. Lol! That guy has so many tricks up his sleves.

  • I want all parts in telugu please up load it

  • For me the best race of the entire franchise

  • Don’t think they they got away with an e39 m5 making an e60 m5 v10 noises😑

  • “Dude I almost had you” lol

    • You almost had me you never had me you never had your car you almost had me? ............. ....... ask any racer any real racer (it's no matter if u win by an inch or mail wining is wining

    • "You never had me"

  • U see in the beginning Brian putting his car in 1st gear then after when he revs and shows his feet his left foot isn't on the clutch and he's just hitting the gas😂😂👌 movie logic

  • My Chevelle woop DK 1:52

  • And every was solved in a quarter mile.

  • 05:50

  • i like 0:37

  • O quê foi esse drift?!!

  • The heck is Brian always getting off track for?

  • 2:52 R.I.P The guy's phone

  • Immposible

  • Sean definitely lost the drift battle against dom

  • That Chevelle reminds me the Driver 1 on Playstation

    • Driver 2 to be precise That car was 1974 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass

  • this is a skyline no GTR

    • osiel saucedo Nissan skyline GTR is used for the clips and scenes while the GTT with some gtr badge is used for its stunts and drifts

  • 2:12 sounds like roblox oof sound

  • Rahul

  • It's ok if Brian didn't won, still atleast the team leader won

  • The drifting in this race was beautiful