Family Vloggers are Ridiculous

Pubblicato il 6 nov 2018
Internet Analysis: Family Vloggers. These videos take forever to research, film, and edit, so I hope y'all enjoy!!
I have many comments, questions, and concerns regarding the 'family channel' genre, but I could only put so many thoughts into one video. Stay tuned for the next video about privacy in family vlogs.
#internetanalysis #familyvlog #familyvloggers #familyvlogging
This video contains many clips from the Slyfox Family and Cole & Sav. They're not the only channels that use these strategies / make this kind of content... but they are solid examples.
Teenage and pregnant, surprise pregnancy announcements, birth vlogs, and more. These videos get milllllllions of views. The family vlog part of youtube is growing more and more everyday. Documenting the lives of your children is one thing, but a lot of this content is questionable. Is it fake? It it just for clickbait? How many times can your house get broken into or robbed?? Come on!!!
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  • My sister watches them and I don’t want her to but I’ve no idea how to tell her to stop watching them🤮

  • When I was 2 I LOVED being on camera, and I wanted to be an actress. So it is possible some kids enjoy this and would have contsented even if they could. But the way family vlogging channels are make me sick!

  • Shaytards are the OG!!!

  • I CANT stand Cole and Sav posting their daughter and Sly fox’s son (Caspian?) as Justin Bieber and his wife. It might actually be another little girl too, I don’t remember. But these are little kids and you’re recreating photos of grown adults Justin Bieber and whatever his wife’s name is, with your little children and you’re implying that these two 4 year olds are grown adults dating...... like what....?

    • Alexandria's Animals Some kid named Mini Jake Paul went on a date with mini Erika who was 1 years old at that time. And his 11 year old fan girls adored it.

  • Those who watching this content or parents who let their kids watch these trash content, are not also to blame though . These channel exist because there is an audience that follows them. The audience is also to blame

  • Awesome shirt

  • You should see Violette1st. It's like WWE in there.

  • I used to watch family vloggers with kids I babysat, and on multiple occasions the parents would create fake scary/life threatening scenarios, followed by essentially them saying "if you don't want us to die like and subscribe." I remember watching one where the family was hiking, pretended to get split up, were panicking and searching for their "lost kids," and then started finding the kid's clothes scattered around as if something horrible had happened. And of course this was the point where they started pushing for kids to hit the like button. Fear mongering views and money out of children, as parents of children, nice.

  • oooh I have wondered the same thing of the creepy kids videos.... thank you for reminding me there are some reasonable minded people out there its so bizarre and seems like so many fams are doing it

  • 1) Just the name Slyfox makes them sound so sketchy and untrustworthy 2) I saw this post on Reddit about this girl that was the daughter of a fairly big mummy blog, and she was a teenager and didn't want to be photographed at every waking moment or for her mum to be sharing all of her life anymore but her mum didn't listen, so she got a hoodie that had lots of words written on it saying stuff about how she doesn't consent to be photographed so if her mum tried to take her picture it would show how she felt about it, and the mum got angry because she's taking it way too seriously and that it is a bad look for her and stuff, that shit is scary

  • I wish parents would stop saying shit like "oh they're flirting" when a baby so much as smiles at someone (that's not an exaggeration I've heard that before) stop sexualizing kids and using such heteronormative language

    • Kitty Kat There’s a kid who goes by the name “Mini Jake Paul” and people are saying he should date Ellie from the Ace family who is THREE! He even went on a “date” with a 10 month old baby who they call “mini Erika”

  • that shirt is dope af.

  • I've watch theses vids for an hour now and theses are so satisfying only

  • I recommend channels such as the azonswus and kytia l’amour . Christian but not at all corny!

  • i’m like 20 videos deep into finding your channel and i’m finally able to put my finger on something.... it’s been bugging me but- i’ve come to a conclusion. you look like Charlize Theron.

  • 13:00 Talk about Aimep3 😄

  • I don’t like family channels because they have baby after baby after baby and just copy each other. I’d rather watch someone with 39 views because it’s not fake and bullshit and drama 24/7. I mean isn’t it a coincidence how sac&Cole ace family and madison contemporary are having kids yet again at the same time. Its all for views.

    • TW Pregnant announcements and baby shower videos bring in the views.

    • TW They call themselves Christians. And blame God for cheating on each other. They even got kicked out of Vlogger Fair 4 years ago for cursing at another family. I just found out that the Ace Family are Christians too.

    • Jade West In a Wedding Dress yeah their dodgy people

    • TW Sam and Nia faked a pregnancy and a miscarriage. The video was so weird. Sam, tested his wife’s pee without her knowing and told HER that she was pregnant. A week after they announced a miscarriage but never went to any doctor appointments.

    • @Blaire Bunny Its like the prince family, they made a video saying "No heartbeat" with Jade(I think her name is) the mum crying, nothing happened and all the kids who watch them thought it was real.

  • I wonder how these kids' mental health will turn out when they reach adulthood; not in an "I can't wait" kind of way, but an "I'm genuinely scared for them" kind of way.

  • It's 2020 and im super late dont @ me

  • I personally don’t think kids have any business even watching this. Why would 5 year olds be invested in your pregnancy? They don’t even understand the concept entirely. I wish people adhered to age limits on social media content. I would never let my child sit around watching IT-tvs videos from “family bloggers.”

    • Adora Pollard I wonder that too. Everything on IT-tvs is about pregnancy or gender reveal parties. I feel like theses IT-tvs have boxes of pregnancy test under their bathroom sink. And take them out whenever the views goes down.

  • I didn’t realize any of this even existed. Pretending your toddlers are dating...that’s just disgusting. Then click baiting your children grieving. What is wrong with people ?!!!

  • My baby isn’t going to use IT-tvs...

  • Im 14 years old, but when I was a kid I would watch "Dont Try This At 3:00 Challenge"

  • This is off topic but.... ❤🔥You look so pretty! I hope you have a great week🔥❤

  • Well i mean.....if The Addams Family started family be ok with that....

  • Where did you get that shirt?

  • Love you Tiffany! Your critical thinking is a breath of fresh air.

  • If you think about it, the media we consume really affects the way we fall in love. Had my generation not gone through the YA relationship abuse trend, or had we not gone through literally every reality show depiction of a young relationship, we would treat these relationships in very different ways. Perhaps our significant others would be more like upgraded best friends, or perhaps we would believe that a relationship without infighting is the norm. My point is that I worry about how the next generation will see love, that kids would grow up with the expectation of "oh this is what love is," just like we did, but worse.

  • America have an obsession with children.

  • Love your prospective I myself am a new family blogger but also agree with some of the standpoints of your video! But to also be fair I dont shove my camera in my kids face if my kids don't feel it I dont film so I stick to mostly filming myself

  • These kids are going to be study cases on bad parenting in a decade The TED talks will be great Poor kids

  • I watched okbaby for years, but I stopped some years ago... I lost it because I couldn’t stand being too personal, but feeling too far away. They changed. I don’t know, still love them though.

  • i'm not giving my kids internet till 18

  • the ballinger family is one of the only exception to this "family vlogger" they are so wholesome and definitely put their personal life before their online life. love them so so much

  • I love The Wads, Our Family of Many, Freebs nation....

  • Going to check out your channel to see how you feel about COPA

  • Sly fox has to be the worst. I watched them for the first month and they immediately went weird. It’s like National Enquirer for kids. Horrible. And horrible for their children as well. It’s abusive.

  • Love your t-shirt ❤️

  • Have you noticed with alot of the families, even Ryan's world alot of these family vloggers. do not have decorations on the walls or barely even any furniture around the house. they make enough money for a new house every year, trips and moving states but they dont have a bedroom set or family pictures on the walls

  • family vlogger thumbnail faces are so annoying

  • family vlogging channels are just as scripted as reality shows. the slyfox family seem so greedy. it's odd to think that they pause just to record the thumbnail. wow the gestational diabetes one smh was such a scam / clickbait. youtube has been the best way for a certain demographic to make money

  • Cool T-shirt!

  • These parent "selling" their kids daily life for views, likes and subscriptions are disgusting, and have no decency...

  • I knew nothing about this kind of content. I didn’t even know it existed. I think it is very strange.

  • I can’t even imagine how embarrassed and angry these kids are gonna be when they grow up and see the videos that their parents posted of them to millions of people on the internet. Somebody needs to remind these parents that not everything needs to be filmed and then posted online, these children deserve privacy just as much as everybody else does.

  • Shipping preschoolers? Sounds borderline illegal to me.

  • The thing you said about telling kids they "look cute together (romantically)" is so annoying lol. My best friend was a guy in elementary school and my step dad would not shut up about him being my boyfriend. It genuinely strains your friendships and makes you move into this hetero-normative box of only having friends your own gender and any one the opposite gender is more than a friend. Not only that, the guy friend turned out to be a really creepy invasive guy and I'm gay so...

  • The cole and Savannah family are creepy enough just because they all look like siblings.

  • I don’t understand family vlogs because, I’d be scared to put my child on the internet. But the birth vlogs helped me a lot before going into a c-section. Lol. I was thankful for them.

  • I know this might be an unpopular opinion but I think birth vlogs on IT-tvs are gross. I think it should be a private and intimate moment and people are literally sharing it with millions of strangers on the internet for views and likes. Also, the child in question doesn't get a say in whether they want a video of themselves being pushed out of their mom's vag online. The other issue I see with this is that you will get those who want to watch out of curiosity, those who want to watch because they support the youtuber or have a emotional reaction to birth videos, and then you have the other group which no one bothers to consider which are the PERVERTS that get off watching that content. I don't like family vlogging because of the way that it exploits children. No one needs to see your child use the toilet for the first time- Don't leave your children a legacy of lifetime embarrassment. Exposing your children online in such a deeply intimate way is leaving them vulnerable to potential sickos, stalkers, and predators. As parents, it is your job to PROTECT your children and so many are doing the exact opposite it makes me sick

  • This video came up in my suggestions and it was very interesting to watch what you observed over a year ago, especially in light of the new COPPA legislation. You were right on the money. I did my own posting on the topic as well - it will be very interesting to see how these creepy family vlogs are affected by COPPA...

  • This is eye-opening. Stuff like that reminds me that internet is a terrible place and makes me wanna move to a forest cabin.

  • Thank you! Ive been feeling this way for a while! These family vloggers exploit their children and its so wrong. I would totally watch a documentary made about these families

  • Can you make a full video on ElsaGate?

  • Please do more family blogging made some excellent points..I had to reevaluate my channel.

  • Girl...I want your shirt 🙌🏽

  • Exploitation of children!

  • You should do people who put their kids on Mukbang videos. Smh..

  • Ugh. I'm barely okay posting pics of my kids on my private Instagram and fb for family...

  • As someone who was hit a lot as a kid, I got so mad seeing the parents pretend to hit their son