Pubblicato il 13 set 2018
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  • 3:47 he predicted the future lol

  • ignores the golden scar cause he's to good for it

  • 12:33

  • You talking mad shit for a default

  • I was also a default for the longest keep getting called a fake cus im a lil better then this tfue not the tfue now

  • Like :default skin

  • And there is where the default got glorious powers from the Gods 12:26

  • Look who's telling to stop fake defaults

  • Anyone else notice that all tfue does is complain about this game like constantly every video he's needs to quit saying shit about it and just man up and play the game

  • I'm watching this 2020

  • Legendary

  • He hasnt skins to this time Ich weiß mein englich ist wirklich scheiße

  • I dont know why people play default skins when they actually have skins. We are buying skins to play them, dont we?

  • I hate your toxicity

  • 13:10 was supposed a hit ...

  • 3:40 season X: "Hold my Slurp Juice..."

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  • Stupid what if they play the game alot but dont have money to have skins. You never know

  • Why do people make fun of console gamers but truly sweats

  • Cuz he's wearing a default skin

  • In the still isn't tfue real fake default

  • 12:28 fight starts

  • H

  • You have to be stopped.

  • Bruh it said sep 13th i about shite myself. Then i realized it was 2k18

  • Tfue: Complains about fake defaults Also Tfue: Is a default skin

  • By far best video uploaded by tfue or just fortnite in general, this game was an absolute gem.

  • Why does everybody think...that if you dont have a skin you are a noob...but if you got a skin you are a fucking pro?! Where is the sense broo?! I mean if i spend money im stronger or what?! I dont have skins but iam strong at this game...but if i kill someone im hacker?! Bruh you need to wake up

  • “So much shit in this game nowadays” Yep. Fortnite x titan fall with these brutes.

  • Tfue: when you dont have Matt's just fuck it land on some body My bitch ass: when you dont have Matt's go get Matt's:-:

  • I like how this is coming from him

  • I hate to say but those were the days...

  • This is the most tfue has not played at his best

  • True says fake defaults must be stopped. BUT there is one flaw Tfue IS a fake default himself!! Hmmmmm......🤔

  • that guy built better than me

  • Release the contract you weak bitch

  • se cago tanto q tuvo q tirar la estructura el pete -2019?

  • You fucking cock sucker

  • It’s funny that tfue doesn’t like fake no skin when he is a fake no skin

  • He was a cocksucker

  • I agree

  • I wish i was like you tfue

  • Im a kid and im a real default

  • Tfue there is mini down blow

  • Tfue vs Jarvis who would win

  • 00:15 ay man I only play blackout tourneys and yes you should play passive but I always kill someone actually for better armour that’s all 😂

  • Rip drift player boi

  • That build battle was Hugo boss

  • Every where is smg bullets and you dont take them and than says i cant find smg bullets

  • tfue is st00pid

  • He past by 2 golden scars why the fuck does he not take them over the perple scar

  • Which is you

  • Tfue the fuck you ok fuck you

  • 6:23

  • Who else came back when jonesy wick is a thing

  • fake defaults need to be stopped tfue needs to be stoped

  • the noob was me! hahahVideo at my channel

  • 3:47 hahaha he didn't even see s7 coming

  • Me: shoots tfue with a pistol Tfue: builds to the top of the map Also me: sabotages the build because he uses wood like a complete idiot

  • To this day this is my fav vid, I love how complimentary tfue is after the fight. "That was lit" respect

    • Unlike ninja who...we rather not talk about that