Facetime Secrets | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

Pubblicato il 11 mar 2017
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  • Omg u guys r the same😂

  • Hahahahah...it's so funny..😂😂 I won't to imitate.😂😂

  • But why would his girl call him if she was also partying

  • That is so cool and awesome how old are I'm 16years old

  • That laugh was the best laugh i have ever heard

  • B 5

  • That Laugh Of Lele Pons Lol..


  • 2:52 what was the point of calling then?

  • Rudy your so hot

  • Her leugen at the end😂

  • I love how Anwar puts on a tie for no reason

  • Imagine all of them doing this the mom at a party the neighbor at a strip club the boss at the club Rudy and lele you already know but just imagine

  • Why would lele even call him him she was trying to keep a secret

  • The grinch videos are funny I laughed so hard my head started hurting bro

  • Cool

  • Fr i dont thi k a boss would Facetine

  • 8

  • Do a another Grinch video that your girl cheated on you

  • Oh my gosh*

  • For those who have problem with lilly calling him it's because She wants to drink with her girlfriends but she doesn't want him to do the same so she's making sure he is at home or not in the way to hers

  • Well they are real freinds

  • Or you could just not answer...

  • My question is how did the phone ring for so long without going to voicemail😂🧐

  • Hahahahahaha


  • Very good jod

  • 2:55 Lele laughter though

  • Did u see that lele had two cups when she was drinking LMAO

  • The phone does not ring for that long 😂

  • 2:56 If a girl does that expression as Lele does, I would literally marry her😂😂😂

  • Uhm why would you call your boyfriend if you’re at a party and pretending like you’re sleeping, tf?

  • 2:41 why she called him if she is in a party😂

  • Wanna bet his mom, neighbor and boss were all faking too?

  • Legend says he still never took a shot of his achol

  • Super nice

  • Lele had two cups

  • Wtf

  • But why the fuck did just lele cald you

  • Yeah why did his girlfriend call him??

  • Yas queen..........🤗

  • 2020 anyone?

  • Wait if lele was trying to hide that she was drinking why did she ring him in the first place

    • She wants to drink with her girlfriends but she doesn't want him to do the same so she's making sure he is at home or not in the way to hers

    • Darkslayer103 same

    • Exactly

    • Exactly every time I watch this I always ask myself this

    • Jay Richie to see he is not cheeting

  • Lol

  • Omg I love you so басов оужжщ

  • Lele, why did you act cause you are the one calling.

    • Btw thanks for letting me know!

    • Maksim Sarcevski she did it because she didn’t want him to call her while she was out

  • you are cool rudy and anwar

  • That was an hp elitebook

  • Can a call really ring for that long

  • guys my mom says when it hits 12:00 its gonna be a new year in my moms birth day and she saied we have to pray to got and wish for anything like i could wish for a lamborghini

  • im in my moms laptop but dont mind i read all the comments here well it was boring and this guy said that his mom and his boss doesnt call him and he has no girlfriend like me

  • Bh

  • We n

  • Her laugh 😶

  • We have the same phone case

  • Your the best rudy😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • This is probably what they do in every videos


  • I think the reason Lele called was to check in