Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
My F1 Road to Glory 2019 with Williams Racing!
This is the F1 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race for Career Mode!
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#F12019 #F12019CareerMode #F1RoadtoGlory
Production music by www.epidemicsound.com
2019 Mod Used (Tweaked a little) from RaceDept:
Krisdix - Majority, Drivers Swaps, UI, Animation Packages
JBuron72 - Car Liveries


  • Great you using top gear clips

  • 16:48 ocon returns for S2???

  • 3 episodes per day.....he can fit in another season, no problem.

  • Can't wait for it to return!

  • I did it square NO triangles are better.

  • 10:57 looks like toothpaste stuck together with toothpaste

  • Plz also do this in F1 2019

  • No, Clair just avoided you because you did a handbrake turn

  • I love the top gear videos 👌🏻👌🏻

  • When u said "What on earth is this toothpaste doin?" i clicked the like button. (but not the sub cause that would unsub me:( )

  • Aarava says “we can try and overtake hamilton “ well that’s something you won’t hear for a long time in real life.

  • Best race so far this season.

  • Plz s2

  • Araav, suicide is not an option.

  • Please do more cause I think we’ll all miss it

  • @Aarava did u pre-order legends edition it comes 3 days early

    • Why you think that youtubers need to order f1? Codemasters will send him a copy early


  • Congratulations aarava😉😀

  • don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry Okay ill cry

  • Noice

  • Was Claire watching f2 or a f3

  • Vau Wiillams career is best :D

  • Great stuff mate

  • Para los próximos vídeos podrías poner subtitulos en español porfavor ya que me gustan mucho tus vídeos y no entiendo de todo el español Gracias y saludos desde México

  • aarava:Sesson finale of road to glory f1 2019 Me: WHAT A JOKE

  • Can't wait for F1 Road to Glory 2019 Season 2!

  • As an American, I've seen quite a few mustangs, and none of them looked like toothpaste

  • Mate i love how you always add Top Gear clips. Im watching the video and when i see them 3 its all 2005,6 again and all the childhood memories :D

  • As an American, I was confused why you where call a mustang an F1 car this entire time. Are you sure it's an F1 car?

  • Is it strange that I know the episodes of the clips of Jeremy, James and Richard laughing in? Jeremy was from the British Leyland episode, Richard from the cars for 17 year olds and James from the Police car challenge.

  • You didn't deserve that win. This was not defensive driving, it was just bashing into Hamilton and lately you drive like Ben while in the past, you always had a clean race. It was more fun watching your video's back then.

  • I half expected the car to self-destruct on the last lap.

  • My DRS brakes at Abu Dhabi every season

  • you owertake hamilton 2 times are you crazie do you want to get penalty or even discqualification .

  • 7:48 Yes Aarav, that’s logic 100.

  • Keep this series in F1 2019

  • Win in the williams car.... jajajajajaajajjaajajajajajaajajajajajajaja😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Do a special to say goodbye to f1 2018

    • I can't wait to hear team orders to make you p***** off and stop you from being World champion in F1 2019

  • 16:28 That's bullshit and you know it. Max contract is a full bar, and your value is only halfway through.

  • To sum this series up: -The Team can't produce aero -Other Team loves to do position charity -Aarava manage to 1 podium finish -The Team has low expectations -The Car = Ikea Table with 4 wheels -Claire constantly high on weed That's about it

  • Will this continue or no?

  • in f1 2019, I hope the AI are this unpredictable. Amazing series and amazing bourbons for the team

  • You weren't leaving Hamilton space. Claiming that rules don't apply to you because you are in a Williams... You may get away with it because the game is not intelligent enough to enforce this but don't call that "fair play", please.

  • Aarav really hates Hamilton lol

  • When does ur carrer mode start

  • 4:24 You swore it yourself, right in the 1st video, it-tvs.com/tv/video-gb5hWzGnuSE.html, no-one was forcing you to do that: _"We'll be trying to bring that absolute donkey of a car to the top of the championship, and we have to stay in this team, highs and lows, until we do that!"_ So, 10 seasons or 100 seasons, you are now oath bound to this series!

  • Aarava. Aaahhhhhh 🤮omg i was in a bad dreem thought i was in a Williams for a full season.....wait i wasent dreaming 😱😱 Me and fans .😂😂 we enjoyed the entertainment .2019 give your self a chance and drive the second worst car

  • 2010 Alonso v Petrov without championship at stake

  • Mod in Maldonado as your teammate for next season

    • This is the best idea ever for this series, I don't care if it's not realistic this needs to happen, I'm laughing just thinking about it, you deserve top comment for this idea

    • Yes please

  • Please make another season :)

  • I'm here for the Love Island jokes fam

  • My god of all my days watching f1 weekends I've never seen a WILLIAMS overtake Lewis freaking Hamilton my god the FIA have done a very big mistake by crowning Mercedes as champions because it's very obvious that Williams are the true champions of 2019

  • 13:56 Jeff: It's been hard at times Me: Hard at times? This season was harder than Aarava's dick whenever he sees a belle delphine post on twitter.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Can you start in F2 in F1 2019 career mode?

  • Rate the comparisons to Love Island, at least you don’t hide the fact you watch it

  • 7:57 Stop blackouting...

  • Ah c'mon mate.. I only know of the existence of love island thanks to me listening to BBC radio 1 on a semi-daily basis.. Are you really gonna make me watch that crap only to understand your references? xD

  • 11:16 Not realistic at all. In real life that defense on Hamilton would be rewarded with a 5 seconds penalty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • pls show us the development graphic