F1 Paddock Pass: Pre-Race At The 2019 Brazil Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
The championship may be decided but there's still plenty to fight for in Brazil! Will Buxton has the lowdown from Interlagos including the thoughts of Daniel Ricciardo, Alexander Albon and Valtteri Bottas as they look to bounce onto the top step of the Brazilian podium!
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  • 3:09 oh how you were so wrong

  • There is enough bullshit in F1 already, keep your carbon crap. More car bon, less car bin.

  • Williams F1,5 not F1 Team!

  • Carbon neutrality is the mother of all cons. You exhale C02 and plants and trees thrive on it. No amount of we are all gonna die we need global communism propaganda will ever change that.

  • Grosjean qualified for P7. Who wudda thunk?

  • Only 0.7 percent of the carbon footprint? ONLY? With all that flying around the world, that is a huge figure Will. Planes are terrible for carbon footprints. And I'm sure that figure is probably a lie anyway and puts everyone on the same plane.

  • All we needed was Will to do the interviews!

  • Muito bom ! Que show ouvir esses caras falarem sobre nosso autódromo! Parabéns pelo vídeo F1. Boa corrida. Abraço,

  • Coloquem legendas em portugues

  • Sad to see Nico go, knowing there are a couple of drivers staying that are questionable.... I asked at the start of the season..... WOULD Stroll's dad drop his son when he is under performing... Apparently NOT.. Lance is one of those drivers that do not deserve to be in F1....Gio is an other...BOY, do they SUCK

  • Will, like your content, but you are constantly facing every direction but the camera!!! look at the camera

  • Ferrari were slow in the US gp because it was cooler.. tyres didn’t get in the sweet spot for them. The top three teams seem to have a sweet spot that gives them that advantage with traction... they are good at managing that. Last GP they couldn’t and they looked average. Other teams that don’t know how to get the sweet spot for their cars and tyres are stuck in the “rest if the grid”. I think this is what McLaren have made progress in this year.

  • Oh sod off about Bottas. He hasn't changed at all. He starts the season well, then collapses mid season and then turns up in the final few races. Does exactly the same every year.

  • bottas.....no balls ..no spine ...just lewis his butler

  • Carbon neutral F1 seems a bit of an oxymoron.

  • Good Luck Nico Hulkenberg in Indycar!


  • So proud of Queen latifa who would have thought

  • How is Will Buxton not on main stream TV presenting a global F1 show?

  • I just absolutely love the girl with Sainz. She's so adorable!

  • BAN FOOTBALL AND SOCCER IT CREATES CONCENTRATED SPOTS OF CO2 ALSO!!!!! damn carbon bs -.-. And who the fck cares if an f1 car makes 0,7% of the f1 carousel its still more than an average car. And f1 can never be carbon neutral if they dont shut down the buisness. No1 can be carbon neutral even if u kill yourself becaue you are made of carbon.

  • And get someone else behind the mic, he’s so boring and limp I can’t watch past 20 mins com on F1 🤬

  • Obviously Ferrari has you in there pocket, say it as it is! We aren’t stupid! “Ferrari were cheating and not exploiting a loophole!

  • Would LOVE to see Kubica and Nico in Indy car... two beast drivers!!!

  • Sauber has two Alfa drivers.

  • Wait, stop. Who decided Ricciardo is a #1 or "alpha" driver? Plus, it clearly didn't work at Redbull; hence the yellow and black shirt he's wearing.

  • Jesus this guy is annoying

  • Love the show and Will is great. But can you maybe do an interview with someone that is not a driver. Like a team boss or someone else relevant. You said it yourself you run out of questions. So maybe ask someone else something for a change.

  • Will Buxton at his best, ma favourite, have an amazing day everyone 😁

  • Just stop with carbon neutral thing, if you live, you are not carbon neutrol and we are carbon based animals, in fact, everything are.

  • Carbon neutrality is bullshit, Will. Get real. Doesn’t really matter, I’m letting my f1tv subscription run out, not re-upping. F1 is too boring now, and with the presentation of the 2021 vehicle (which is ugly in my opinion) ... I’m out. Best of luck to you Will ...always loved your blogs. I was at COTA, and have to that nearly ALL American auto sports allow fans to actually chat and talk, shake hands with most drivers. Pits were open. I had gone to see the drivers at the sound stage, and could not. I took a pic and circulated it amongst my friends and asked “find Hamilton in this pic”. They could find Waldo faster. Not because there were many many fans, there were only a few hundred up front, but because there were more support and photo and press than fans. Plus, the sound level was stupid load - I’m guessing 140-150db.

  • If I cannot watch f1 livestream without paying and it's not on locally, f1 may turn into nascar to me. I haven't watched a nascar race since Dale Earnheart died. Imsa rules, le mans too. F1 seems to be too elite for me.

  • Big respect to these young men in F1. they do things in a car that enthusiasts like myself could only dream of. But it is still a pleasure to watch these guys do what they do. F1..the pinnacle of competitive racing.

  • Does anyone else think mr presenter mans on crack lol

  • Wouldn't say that Ricciardo and Seb worked out that well

  • Go Lewis Go

  • I don't think Ricciardo will have to worry about Ocon.

  • In the beginning I thought I was hearing a current f1 car and I thought “wow I guess the cars finally sound good” but then I realized it was an mp4/4 😑

  • Will asking questions. That’s what we need! Thanks!

  • 21:57 General Alfa-Romeo quality....

  • Robert KubicUGHH

  • Amazon forests are still burning

  • Warming precedes carbon release from the sea. Water vapor is a much bigger green house gas. The focus on carbon dioxide is a slight of hand. It's all about control, not saving the planet.

  • Ué, onde estão os brasileiros? Para sempre Brasil!

  • The sound of Senna's car gave goose pimples. Sod being a test bed for car manufacturers with their con of eco-friendly cars, I want my shouty F1 back and now! Put some excitement back into the sport.

  • Daniel Ricciardo is so likable you can't hate him even when he beats you. That's how he can make a team with two number one drivers work!

  • 29:58 Ferrari's magic fuel ?

    • Jan Bizoń not magic fuel! Interrupting the fuel flow control unit in between FIA measurements to allow a illegal amount of fuel to pass, The CHEATING fuckers!

  • Carbon neutrality what a damn joke 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • The faux religion of "environment-ism" taking over F1 ??? 5:49 Pity ... how about sticking to improving the the cars as a WHOLE , power units included, of course ...

  • What a fantastic job Racing Point are doing considering they only have 1 driver racing for them.

  • Nice commercial without any critical question. Well done.

  • 23:53 so awkward with Gasly sitting right behind him

    • NOT really

  • 12:35 Daniel's brother/cousin in the background?

  • Carbon neutral? STUPID! Still playing games...

  • PLEASE PLEASE get rid of Crofty! He is the worst announcer ever! And an arrogant man.

  • Worst team mate for Ricciardo

  • What's wrong with his voice?

  • Post Qualifying & Post Race

  • Skip Bottas. What a mundane and soulless individual.. Characteristics I have observed among Finish people.

  • kick his ass DAN!! french guy in a french team, F that...