F1 Paddock Pass: Post-Qualifying At The 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 7 set 2019
Will Buxton has all the reaction from the drivers after a bizarre end to qualifying at Monza.
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  • Every one waited in the pits for someone else to go out first. Then it became "last second" and everybody pulled out of the pits simultaneously. Outcome... obvious!

  • keep in mind how many awful formats we went through that finally ended up with the Q1 Q2 Q3 format which the vast majority of the time works great. But obviously not perfect. Though I did enjoy super pole as well as the even older 12 laps of qualifying. Curious to see what results from this.

  • The solution is simple Q 1 = 10min for 10 cars AT A TIME to see the fastest witch will start his try LAST at the Q 2= Q 3 IS A WASTE OF FUEL

  • Vettel trying hard to camouflage that wry smile with a smirk of incredulity; "What do you mean?", 13:36. Will should have pushed him harder on this. I say, guilty as charged....

  • Please no Qualifying Race!!!

  • 🌍⭐️♥️✌️Nice Video Welcome To Singapore Guys♥️Have A Good Day Enjoyyy👍♥️⭐️🌎

  • Sweet🤗🤩

  • Just get p11 to lead the pack in p3 providing a tow. Then everybody behind will go.

  • Them French cheating cunts along with the team giving them back handers Italian mf's still can't beat Lewis racing and cheating?

  • Drive to survive S2 will be absolutely interesting.

    • I will have to watch S1 for third time before S2 release.

  • One car, one lap qualifying. That was complete bs and I hope there are serious penalties for those who were blocking.

  • looks pretty simple to me; if you want a tow get it from your team

  • Don't hate the player, hate the game. Hearing from Carlos gave me a nice insight on what happened, and it shows how it's something that the FIA should figure out.

  • You know it’s gunna be good when will gets through Q1 and Q2 in under 6 mins 😂

  • please excuse my ignorance but what was the rationale for slowing down.

  • I think that by the end of the race this Q3 will be forgotten and almost never talked about. No point in changing anything unless this starts happening all the time

  • If you measured the average lap time gained from the slip stream and took that off the lead cars time, would that go some way to remedying the situation?

  • He talks too fast...

  • Charles Leclerc won BTW! i am from the future.

  • All drivers should be sent out separately so nobody gets a tow and its purely down to driver skill and composure under pressure over one vital lap

  • No need speach. Just. Racing

  • I think it would be fun to see a one lap shoot out! Or maybe they should look to Formula E and do what they do cause FE has a super fun to watch quali

  • The Q3 rolling car-park was a great example of strategy in the sport - a rare occasion when the sport is more than a business, entertainment or a parade. The growing realisation of the tactical needs of each individual driver, that all of them were constrained to play a fascinating game of reverse-chicken , Hulkenbergs genius use of the slip road and Sainz, and especially LeClerc finally being the one to break emerging as the winner. (Leclerc, I presume was able to replace his illegal first pole-position lap with a valid time.) Too often, ideas that try artificially to engender tactical play are lauded - tyres that are made to breakdown, DRS, enforced pitstops ad so on. These are contrived complications with pre-considered work-arounds. What we saw during Q3 here was a specific set of circumstances aligned to favour emergent behaviour to which the teams had to adapt on the fly. On this occasion the event did not generate a novel racing scenario - one of many small changes could have resulted in a race to the start-line, a few cars getting the jump on the field. In indoor "sprint" cycling events, this sort of 'racing' is the standard; becasue drafting is so powerful on a bike at Vmax, the competitors drift and wobble around each other for three-quarters of the race distance, vying for a fractional positional advantage before striking hell-for-leather at the approaching winning line. It is far more engrassing that the foot races with everyone in their assigned lanes. On this occasion the outcome of the tactical battle was a wash - not every doughnut can have jam and cream, but the potential was there. If Sainz had somehow manouevred to be behind Leclunk as they crossed the start-line, could the tow from the Ferrari have catapulted him to the front row? Would we then be saying "Wow, exciting qually!"?

  • This towing thing is Bullshit. They are always fighting over who gets a tow and slowing down to not give a tow. F1 needs to sort its shit out.

  • Funny thing is, if Vettel didn't let Leclerc through on the last corner, he would have started the lap and got the slipstream off Sainz so probably got a front row start.

  • Fresh cut will!!!!

  • In Monza a One lap Pole would be welcomed

  • Super pole for each team were the two cars go out and can strategize tows or not.

  • Dedicated tow-car for fast tracks. Who ever finishes 13th on Q2 has to give tow for 2 laps on fast tracks. He gets extra pair of tires or something extra for the race or some other race.

  • ¿Qué se ha creído ese? ¿Qué no tiene que vender? ¿Qué sólo está ahí para cobrar? Pues de eso nada. ÉL SE TIENE QUE ES FORZAR EN VENDER. Y, aunque su producción no sea ni una ínfima parte la nuestra. Y, además, nosotros reparamos nuestra producción entre todos. EL ESFUERZO Y LA DEDICACIÓN HA DE SER EXACTÁMENTE EL MISMO. Así que si Lewis sólo puede venir a verme unas cuantas veces al año porque siempre está trabajando Botas igual. O BIEN EL MISMO TIEMPO LIBRE CON LAS MISMAS CONDICIONES DE LIBERTAD. y, sobretodo, que se ponga a vender gorritos que no es nuestra obligación el vender las suyas, pues si que morro.

  • do what australian touring cars do top ten shootout

  • Una pregunta muy básica. ¿Por qué Botas no lleva la gorra verde?

  • Shambles? more like a cluster ****!

  • Wait, who's Michael? (Buxton mentioned the name while interviewing Vettel)

  • Bring on the super lap, that would be awesome

  • Here's my idea: Have a warm up qualifying session where everyone has a maximum of 3 laps to put in. The session lasts 18 minutes. After the warm up qualifying, then comes the real qualifying session about 5 minutes later. I'd make it a one lap qualifying where every car comes out 10 seconds after another to absolutely guarantee there is no slipstream or dirty air effect. The cars are split in groups when they come out. Every group has 5 cars. Group 1 is the last in warm-up quali (16-20). Group 2 is the second last in warm-up quali (11-20). Group 3 is the second in warm-up quali (6-10). Group 4 is the first in warm-up quali (1-5). The first car which comes out in a group is the last one in warm-up quali, and vice versa. For example, Kubica is last in Group 4, that means he comes out first. Hamilton is fastest in Group 1, that means he comes out last. The time between when the seperate groups come out is 5 minutes. For example, as soon as the last car in a group completes/finishes a lap, the next group waits 5 minutes before going out on track. If there are any questions or critical comments for my suggestion please tell me!

  • New Ferrari strategy for the race: Let’s go as slowly as possible, it worked in qualifying.

  • So it starts. Vettel has a thing(grudge?) on Charles because not getting a tow. Idealy Charles gets a tow from someone while giving a tow to Vettel. Second option was just go flat and give a tow to Vettel. So either he got confused, blocked or just played Vettel to keep pole.

  • Thank you, Will!

  • Well, the issue is caused by the tow. Want to fix it ? Forbid having a tow, and take mesure to insure that.

  • I'm a ferrari fan, and I'm dissapointed. Especially in LeClerc who was going so slow for no reason.. seemed like he didn't want to give Vettel a tow down the main straight so he could keep his own pole, very selfish driving from him.

  • So whenever the silver/black bitches dont get it their way they start crying and whining like, well.....bitches. Yeah, nothing new, nothing new

  • F1 should have a Top Ten shoot out like V8 Supercars for Q3 starting with P10 through to P1. Then there are no issues blocking, towing or interfering with other driver's hot lap.

  • This is a disgrace, A CIRCUS ACT!

  • 17:08 you can see the fire light in his eyes

  • max verstappen is lieing i can see trough hes teeths lol ! it was all orchestrated they are aborted the lap to conserve engine and make a lot of money betting big that versppen will be last

  • It would be nice if they showed the provisional grid at the start or end of these videos.

  • ooooooo someones madd at charles ;)

  • Surely the solution to this problem is to not allow slower drivers to block faster drivers by keeping off the racing line , they do this already for warm up and cool down laps . Penalties should be applied , and they will stop doing it .

  • Why don't they do a super pole where every driver just does one lap and that could set the grid for a 30 or 20 minute quali race to set the grid for the actual race on Sunday and there could be points for the top three in the quali race too for example 3 for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third as that would make it exciting to watch for fans and exciting for the drivers too

  • Give EVERY driver of Q3 5 grid penalties, so the last 5 of Q2 are in P1 to P5. Except Kimi, cause he didn't slack. So Pole for Kimi. Would be a good warning example and a nice GP start.

  • So Vettel got a penalty in Austin because he was too fast when the red flag was out. And Bottas' lap counted even though the red flag was out before he crossed the line. There shouldn't be any margin, when the red flag is out, it means red flag and no times count after it. FiA again f*cked up. This rulebook is so stupid.

  • Charles lost today a few Ferrari fans, Seb helped him to win the last race and now Charles slow down and dont wanna help Seb to get Pole. Sad to see.

  • « What was that ?? » Will Buxton, Monza, 2019.

  • Wouldn’t surprise me to see Seb sign with RB in the next couple of weeks

  • when the pinneacle of motorsport looks like a bunch of weekend warriors at your local trackday "race", Q3 summons F1's sporting state quite well.

  • Who is that woman staying with Carlos everytime in the interviews??

  • I say revolutionize the F1 points system. The recent 1 point for fastest lap was good, but how about also 3, 2, and 1 points for the top 3 qualifiers so that Saturday you "DO" get some points. Also, a point for leading the most laps of the race. A point for most positional-overtakes (or who increased their starting position to finishing position the most, both are good). As for penalties, stop-and-go's are good but instead of monetary fines or grid start position penalties, deduct championship points. All those things would really shake things up.

  • Bring back teddy, pleaseeeeeeee......

  • And Seb got robbed again. His time would have probably beaten Kimi's lap record if he had gotten a tow