F1 News: Red Bull Confirm 2020 Line-Ups

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
This morning, Red Bull and Toro Rosso both confirmed their driver line-ups for the 2020 F1 season. Here is the news and my thoughts on today’s announcements.
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  • I think gasly is a better driver than albon. He was just unlucky in his few months at redbull

  • I honestly think Kvyat should take Sebs seat when he retires 🤷‍♂️

  • Kyvat and Gasly need to start impressing other teams

  • Calling himself a Thai has paid off.

  • i was hoping that kvyat could have been promoted to RedBull but no...

  • Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  • Well, that's all very unsurprising. I think Gasly is lucky to be getting another season after his time at RBR but he does seem a totally diffferent driver at TR so, okay. Can't see him ever being promoted though and likewise Kyvat. I'm thinking the TR drivers will both be gone in 2021 if not sooner. Albon better than Gasly at RBR is a low bar to clear but Albon has impressed. Be interesting to see how Alex does next year. Pity about the Hulk missing out and I guess now only Williams are left for him which he's unlikely to accept unless I missed Latifi & Russell being confirmed? Seems we have our starting grid for next year.

  • This could of been a 10 sec video!!

  • Now if the cars didn't sound like shit. Once the tree hugger's got a hold of things, the wheels have come off

  • So glad that Pierre will stay at Toro Rosso. He should stay there for the next 5 year before moving into some other form of racing.

  • Great news... Big fan of Alex. He reminds me of another favorite of mine, Valtteri Bottas. Great drivers who are great team mates to alphas.

  • Albon is doing a great job this year

  • Why is TR so slow compared to RB? They have the same motor and the chassis should be similar.

  • Not surprise for me. But in case of Toro Rosso Gasly should be first driver. But second seat should find a new driver for these.


  • Albon rookie of the year!

  • Albon has been driving as well as Ricciardo was, save for his inexperience, so I think this is terrific news.

  • Look forward to Hamilton getting another win in Brazil. Then he'll be 7 wins away from Schumacher's race wins record.

  • The Torpedo keeps his seat eh? I really thought they’d take a chance on a younger driver to get him or her ready for the big team.

  • Agree on all points. I also thought that it should have been Kvyat to the main team but it's obvious Horner and Marko knew things we don't. I thought the same thing when they chose Max over Sainz

  • Remember when Kvyat was talking mad shit about Albon's debut race with Red Bull? All salty? Hm...

  • Well done to Alex- he's earned his seat for sure. This leaves Hulk without a drive for certain, right? It's a shame. He's a great guy/driver, but that podium'less record is hard to ignore by the looks of things.

  • Kvyatt really disapointed me in the last two races. Specialy the last one the way he racted after getting his very deserved penalty... The torpedo showed it's ugly head again... I have my doubts about him deserving a seat in F1 We'll see how it goes for the last few races and next year...

  • It's Daniil, not Daniel, Sean! FFS!

    • You obviously knew who I was talking about. So it really doesn't matter ;)

  • It looks like t writing is now on t wall for t Hulk.

  • Kyvats podium finish was my favorite.

  • Podium 2020!!! Don’t get me wrong I’ll be happy if it happens in Brazil in the rain this week.

  • It was pretty obvious, we all know it was coming.

  • Gasly shows how different the Redbull and TR cars are, that the TR isn't some carbon copy of the parent company's car.

  • Kvyat scores podium, albon goes to red bull...

  • Wondering if Alex is gonna be faster with the comfort in knowing he's okay. Or if he will be slower... or that he won't even be phased and just get on with it.

  • Hoping Dennis Hauger gets a Toro Rosso seat soon.

  • It’s funny though, we give Albon a pass, and yea he’s good and has room to grow, but there is a reason Jacques Villeneuve and Lewis Hamilton have won multiple races in their rookie seasons. They are simply better. Especially since Red Bull Honda is a race winning car. This goes to show that it’s the driver that makes the car fast, not just the car. I’m sure people will disagree with me.

    • @Arslan Güngil I agree 100% 👌

    • Divahar Baskaran Hard to tell being in the bottom 2 most of the season. I guess the only thing would be wet weather driving, since Germany was his best shot at getting a point. But he’s really making a dump truck competitive, so kudos to that.

    • MaupayTV this is quite true. But I am saying this to show that the bar is very high right now. Many detractors like to say the car made the champion, but this year shows that the driver makes the car faster. Verstappen obliterated Gasly. Albon is clearly much better. I actually think the Torpedo is the best non-Verstappen Red Bull driver, but he’s too reckless. Albon is ironing out his edges, but he can’t compete yet. Emphasis on yet. Lando and Russel are doing well too, but Lando is being dominated by Sainz. Can’t really compare Russel to Kubica because of Kubica’s injuries. Just my thoughts.

    • I agree Albon is not a championship winner material. Red bull just want a 2nd driver to be in p6. This is why they won't win any constructor championship. I really hope Russell gets to prove himself cause he looks like a championship winner imo

    • I both agree and disagree. If he is a championship material, it should be shown early in many cases. But I don't think you can compare other drivers to Hamilton since his case is pretty rare I think. Most champions don't win in their first years in F1

  • will like to see Alex get his first podium in one of final two races ( maybe both ), think first win could be just out of reach but never know

  • Honestly who’s suprised

  • Let's just say it was not a surprise. Plus, Alex Albon is extremely handsome. Change my mind

  • Doh... I really like Albon... I also like the Hulk

  • Kvyat drove better than Albon in the Torro Rosso. Albon drives better than Gasly in the Red Bull. Gasly drives better than Kvyat in the Torro Rosso. Go figure

    • But Helmut Marko's pride is too great for him to swallow

    • CableTelcontar Gasly is the best, he just struggled in the Red Bull car. Kvyat is quicker than Albon, but Albon is a rookie and I think Albon will become quicker than Kvyat soon. Also Kvyat and Albon were pretty close despite Kvyat’s experience, so I think this is the right decision.

  • Hulkenburg would likely perform better for Red Bull, and could very well compete for podiums, but Albon has been consistent getting very decent results. Plus with how much better Gasly is doing in the Toro Rosso, its hard to get rid of him even for Hulkenburg

  • How the hell did the torpedo got to keep his seat o.O