F1 Esports Pro Series 2019: Race Two Highlights

Pubblicato il 14 set 2019
David Tonizza claimed a superb victory in the opening race - could he continue the momentum in China? Check out highlights from an exhilarating second F1 Esports race, with commentary from Jack Nicholls and Alex Brundle.
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  • Anyone else think he's gonna say "and we go green in *insert gp country*"

  • Sempre gli stessi partecipano

  • Why is this even an esports game

  • Why is the 2018 games Honda engine sound in the background

  • Is this real life?

  • Believe it or not im not watching F1 in 2019 but im watching eSports

  • Great racing from Tonizza

  • Deja vuuuuuuu

  • some really odd wheel positions here

  • Needs more than 14 laps....

  • He broke his brakes Max verstappen: hold my beer

  • Tonizza emperor of the galaxy.

  • When eSports F1 is more exciting than actual F1 😅

  • Every other esports series they wouldve paused for an hour to fix his rig... not in F1 though, here we call it bad luck.

  • Wow Brendon. It's sad seeing this guy struggling now hope you'll come back again stronger. Happy for Tonizza though!

  • Still none of them are faster than The Virtual Stig.

  • why is this race two, there’s no aussie?

  • Niemand: Absolut niemand: F1 Esports Pro Series 2019: We have more Racing action than the F1!

  • セナが亡くなってから、見なくなりました

  • Is this the codemaster F1 Game or other F1 Sim?

  • Brandon has lost his touch. He has to get back to his Old Chubby Brandon that we all love.

  • Last time I checked in with eSports F1, Leigh was the man. Has everyone just upped their game? Seems he's far down thesedays.

  • Me: sees a Pole in the standings *happy Polish noises

  • I watched half that video just plain confused about who the hell these drivers are and why alfa romeo is doing well. I had to read the comments to figure out it was a video game!!!

  • Who watches this...

  • Come *on,* at least make the races longer.

  • Needs to be full race this is impossible for anyone not in the front rows on the grid to win.

  • When Brendon leigh try to win! *comes in 11th!*

  • Oddio oddio! Ma il forte Amos dove sta? Ve lo dico io....dopo la polvere! Poveri idioti quelli che mi dicevano ,poi vedrai,te sei invidioso,te sei un poveraccio etc etc....ora attaccatevi a sta ceppa voi e il forte Amos 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Wow 14 laps.. wow so much skill. Makes me doing 100 races look like a bitch .

  • “Where is my steering wheel?!”

  • È molto più forte tonizza di Amos laurito

  • When F1 Esports is more exiting then real life.

  • I hate this stupid e-sport, it shouldn't be in this channel.

  • What’s happened to Leigh?

  • Hajrá Bereznay🇭🇺🇭🇺

  • the announcer didn't say "IT'S LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO". He deserves a stop and go penalty

  • Can they play Grand Prix 4?

  • Jesus that look so real now

  • Is the Safety Car disabled?

  • I still don’t agree that they’re only doing 25% until the race before Abu Dhabi...and maybe the championship title would be taken even before Abu Dhabi.

  • Why the engine sound in the background?


    • well, Enzo Bonito who is just a simdriver won the Race of Champions in real life.

  • it would be super cool to have all the actual drivers race in random cars that are equal just for fun and see what happens

  • Seeing Brendon Leigh doing crap makes me so happy.

  • His face like shit😹

  • Looks like Leigh already peaked

  • It's weird hearing the seeing the "TV-Picture" but also hearing the onboard sound. Please fix.

  • put them in a more advanced sim... like rfactor2 and Huis will dominate

  • Why only 14 laps

  • What happened to leigh? He's struggling these last 2 races

  • 🇹🇷 BOLUKBASI ❤

  • He broke his brake. ..now it's called break.

  • I guess in this series the cars are all equal?! Not the set-up but in regards to performance. ..it's really cool to watch how fair and disciplined they all drive...

  • I like it and that its here on this channel but same time its nice to get quickly that this is not real F1 from title (respect against these who don't want to mix these things together). Good job =))

  • Just like Tiametmarduk, Bereznay's brake pedal wasn't calibrated


  • The guy waving the flag is a yoke

  • No mercedes up front just like everybody likes it

  • Least brenden lee isn’t winning lmao