F1 2019 Career Mode Part 71: SAFETY CAR CAME OUT FOR THIS?!

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
F1 2019 French GP Paul Ricard Season 4
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  • Wait... that SC does not have an interior!? I thought this is NOT Gran Turismo 6 or something. Also Paul Richard is garbage, sue me.

  • AI overpowered at France? No way. They are pretty weak there, i was way up compared to other tracks. They sucked so much there.

  • Moving to a back marker team after challenging for races and titles ruined this series for me

  • *career

  • Ben please uplode your carrer videos faster

  • Always here for some good Jeff sass

  • Williams=Mercedes Real linfe Mercedes=Williams real life

  • Good race Ben. :D

  • Ben pls do a Shoey if you get a podium in an STR-Honda.

  • passes 4 cars under yellow flag conditions... "not sure if that legal or not" lol

    • Not in this game weirdly haha.

  • Do you ever upload multiplayer gameplay videos? I don't think I've seen any. You should totally make an online series of videos that'd be awesome.

  • I feel like "unlucky for some" is kindve disrespectful for my dude 13. Why cant he been seen for the good hes done?

  • Totally love your career videos, I make sure to check if there's a new one out, every day. If it's possible, could you leave a link, to what car setup you are using each race? I am playing in my 4th season, and still can't quite get the car right, and would love to give some of your setups a try. Keep up the good work mate.

  • Great video. I also began to do F1 videos. Please check it out. A subscribe would be a massive help, of course i would turn the favor to anyone: it-tvs.com/tv/video-B9bV64qArSU.html

  • Hey Ben! Thanks for making great content, you make my day and when I'm annoyed with a lap, watching your videos make me fresh. Love your series and your channel, I don't why I only subscribed a few weeks ago to your awesome content.

  • Is no one Gunna mention the fact he overtook 5 cars under yellow flags?

  • 18:02 how many cars you see?

  • Driver of the day

  • Toro Rosso - The best of the rest of the rest

  • Magnussen was 3rd the whole race

  • is jeff an idiot if u have a good rave ur achieve 18th i think ur worth 5th

  • f1 2006 pls

  • Move back to ferrari sir, let us see hamilton’s AI on the slowest car

  • Please keep titles like this! Sometimes titles have spoilers like crashes and stuff and it's quite frustrating to watch and know what's happening :(

  • am i the only person who hates the fake drivers? like i dont care about lukas weber and devon butler. id rather race against the real 2019 grid not 18 of the real drivers and 2 made up drivers, one of whom is an absolute god. if they wanted to have you start in f2 so much they could at least have you race against Russell and norris instead and let you pick which one is your rival

  • Great result at an OP track for the AI. : D👍

  • The fact you've had 2 SC's in 71 episodes and I once had 2 SC's in 1 race weekend shows how broken this game still is 😂

  • 5:59 'Where is everyo... Ohh'

  • Bring back F2 career mode

  • I do love this series I really do, but I find it abit false the fact the difficulty has obviously been turned down for this round and you beat your teammate by so much in the slowest car every round.

  • I don't know why everybody thinks France is op for the AI. It's like one of the easiest for me with spa, canada and italy. 3 seasons in now and i always manage to get top 3 (playing 95 dif thou only :-( .. ) Probably depends on the carreer i suppose than?

  • I know Tom97 is in a better car but I see him pulling this same Medium start OP Strat quite regularly. as long as you can drive the car into contention on race pace.

  • You should do a season with Webber as your team mate

  • You should’ve gotten up to 12th on the first lap

  • Cool put me like i'm shooting a video too please

  • I always find myself getting annoyed at other f1 youtubers, but ben's vids always have me happy by the end - even if he does crash 24/7

  • 8:45 song?

  • Im in season 3 end of the season and still don’t have a sc why don’t they have a patch it’s so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saw the notification... Saw the thumbnail (WTF! Safety car? in my head)... Smashed the left click button in pieces to play it...

  • Can you move to Red Bull and demote Lukas Weber.