Explaining why I REFUSED to play Minecraft - LWIAY #0085

Pubblicato il 25 lug 2019
Minecraft epic info
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  • water cow has left the chat

  • Pewdiepie : grab your pickaxe to smash the like button! Me : (grabbing my pickaxe and smashed the like button) Also me: mom can I buy the new phone! My mom : why? Your phone broke? How? Me : Pewd tell me to do it My mom : skebbdjdjebddbjedkb

  • 10:23 Pewdiepie:Wow!I want a joergen build out of lego The Pic.:(Sven Made out of legos) Sven:Say sike rn.

  • Pewdiepie: I don’t have an outro Me: WHAT!

  • Who the frick felix call to do the spanish subtittles?? Why when he says "minecraft year" the subtitles says "does the bastards like the armpit?" Why???

  • This was made on my birthday....DISSAPOINTMENT

  • Magrax my dude was in your video lol

  • F

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  • Ummm....Dude im from Serbia anddd....IKEA SHOP IS THERE

  • People who love the outro: O I can't wait for the outro Pewdipie: I'm to lazy to add the outro in People who love the outro: Say sike right now

  • Can someone tell me ishe having legs. Pls Or isit just a joke

  • STOP reset video no intro like so pwdipie can se

  • hi

  • The lights didn't change u r crazy u KILLED WATERSHEEEEEEEPPPPP

  • Pewbipie: dont tell edgar Me : Edgaaaar pweds is cheating on you

  • 10:17 Sven: *intense sweating*

  • #YEET

  • F in dah chat

  • that was a lego Sven tho????

  • 5:25 Felix talking about his emotional feelings Stops taking about his emotional feelings at 6:36

  • New minecraft mod!!! Boat edition!

  • f

  • joergen #2 liked memes 😭

  • F

  • Русский язык вааат???

  • Nothing is more starting than watching this and hearing the Tiber simulator commercial in Swedish and legitimately thinking you may be having a stroke.... I’ve never heard Swedish before.

  • My aunt has an ikea bird but we called it a name is can't remember

  • F

  • That outro was the best. :D

  • 6:00 basically pewds rescued a lot of those channels because when he started ... EVERYONE STARTED! And low channels got thousands of viewers and subs all of a sudden. On the other hand he ... kinda is responsible for them doing stuff he'd hate to do. Playing this game just because everyone else did. Dunno if this is a bad thing ... i think not. Well. One thing is sure, people actually having fun in minecraft, if it is a trend or not isn't that important here. And on the social side its interesting to see that one of the most authentic persons on youtube actually can have a lot of fun and have like the most range of influence there is in the digital world. Idk if this gives me hope for humanity.


  • Pewdiepie should do how to minecraft with vikkstar123 and everyone one else

  • I hate you

  • if someone knows pls tell me his minecraft map's seed 🙏🏼

  • Huh! , pewdiepie just expose his minecraft secret on 10:17 that Jøergen is actually INSIDE SVEN!!!

  • F

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  • where is the LWIAY intro.......

  • Laughs in future where he's addicted to the day

  • Феликс единорог

  • It's wierd to think that there are more people subbed to pewdiepie than people in italy (i'm italian). And that his videos have an avradge of four or more times the population than our biggest cities... The power of brofist :D

  • There's one portal which you cannot enter but enter something else. Bruh! it's not minecraft I am talking about.

  • Its Sven

  • 4:24 Why is the picture upside down? Also, someone should calculate the total amount of damage that sven has recieved in the series so far!

  • f

  • hi

  • if u see this pewdiepie. boys in in my class says whaaat u never played tuber simiulater? almost every day. me too(::

  • so pewds seed is out?? i wanna know whats the seed pls

  • Meme: "I build a Joergen out of Lego" Pewd: "Whaat, i want a Joergen out of Lego!" Sven: "...."

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I’m.bad at rhyming Watersheep

  • You should react to all of Neytrix's fan art for your series. Also react to the Jeb_ music video

  • Your LED wall lights give me a severe headache

  • Pewds please play steam prison on steam please please

  • Traduccion al españoL....

  • I love how you can still hear a bit of his Swedish accent here and there

  • 10:20 I'm sorry. That's not Joergen. That's Sven. PEWDS how did you not realize

  • i was at IKEA and i start to scream ''SVEN GET DOWN'' and someone said ''meh he can't die he's imortal'

  • F

  • I buy the shoes any day. Period.