Excavator on 600 feet Cooling Tower (remote-controlled)

Pubblicato il 2 set 2019
Because a blast was out of the question, the 162 meters high cooling tower of the former Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant was cleared from above with a remote-controlled excavator piece by piece. After falling below a height of approx. 80 meters, a demolition excavator finally brought the cooling tower down from the ground on August 9, 2019.
Due to a faulty building permit procedure, the nuclear power plant was only in operation for about two years.
(A big Thanks to "Einsatzfahrten Rheinland" (it-tvs.com/ch/UCeWTKUhrXbH1PIDSK-Ig8OA) for the recording from August 9, 2019!)
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Explosive Demolition of Cooling Tower: it-tvs.com/tv/video-_ZHBrzYZm1Q.html
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  • That's pritty cool. I know its remote control but dam even this is giving me anxiety. Wonder how the got it up there.

  • Like a caterpillar eating a leaf

  • Cricky they should be finished in about a thousand years

  • Hungry to eat concrete

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  • Dynamite anyone?

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  • 3:40 Random guy: YEHAW

  • Coole Aufnahmen vom Abknabbern des Betons! Da muss es ja enorm wackelig oben gewesen sein und zum Schluss die Sprengung oder besser das Zusammenfalten. Gruss DrDuu

  • Why dont they drop it like 9/11 with explosives ?

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  • Pro tip: if you start at the bottom you want have to go to the top.

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  • 😲😲😲. Fuuuuck THAT!!!! Hell no!!!!

  • How many years did this shit take to bring down???

  • Hmm 🤔 I’d have thought that a controlled demolition would be quicker and more cost efficient.

  • in this country, very bad with explosives engineers?

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  • 600 years later

  • That's one hungry Machine.

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  • How did they get up there? What a wild day that must have been

    • They have used a very tall crane to lift the machine up there.

  • Why don't they blow up (or down?) the damn thing? That'll take forever.

    • It's problematic because there was still radioactive material in the nearby buildings. Also a railway line was too close.

  • 爆破不好吗?

  • Statt die Reaktoren für Günstigen Strom zu nutzen. . .

    • @HD1080ide Stimmt. Erdbeben ist so ne Sache. Aber an sich ist der Kernreaktor die beste mir bekannte Art Energie zu gewinnen. Und Ihr Potential ist im Schnitt erst zu 10% nutzbar.

    • Ein Reaktor in einem erdbebengefährdeten Gebiet ist aber auch nicht so toll. Ansonsten würde ich dir zustimmen.

  • That’s a slow process. Screw that job

  • When you were a circus artist, But they forced you to drive an excavator, 😂😂 and the results were unexpected ..! 💖Subscribe to my channel to see more interesting videos ..!💖

  • C4 works wonders!!

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  • Wow I’ve never seen this ! I would have bad dreams constantly doing this job

  • Why destroy?

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  • Why not take out the pillers to begin with

  • Why not use jet fuel? It can bring down highly engineered buildings in their own foot print in 8 sec.

    • @TheFutureIsNow 24.7 Ben Swan just posted a video from a university study proving WTC7 collapse did not happen the way the government claims, ofcoarse it wasn't needed to convince me, I already know . How unfortunate it's become the standard of the Zionist controlled media to be silent about it to keep us in the middle east fighting Israel's war.

    • and make them fall vertically too. they fell flat on their foundations like stacked pancakes.

    • @Joseph Gibson lol that's what I said regarding WTC 1,2, and 7, then they called me a conspiracy theorist.

    • lol.. a lot more to it.

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  • Hmmm no piroplastic dust? Hmmm must watch that WTC video again...

  • Human stupidly as usual:Building something that big to be turn down after a few years😛

    • @markmd9 😀👍

    • After another few years they will change their minds and build it again.

  • In 1,000 years they will destroy it😌😌😌

  • How the final demolition was initiated? A blast? Or the remote-controlled machine bit it and finally took it out of static balance? What about the machine? Did it fall down together with the wall?

    • No blast, just a remote-controlled excavator from the ground. The machine on top of the cooling tower was removed by a big crane some days before.

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  • 1 bomb 1 job

  • In Frankreich, Belgien usw laufen immer noch AKW.. Die sind veraltet kaputt fallen bald auseinander.. Und Deutschland baut gute AKWs ab. Oder.?

  • Wo sind die deutschen? Und wer war auch darbei

  • Great way to drag a job out..

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  • How the fuck did it get up there?

    • The machine was lifted by a very tall crane.

  • Looks like it's gonna take forever. There're supervisor engineers there, can this really be cheaper than demolition

  • Omg.... 😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • Nichts für Menschen mit Höhenangst 😬 ist das In Bayern?

    • Mülheim-Kärlich (Rheinland-Pfalz)

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