Everything Wrong With Dark Phoenix In Plenty Of Minutes

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
Dark Phoenix... the final movie in the most recent X-men series... completed while Fox was being sold to Disney... and it's a mess, kids. A freaking giant mess. Full of sins. Oy.
Thursday: recent inclusive horror sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • 4:38 Your college girlfriend said "Strap on, we're headed home!" ? I feel sorry for you. Must be hard to be told to use a toy to ride her all the way home, rather than your own member. : / I'm guessing *someone* had a hard time reaching the G-spot! xD 16:31 Still going on about bad CGI. I honestly can't tell the difference. That sh!t looks legit to me. At what point *would* you be satisfied with cgi? All you care about are lame water effects. Sure it's hard, but how often is that needed?

  • "Your emotions make you weak! Thats why this stays mine! ...I´ll kill you next time!" Shame on this movie for ripping off a far superior film named Batman and Robin.

  • Kinda glad they left our state during filming. I hate the reason they did it, but now I'm glad my home stat isn't associated with this Burnt dog turd of a movie.

  • Storm can control weather and atmosphere anywhere, not just on earth. This is well established in the comics. She's used her powers in space quite often. Storm has lead the x-men several times and she's extremely willful, she's stood up to leadership several times. I hated the coquette Storm of Halle Berry. She's a very different personality in the comics. Mystique can appear any age she wants. And she ages exceptionally slowly due to the nature of her powers

    • This is very true! They need to do their research before they makes these videos.

  • 🎵Charley, are you walking? 🎶 🎶Are you walking, Charley?🎵

  • Sin #80 isn't that hard to figure out. Steel toed boots with bottom and heel plates and, Presto, flying Magneto! I wear similar such boots every day. Green Triangle, CSA approved. I didn't see the emblem on the side but maybe in the USA they have a different marking, or maybe that has worn off... I mean either way, the simplest and most logical explanation for flying Magneto is goddamn safety shoes.

  • during raven's funeral they wouldn't have storm clear the rain?

  • at least you tried...

  • So we’re not going to sin that Charles drove Jean home???

  • 6:15 Mystique doesn't age like regular people (she's also a shapeshifter so she can make herself look younger), as as for Charles Xavier aging very little in 30 years, two words: Patrick Stewart. 100 sins for EWW for not knowing a basic fact about Mystique that was clearly stated in First Class.

  • “I can lift choppers much better than you” 😂😂 also he kinda sounds like Kermit not gonna lie 😂

  • I'm surprised cinema sins never mentioned how Mystique went from a deep sapphire blue with orange hair to a sky blue with red hair during the same timelines.

  • BIGGEST movie Sin of this Movie was Jean had the power of the Dark Phoenix in X-MEN APOCALYPSE that's how she killed Apocalypse lol. Biggest sin ever how they want you to forget the last movie.💡💡🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • The movie being made was a sin

  • +5 sins for this movie thinking it could compete with endgame.

  • Cinemsins Guy> Magneto could have been wearing good quality work boots, which often have a steel plate below the soles to protect against sharp object, which he could then use to levitate somehow

  • What? No sin for the alien telling Jean she's basically the Genesis Device from Star Trek 2?!

  • 90% of comments: *enjoying the video* 10% of comments: *getting offended over the "x-women" line*

  • Let me spare your time from watching this video... *Only thing wrong with Dark Phoenix was Jean’s death*

  • I thought Mystique doesn't age sooooo.....

    • Mystique doesn’t age but the everyone else should. Fox kept skipping years from 60s to 90s just because they don’t a shit about continuity.

  • nightcrawler looks weird

  • Ughh. F*cking Bran.

  • This movies biggest sin is it gave me nothing to make a ready player one joke about (Wade watts and Cyclops are played by the same guy)

  • "I refuse to use an umbrella because my sorrow is so great I deserve to be soaked." 🤣🤣🤣

  • 11:29 iron in his blood dude. remember in the xmen 2 movie he used the iron in the guy's blood to break out of prison. either that, or he's manipulating metal soles in his shoes to hover and his metal belt buckle for balance.

  • Early in the movie, theres a scene with jean and raven face to face, good opportunity to say 'hunger games of thrones!'

  • 6:26 DAMN that was one hell of an impression of Charles

  • You know professor X can just manipulate people to do whatever he wants them to do, right? He doesn’t really need a legit reason to interview her at the beginning... K, I’m done... Not gonna complain about this channel anymore.. 🤫👍🏼

  • This movie really does suck fuzzy weasel balls. 😂

  • This movie was butchered by disney and it was even confirmed by Chris Claremont, it was 2 hs 41 min long and had a different ending

  • The most ridiculous story line possible.

  • Ok, Magneto can control metal, to a degree where he can bend and shape it at will. These people would be living in a metal castle or fortress and NOT in basically a van down by the river!!!

  • What gets me is they never explain where in continuity this movie takes place...we're led to believe that it takes place AFTER Apocalypse, via Charles is bald, which means Jean had the evil nebula in her for all of five minutes. But, they try to explain her fire aura powers come from the nebula which she didn't have in Apocalypse...unless they are skipping around in time willy nilly which just makes everything confusing. Yet later in the film, Jean talks like she's had the nebula in her all this time, since she was a child. It feels so confused. Also...ALIENSSS~!!!!

  • In the new X-men movies, being a mutant means you've got eternal youth, apparently.

  • It’s scott an me... not scott and I !!!!!

    • scott and I

    • I’m just gonna assume I’m right 😂

    • Man I’m getting shit just for this! Alcohol is a hell of a drug

    • @Peter Gerling Ah, well have a nice day.

    • I was drunk when I posted this... I don’t even know what I was talking about now 😂 I’ll just have to take any repercussions from this...

  • He said why Charles Xavier was let in by the hospital staff. Its Charles fucking Xavier, remember mind control??

  • awesome movie 10/10.

  • Finally a man who understands the G-spot philosophy 🙌🙌🙌

  • A power reading

  • You missed the fact that they cuffed Charles’ feet on the train

  • Can we get 10 sins for the lying portrayal of when jean and Xavier met... Cmon in last stand when they met Xavier was older, walking, with magneto, and her parents were alive smh

    • That was a different timeline. Days of Future Past changed that.

  • *_[Music From Behind] 'BTS' stands for 'Boys To Sissies'._* 🤨

  • *_Was this one written by a female? If so, that would X-Plain (get it?) why the dialog sucks so badly and why there's a definite 'anti-men' vibe with this sequel/prequel/neitherquel._* 🙄😒

  • *__*

  • I like to think that the electric collars are placebo

  • Wow they didn't even try with Jennifer Lawrence's makeup anymore LOL. WTF Fox?

  • 8:35 Loki has daddy issues Gamora has daddy issues Star Lord has daddy issues Kylo Ren had daddy issues Luke Skywalker had daddy issues ...I could go on 😂

  • Yes he said power reading

  • Them adding Phoenix Into MCU is already to broken 🤣 Considering she literally a fucking Celestials they had to kill her off quick Or the sentinels would of got fucked 🤣

  • 10:10 Forgot to sin Storm using an umbrella while Beast is not. The woman who literally controls weather uses and umbrella.

  • I like your videos but you REALLY overdo. Just one example; Storm CAN, in fact, use her powers in space. In theory, based on the comics, she can use her powers based on whatever the nearest planet actually is. They adjust. Not as good as they are on earth, but still powerful enough.

  • sin#80 there's metal in the ground, so magneto can push himself against it, thus hover

  • I didnt watch the movie, why the hell did they want to go to space? I dont even think they did any sort of space training. That shit is super intense and takes years

  • Storm controls the westher on earth...... someone doesnt read comics. She can control any atmosphere on any planet and she csn control cosmic storms.

  • This movie is worse than troll 2

  • Captain Marvel: Revenge of the sith

  • I fell asleep during this movie

  • I am just disappointed that the movie doesn't connect to "Days of future past" where we see Logan waking up and seeing Jean and Scott in Xavier school and not just Scott in jEaN gReYs ScHoOl

  • *shows scene with the "Jean Grey School" CinemaSins: I cannot read the sub-titles of this sign but I think it reads "fuck Raven" Me: brutal!!!