Everything GREAT About Dark Phoenix!

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
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Dark Phoenix! I get accused of only doing movies everyone loved. Stop that. Here's everything right with X-Men Dark Phoenix!
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    • Minor chords for the opening choir voices?

    • Hey please do terminator salvation😁

    • Key change in the opening vocals to match Gap, one of the main themes in the movie's soundtrack

    • Please do Aladdin

    • Any chance youll do an interstellar video?

  • Your right .It is rushed . I mean the last Movie before D takes over should be ...Idk..Better??

  • I hope Disney will not screw it up. I cant live on if they do the StarWars with X-Man too

  • I kinda liked this movie💕

  • Hans Zimmer🔥💯😍

  • The whole movie is shit

  • I like it this movie I don't understand why it bomb? if could two movies it would much, much better movie.

  • Everything great about Chronicle (Dehaan and Michael B Jordan)

  • You should do fury please

  • There's nothing great about Dark Phoenix. I'm not watching this so I won't dislike but... there's nothing great about Dark Phoenix.

  • 13:42 Im french, and yes you are right Old Buds or Old Friends, it works

  • Treasure Planet is AWESOME and Prince of Egypt is one of the most beautiful movies there is. AGREED!

  • this movie is garbage no matter what you say

  • Would you consider Everything Great About Terminator: Dark Fate?

  • Am I the only one who thought Charles was never wrong? That is an insanely powerful mutant..who's powers are fueled by her anger and pain..that has so much anger and pain. The only way to keep her and everyone else safe was to shield her from that anger and pain. You could argue he should have helped her deal with it but how many people would die in the process? He did the right thing. The problem is the right thing is always the best or nicest thing..and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • There is nothing great about this trash. Stop making win videos about fox's cash-grab.

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  • Yeahh.. this channel is left asf. This movie was a statement for female empowerment, nothing more, nothing less.

    • @xMentor mentor whatever dude.

    • @Chu ohno damn your trance is up there

    • @xMentor mentor Alright, what movies are "actual" movies? Also is kill bill not female empowerment? She's a killer with a sword. She's a scorned bride as well.

    • @Chu ohno dont compare these statements to actuall movies like kill bill

    • Probably feels that way because the main character is female. Kill Bill, Wonder Woman? Is female empowerment bad?

  • I'VE MISSED VIDEOS BECAUSE OF MY BROKEN PHONE, I'M SO SOOOOORRRRRY! Oh, and I'm still hoping you might review Strange Magic?

  • you should do everything great about sky high, i know im probably the only person who wants it but its the best superhero movie out there no i wont take any criticism

  • Everything great about The Croods!

  • Can we get a EGW rise of the guardians?

  • I was wondering how you would defend this one! I think First Class is one of the best superhero movies ever, the cast is incredible, but the sequels were progressively worse. I will miss this cast and what this franchise could have been.

    • @Cosmogenus each to their own. I'm clearly not as invested in these movies as you are.

    • You’re mistaken about the production. They only reshoot the third act. First Class and Apocalypse are said to have had bigger reshoots. Remember that random Weapon X scene that came out of nowhere in the middle of Apocalypse that added nothing to the story? I don’t understand what you mean by cramming in a whole saga in one movie. Because I’ve read the original storyline and they left out a ton of stuff. As for the actors “phoning in” their performances, they weren’t. The director was asking for a weaker performance from actors like Micheal Fassbender because he liked it. But even still JLaw and Sophie gave far stronger performances in Phoenix than in Apocalypse. Just compare the arguments between Xavier and Mystique in both films. JLaw shows much more emotion in Dark Phoenix than in Apocalypse. What was so funny about Apocalypse anyway?

    • @Cosmogenus Apocalypse was hilarious, my friends and I laughed until we cried in the cinema. Dark Phoenix was just dull, we felt nothing and it was clear everyone was just phoning their performances in. The movie was heavily altered and had all kinds of issues during production and it shows. There's nothing genuine or fun about Dark Phoenix. They tried to cram a whole saga into one movie. It's a complete mess.

    • I’m just legitimately curious to why you think Apocalypse is a better movie. Because that was suppose to be a disaster movie yet doesn’t become that until the last 35 minutes of the runtime. Dark Phoenix was suppose to be a psychological thriller and it wastes no time in having Jean losing her mind.

    • @Cosmogenus and you're more than welcome to that opinion.

  • I really love how you do videos of all positive stuff. As much as I love Cinema Sins, it seems like everyone loves to tear stuff down rather than focus on the good. This is a refreshing change of pace

  • Make The Truman Show

  • I'm very happy you acknowledged the "Captain Marvel" part. This is why I love your channel.

  • This video convinced me to watch the film and I really enjoyed it! I especially liked: - Xavier's mistakes (namely not developing therapy programs for his kids and instead burying their traumas) catching up to him when he's at his most manipulative and how the movie really made him own those mistakes instead of painting him as an infallibly wise patriarch (but also showing how important his public opinion project was - I wish we had seen some kind of resolution to how quickly the public turned on mutants after the Raven incident) - instead of attempting the Phoenix-Dark Phoenix saga, the movie simplified the story to "Jean is possessed by an all-powerful cosmic force that unlocks all her traumas - Jean fucks up everything for everybody - (the shit with the aliens) - Jean looks beyond her trauma to the bonds she has with her found family and goes away to be a Phoenix Force at a safe distance" It's probably because you prepared me for it, but I don't remember being disappointed at all except for very small gripes such as "the floating hair could look cooler" and "I could've used even more mutant vs mutant conflict instead of the alien villains".

  • Skillshare? The only skill I want to share is my knowledge of Rango movie’s script. Speaking of Rango, you should do a video on it!

  • Fuck this movie.

  • The best thing about this movie is that Jennifer Lawrence finally died

  • Everything great about Kung Fu Panda 3

  • How about Man from U.N.C.l.E

  • CinemaWins: badass sometimes good sometimes bad guy Me: Anti hero. Anti villain?

  • The dreaded mutant was the worst idea

  • I would like to see an X-men film when the people trust them as public figures

  • Watching this a week late I feel like I missed so much! Great as a always,! Still requesting The Great Gatsby

  • Why did this make me cry? You pointed out nearly every hurrah and every criticism I had personally and still ended on a good note. This franchise makes me emotional, and this movie beings a solid tear to my eye. Thanks for the vid!

  • Everything GREAT About What Dreams May Come!!

  • You should do a 'History of Violence' I would love to see your take on it.

  • *X-Men - Origins Wolverine:* I'm the worst X-Men movie ever *Dark Phoenix:* Hold my red hair & wooden acting.

    • Do you even know what wooden acting looks like? This was objectively superior to Origins and Apocalypse. Apocalypse didn’t even have a second act.