Pubblicato il 26 ago 2019
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  • When did toast stream Minecraft? What was the date?

  • What’s the song at 9:02

  • f in the chat for kimi's puppy

  • Sykkuno sounds like a psychopath lmao..

  • The girl screaming aaaaa and showing her legs for no reason was triggering me

  • What song is Albert playing at 9:20

  • Lily has the hygiene of a hobo let's be clear

  • 3:13 I want to learn how to do that with pencils and pens

  • Aria pls fix mic

  • Barley no dislikes wow

  • the ending is so fucking smooth wtf

  • Shrine? Music name plz 🤣🤣

  • Literally toast going from 200 iq to 2iq

  • Anyone else annoyed that as soon as fed came to the server everybody started cheating? Last nights stream he made it daytime every time. He tp’d people. He changed the spawn point. Etc. Idk to me it’s annoying cause it ruins he game experience if you do all this stuff.

    • Its ok buddy 😭… fucking Fed!!! 😭 Fuck you Fed 😭

  • Albert effort..............


  • I was the thousandths person to like this video!

  • OfflineTV definetly their own minecraft server

  • Alright tbh that now I understand why no one like fed, because he said something girls would care on stream like bruh

  • What 3D printer does albie have

  • "Bewwy...." "WHAT?! ... is it my dear? :)"

  • Hello

  • I Used to like aria... But now she's just an intentional-mistake-making person.

  • That movie about the dog that sat at the train station is so fucken sad

  • Sykkuno should join offline tv

    • @Velk haha true

    • @Mehdi my opinion, but I think he is too innocent

    • @Velk Why is that??

    • Disagreed

  • The minecraft content is amazing.. Loving it

  • thanks pewds. u made everyone play minecraft again.

    • smp instead of pewds

  • Janet is so cute. Toast is so lucky. Btw how much is the minecraft pc?

    • Toast is so cute. Janet is so lucky.

  • if there was a liberty vs poki vs joast how difficult would it be to choose between the 3

    • It exists already on Offline TV's channel and Foki won


  • Minecraft making a comeback

  • Its great watching everyone play minecraft but its painful watching how bad they are at it


  • Lily: yay it's temmie Me: oh shit a rat IT'S A JOKE CALM DOWN

  • Love your videossss❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • What’s the song at the end?

  • Can we have like a crazy dramatised edit of toast and the fish?

  • I'm watching this with 69 liks and 0 dislikes

  • Yo wtfff. i didnt know albert had the fostex headphones. . . . those are amazing

  • First Kimi said she was attracted to Edison. Now she's sleeping with him virtually. I think she's trying to tell him something....

  • ok,this was fuked up using hachiko at the end,how sad,great rest of the video tho

    • I realized that too 😭

  • See them playing mc really make me want to unfollow them real bad. Why didnt they learn how to play it first

    • *on twitch I meant

    • Fury urios yes they can play whatever they want, my point is they didnt learn the basic of minecraft by using the internet but instead jump right in because its a trend on youtube and that make me hate what they doing atm

    • @Shiroe Tanaka they're allowed to play it whatever way they want?

    • Yes we are used to be them, all learn how to play minecraft at the very beginning but seeing them playing it as a trend is a problem to me, they have a internet full of guides and beginner tips for a 10 years old game, why didn’t they use it so people like me can entertain it without anxiety

    • Stop being a dick.

  • Love that

  • hiiii i love you all

  • Tbh just turn into a Minecraft channel 😂

  • 3:54 "that whent Strait into my mouth" Me: THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!

  • *everyone ever is playing minecraft* You know I'll try it too But then it costs $200 for me Why is my life such is lie

    • @i like turtles Wow! What? I got it for 75kr lol

    • Must be from Norway because it cost 200kr

    • Download TLauncher and it’s free!

    • At least someone knows how life works

    • it costs the equivalent of 200 bucks where he lives lmao

  • Its 4am WHY are you uploading

  • 0:00 me everyday

  • PewDiePie is at 100 Mil!! Sub at him bois

  • Hi mom

  • Albert rage fornite go boring bru thats why

  • Why is sykuno so cringe

    • how dare you insult the cutest cinammon roll in the world! (2nd being hosuh from danplan)

  • First