Every NBA team should be a little afraid their stars might leave - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan react to comments made by new Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis in an interview with Nichols that he's focused on this year with his new team, and didn't explicitly or implicitly commit to staying alongside LeBron James & Co. long-term.
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  • Everydays some bullshit about the same fucking teams making some shit up

  • Melo and cp3🤔

  • If Rachel never be able to talk again, it will be the time to say goodbye to ESPN

  • Booker aint leaving ayton and booker is what shaq and kobe wish they could have been go Suns

  • Only the small markets should b worried...not expecting AD or Kemba to suddenly decide they wanna head to Milwaukee or OKC. Nba needs to go back to the old days of no FA, u sign a deal, u stay unless ur traded, since they can’t enforce any of the tampering rules in place to stop anything

  • Windhorst should be afriad of getting a heart attack if he doesn't stop eating lol

  • Call me old school but i like a lil commit to a team...

  • Dwight Howard was a bad example. Dwight was coming off an injury and he was not built to play at a high level for a long time like the playoffs mentally. He just stopped growing and maturing as a man. He was 18 when he was drafted and never really matured because of all the money and freedom he had.

  • AD come to the warriors.

  • He just got there U gonna marry someone after meeting then for the first time ESPN... y’all some mosquitoes

  • Carmelos a bum wys lol

  • If u read lebron's lips at 1:37 it looks like LBJ said my seed. Lmao

  • he should go back to the pels next year!

  • stars leaving is not the problem, it is something that happens, the real risk is the fact that if they want to do it they can decide who wins the title each season just to make sure I am not talking about fixing games, I am talking about the top 10 or 15 in the league taking turns at the title, all it takes is their agents suggesting they can make more money from the opportunities that open after winning a ring than they can make from contracts in the NBA

  • OKC just go back to Seattle like please lol

  • ESPN is a small market killer. They try and influence all stars to leave for major markets. I don’t care about LA and NYC media want.

  • Lmfao Davis is staying.with the Lakers every team needs to worry about their star joining the Lakers

  • Do these guys ever have positive segments on the Lakers or the do they just always cherry pick the doom and gloom possibilities?

  • Hate this fat cunt

  • Only if your Toronto then you have to worry 😂

  • scrolling down the comments to see how long it takes before someone mentions windhorst's weight. seriously, comment on what he says, his opinions, his views, not what he looks like.

  • AD bouncing next year when they loose in the first round and cry’s himself to sleep

  • Is it right the organization the right situation great teammates great coaching that is key

  • Hes gon stay just keepin the pressure on the lakers

  • Dwight is bitch made, AD & LeBron is different

  • Trading is Modern Day Slavery It's a system ran by rich white men over black men. Where you are hated by mainly white patrons if you leave. Every man or women MUST be able to go as they please. When ever they choose to go. This system of sports must be abolished. All white people or socially immoral person will say they are making millions so they shouldn't give a fuck. We'll you are not only a piece of shit person you have no comprehension of how these athletes truly feel and don't care. You along side these owners and league only sees them as dollars for your entertainment. Each and every single one of them. That is exactly why LeBron has spoken out in regards to this matter.

  • NBA is turning into football (soccer) where contracts are meaningless. Welcome to the real world.

  • Draft smart then buy a B rade player and a good bench and you got a chance.. Warriors did it with small guys no bigs then change the league

  • Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to you back

  • as a laker fan. Im content with this answer. I'd rather he be honest that bullshit. If he walks so be it. It means we didnt meet his expectations. If hes the future of the Lakers then fuck ya

  • carmelo and cp3 didn't work because houston wanted to be another warriors squad instead of just being their own team...OKC tried blaming melo too but they still didn't make it out the playoffs after all of their shuffling...plainly put it wasn't melo.

  • Before you know it Zion will be requesting a trade from the Pels. I guarantee it.

    • And the Knicks will trade RJ😂

  • Why’s amin’s voice cracking?

  • Team song of the NBA team this year: clippers: Perfect Combination houston: Torn between two Lovers Lakers: HELP! i need somebody Raptors: Hello & Goddbye Warriors: Hold On Celtics: got to believe in magic Bucks: A whole new world Thunder: twinkle, twinkle little star Sixers: i believe i can fly Bulls: all this time Nets: Imagine Knicks: nothing compares Nuggets: Yesterday Wolves: complicated Cavaliers: hey dude Hawks: Just once Magic: faithfully Wizard: when the smoke is going down Hornets: you & me against the world Jazz: somewhere down the road Piston: eternal flame Spurs: total eclipse Blazers: blowing in the wind Grizzlies: let it be Pacers: sound of silence Heat: open arms Kings: tomorrow Pelican: top of the world Suns: i can wait forever Mavericks: My way

  • I hate this era

  • Imagine if AD has done this to stock the pelicans to go back as a free agent to a stacked team next summer....

    • That was a conspiracy when PG was asking for a trade out of Indiana

  • I'm a Lakers fan and I understand where he's coming from. If the Lakers management proves to be incompetent, if LeBron isn't great anymore and if there's a shot to join a better team in a similar market, AD will leave. Ultimately, so much rides on this season for the Lakers. If the team flaunders once again, the team could potentially suck for the next decade!

  • She said do you think Kobe didnt want D how to be comfy.Cmon man. Players from the past wasnt thinking about other players being comfy. They came to play ball and that was it

  • Players want to break their contracts and leave but imagine the teams break their end and just don’t pay the players. God forbid the players get treated the way they treat a team

  • People today are so soft. Be afraid bro? Forreal?

  • Or the team might trade the star player.

  • Amin el Hassan is wearing New Balance

  • You should only fear your stars leaving if it's Detroit or Philly because no one wants to live there

  • If AD bounces from the Lakers next summer and joins a different team. Lebron's gonna want a trade out of there too. Lol

    • @Rudy Melendrez 👍

    • @Tony Vincent I'll try to remember next year.

    • Get back to me when AD signs that contract extension with L.A. Anything can happen in 1 season.

    • Your if guess is not going to happen

  • He wants to go to the clippers and join KL & PG

  • Every team just had the twilight zone theme start playing in the background with this realization.

  • Not Portland :) We signed Dame to Super Max ahaaaaaaa thank god

  • I made videos on how to play with Lebron and Anthony Davis in 2k19

  • "After a disastrous season with the 38 win Lakers, Anthony Davis decides to sign a free agent contract with the western conference finalist Clippers."

  • AD will stay as long as they make it to the 2nd round but realistically the lakers will be in the WCF

    • Tao Sang Hidden Weapon exactly so making it past the 1st would be a success

    • This year's 1st rd is gonna be awesome in the west

  • Nice video edit? Way to edit out what you first begin discussing. Weird

  • Nigga might pay to fix those ugly ass la freeways

  • They shouldn’t feel bad either, teams definitely don’t feel bad when they trade you in your sleep if you get hurt playing for their team or get older...so now it’s the player’s turn to fuck with the game 💯

  • I hate pro sports anymore, bunch of crybaby prima donna's these day's.

  • AD staying with the Lakers STFU Fatboy you always wrong so eat your 🍩🍩🍩 🍩

  • Except for dame

  • My message to crying baby Lebron. Talk like a man.....don't cover your mouth while talking. Don't be like a sissy girl talk style.

    • Broccoli Fan what? Lebron covers his mouth when he talks cause the media will blow everything out of proportion

  • Davis already knows this Laker team ain't gon win sht. And they struck out in free agency. He's gone. A one year rental for a first round exit, if they even make the playoffs.

  • Windhorst choke on a pork chop fat boy

  • LMAO! He already wants out and he just got in. Davis is a bandwagoner and the Lakers are pathetic. He'll try to join the Clippers next year.

    • Bo Rood don’t have cap for him buddy and he never said he wants out lmao he was staying optimistic with his opinions like kawhi was doing this year

  • What do you expect when the self proclaimed King, leads by example shows the rest how its done. Goto a team, gut it for pieces you want. Eat, make a mess and leave the team in shambles.

    • wowfan8 lebron haters are obsessed with lebron more than his fans are. you're fucking weird bruh.

  • Rachel sound sick 😷. She should go get rest

  • Wait when did the lakers get lebron? I thought he was on the heat

  • lebron will stay 2-3 more years in la and after that his career is over anyway. lakers shouldnt be concerned. clippers should be very concerned because they have no picks for like 6 years.

    • Julius jeaN baptiste lebron still playing like an mvp what you mean?

    • @SuperPunch76 they could, but i don't think the clippers will allow that to happen.

    • Julius jeaN baptiste PG and Kawhi are only signed for 2 years. The third year is an option. They could easily leave somewhere else while still in their primes.

    • Clippers arent worried at all. They got PG & Kwahi in their primes. Not the Lakers getting LBJ way past his prime.

    • You acting like PG and Kawhi are 35

  • Lakers will choke Legoat is just too old and AD is overrated.

    • your comment is not rated at all, cause it's soooooo stupid

  • Gave Rachel the pipe too hard that she now got a sore throat. My bad y'all.

    • @aaa bbb dick, he saying his penis made her voice like that now cause she has a sore throat

    • William Fortson Then thank you! :) So what is the pipe?

    • @aaa bbb yeah dawg

    • William Fortson I assume you sent emojos but it came up as blank boxes. You're responding to my question to DertyJardin?

    • @aaa bbb 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • The danger of this era of basketball is that fans become less about their home teams and more about players. It really sucks to see NBA stars join their friends on a team. What happened to the great rivalry between players?? Chicago vs Jazz , LA vs Boston , none of that exists anymore.

    • CoKo A ok... some people went from bulls fans to wizards fans to hating on every player that’s good

    • Some went from Cavs fans to Heat fans back to Cavs fans now cheering for LA. Just for one player...

  • Let me guess there all going to the Lakers 😒😒

  • What other player can take the league's worst team to the playoffs besides Lebron?

  • Jerry West just said the Clippers is by far the best organization he has ever been part of. So Kawhi and PG13 are leaving in two years after The Logo just said that? 🤣

    • LA Clippers Weren’t the Clippers the same organization that said Blake Griffin was their franchise player, then traded him 4 months into the season 🤔

  • Brian's in a fear mongering campaign. I'm wondering why?

  • I am so glad that my Spurs aren't going buying into this panic.

    • @Kevin Kettinger Why can't we do both? Pop and his team can make DeRozan a better shooter. They've already helped Rudy Gay improve his game. At, the same time Chip's working with DeRozan, Pop and Becky can work with the young guards. I hear TD will occasionally help with Poeltl and his post moves.

    • @cuatro cinco No we don't. My Spurs will never ring with DeRozan. We have a better chance of our young guys developing into stars and contending than with DeRozan being one of our top players.

    • cuatro cinco bet you loved when he missed that free throw in game 7

    • @rabidklein Yes we love Derozan

    • Catherine Williams dude they traded Kawhi less than a year ago and are looking to love derozan now.

  • 📢ROB don't fuck this up

  • .

  • Small market teams have to work way harder than big market teams let’s use the jazz and lakers as an example. So the jazz did everything right with Gordon Hayward they make smart trades smart signings improved every season and made the second round in Hayward’s final season and he leaves. Meanwhile the lakers have been dumpster fire the entire decade making horrible trades and signings but just because there in LA they get rewarded lebron and many other players want to play there

  • The ESPN Toxic should be worry if the Lakers Win A Championship Next season SMH

    • G.0.A.T to Hell stop smoking its bad for you

    • G.0.A.T to Hell why? It would make them a ton of money.

  • Last Comment

  • what he say?

  • Every single player should worry coz their front office would trade them without hesitation anytime they want to

  • Such a different league compared to hockey. No loyalty in nba lol

    • CoKo A I dont think Kessel or Karlsson asked for a trade, Karlsson was crying after he got traded

    • Nhl's drafted players seem to stay with their original club much more often though. How many times have Sydney crosby and Ovechkin moved, argubly the two best players in the league? Now look at lebron...

    • Never ever been loyalty lol.

    • Erik Karlsson, Phil Kessel, Jacob Trouba have asked for trades. But I agree the NBA is a free for all right now