Every Lightsaber Duel from Star Wars (Episodes 1-6)

Pubblicato il 27 apr 2015
[TL;DR - Every lightsaber duel in all first 6 major Star Wars films. IT-tvs is blocking me from adding EP 7]
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
-Lightsaber Duels-
It is a more civilized age with more civilized weapons. The Jedi seek to overthrow the Galactic Empire and they use their lightsabers to do it. And some force stuff. And then after that, but before it somehow, we see the evil Emperor come to power through more intense, longer lightsaber battles.
Each Episode of the Star Wars saga features a number of lightsaber battles; but, let's be honest, we just want to watch people fight with these things and hope someone's hand gets cut off, or maybe even see a decapitation.
Well, here they are; every lightsaber duel in Star Wars without the cutaways, dialog or any other non-sense that gets in the way of good old fashioned saber-dueling. These fights are shown in their original theatrical order as they grow in length, number and and intensity in each film. The Jedi were on there way to do something kind of important and then this happened...

-May the 4th be with you-


  • 22 mins long that's sad

  • Lol at the very end of obi-wan and darth Vader you can hear Luke screaming Noooo

  • 18:43, makes no sense or? xD

  • That fight so is lame... No choreography, no skill. Like a newbies trying to learn how to use swords.

  • My favorite lightsaber duel has to be the Duel Of The Fates

  • Can I just say that the lego star wars the complete saga used the noises Yoda makes when he fights count dooku as his death sound. Perfection at its best

  • Obi wan really likes to cut ppl in half

  • I literally searched for N-Word and this appeared me WTF hahaha

  • That turn at 0:26 was soo necessary for this fight

  • Please give some love or likes to it-tvs.com/tv/video-to2SMng4u1k.html This is Vader/ObiWan fight re-imagined and seriously, it's the best video I've watched this year.

  • Çizgi dizinin aynı olması beklenmez ama filmlerde jedilar bildiğin kolsuz

  • Started with original trilogy The worst one

  • Original duels: calm, more about character and dialogue then choreography Prequel duels: skills, kicks and flips, sees who kills the other one first Sequel: WHACK!

  • Wish I was there

    • I wasn’t if anyone was wondering

  • You cut out crucial dialogue from The Empire Strikes Back. Shame on you.

  • See Yoda was smart enough and cheeky enough to know that a little humor added into his light saber fighting tactics went a long long way to offset his enemy's attempts at defense..........this is why his battle cries sometimes sound like laughs and animal noises, it's to funny not to throw a man's guard off.

  • Damn, there was some real Sith energy from luke at 6:26

  • Nice vid

  • It’s over maul i have the low ground

  • I can’t believe anyone on this planet can like the fights from the old movies. That’s the most laughable shit I’ve seen

  • The high ground has been achieved

  • Love star wars

  • Man the original Star Wars lightsaber battles were weak as fuck compared to the new ones even the phantom menace was better

  • 12:15 El mejor grito de batalla

  • Oh,yes... high ground...

  • Lukes first true fight with another light saber he gets destroyed and his hand is cut off and sacrifices himself. Reys first fight with a lightsaber completely destroys a trained force user and a killer wtf disney

  • darth maul fight was the best

  • I love how with Darth Maul we don't hear him speak a word and we grow to hate him

  • I like all the lightsaber battles in all the star wars movies example (ben)obi wan kenoble vs Darth vader in star wars episode 4 A New Hope

  • Prequals did have the best lightsaber fights

  • I came.

  • There is great good in all of you!

  • Count Dooku versus Anakin, Obi Wan and Yoda is heavily underrated

  • 18:10 best moment

  • 2:16 Darth Vader is clearly packing more than Luke

  • Where’s star wars kid?

  • I heard the lego Yoda death sound

  • Mom: "Are you studying?" Me: "yes" Also me:

  • I just noticed, the Sound that Yoda makes when he attacks dooku, is the same sound as the Lego Yoda death sound from Lego star wars the complete saga

  • Obi Wan- It's over Anakin I have the High ground Anakin- You underestimate my power!?!? Obi-Wan - Don't try it Anakin- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (Legs Get cut off)

  • Yoda has the most bad ass lightsaber draw ever! 😀

  • They had the technology to save Anakin after all the horrific injuries he sustained, but they couldn't save Qui Gon after 1 stab wound in the gut? 😕

    • Josh Glover because those were probably vital organs

  • I want a real lightsaber so bad it fucking hurts! 😭 Come on scientists! Make my life complete!

  • While the original trilogy was fantastic to say the least, the lightsaber duels really weren't anything special.


  • 12:15 the sound

  • Yoda: aAAAaaaA Dooku: Laughs in dooku

  • Half of these duels are from Episode III and I'm not even complaining

  • 0:27 I love that unnecessary spin from obi wanted

  • Only part of the prequels I actually care about is yoda

  • 3:03 *It's over, Luke. I have the high ground*

  • The laziest story telling I've ever seen is having the man that beats maul, grevious, and anakin, get beaten like a child and have to get taken care of so he make anakin look strong. Instead of coming with scenarios that cheapen arguably the greatest jedi fighter ever.

  • When you are watching dart Vader and obi wan duel you are filling delight but when Rey fight wish kaylo it hasn’t any sense

  • Bro this is all wrong wtf

  • 5:06 Is that the same laugh in the trailer in the rise of skywalker

  • 15:28 Wow, he sounds like a dinosour.

  • Why are the light sabers so thin in the first scenes

  • Say what you will about the prequels, but you gotta admit those lightsaber duels were 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • I like how someone said the first obi wan and Vader fight was just like watching two old gezzers poking each other with sticks

  • I feel like at 9:05-9:06 Qui made that face in confusion because he realized or seen that his death was coming