EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - Adios MV

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
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  • Y'all are just too amazing

  • and let's work toward 60M this weekend FOREVERS

  • 58M coming up tomorrow

  • CUBE: Who wants to Rap like a pro? Everglow: YES

  • how come a group consists of fully talented visuals >.

  • 2:38 the sun is up behind them but the shadow is going some other way, not complaining i just noticed because i watch this goddamn video almost everyday

  • I can't stop to listen adiós ❤️

  • EVERGLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh my goodness I’m new to everglow and I just want to say they are amazing! Should I Stan?

  • I hate kpop bitches be like "I love the visual one" fuck you wich one

  • 57.7

  • Hey, on 0:50, am I the only one who see the vibe of Rosé on her ps. Their voice is similar

  • This is big bang is they were girls just look at "fantastic baby"

  • Te amo

  • 1:04 smth wrong with the audio ?

  • 😍😍

  • I am a new Stan so can you tell me who is the girl with pink hair who says "See you later...." ??

  • I am a new Stan so can you tell me who is the girl with pink hair who says "See you later...." ??

  • My new bad bitch song 😂

  • 57.743.959

  • Rumo aos 100 milhões foreveres....

  • La mejor canción del mundo😍😍😍

  • Can people stop coming here if they’re just going to comment about their flop faves? This is an everglow event only

  • For New Fans: Your officially *For.Ever* now

  • This is how many *For.Ever* there are supporting EverGlow *For.Ever* 👇💖

  • One day in the future, Everglow will be the queens of Kpop and that day is coming soon. Stan Everglow

  • Esta canción es la copia barata de kills this love

  • Their song reminds me of Blackpink’s MV “Kill This Love”

  • EverGlow stans waiting for a fandom name 👇💖

  • VERY GOOD!!!

  • Sounds a lot like Lisa's rap from their recent comeback....

    • @rosé park yea but you still got it boo💋

    • Noo i don't think and we didn't ask for your opinion

  • This song is addicting

  • Sin duda una de las mejores canciones del 2019 uwu

  • Mia I love you 💓💓💓💓💓

  • Essa música é mt perfeita putz

  • Utt mia bias aisha

  • Douuuuu esta re bueno el tema y el acorio

    • luis a mi también me gusta la canción de everglow

  • Just looking for wild kpop stans

  • They just ended the French language

  • BRASIL ALGUÉM ? ( • - • )

  • seré fea pero al menos staneo everglow

  • The answer to what it takes to make young beautiful Asian girls ugly. So glad this particular version of earth is about to pop it's clogs.

  • Streeeeeaaaaammm Adios on Spotify too

    • @fernando3246 yeah it almost have 11M streams

    • maria eduarda i had no idea that this song is heard by spotify

  • Nunca superare esta canción :3

    • A mi también me gusta esta canción desde la primera vez que se estreno en youtube

  • Streeeeeaaaaammm

  • Baiavarious

  • I'm new and I LOVE this 😂❤

  • temaiken

  • E:U looks like Sorn and Kim So Hyun's Kid (both by facial features) Aisha looks like Somi and Momo's baby (Somi by face and Momo by her rap voice) Yiren looks a tiny bit like Irene (reply if u know anyone else) Mia looks like ???? Sihyeon looks a bit of Momo (by her face) Onda looks like a person from Produce 48 I forgot heh. REPLY ME OTHER PEOPLE THEY LOOK LIKE!!!

  • Im still here. If this Hit 100 Million, Then Fravo~


  • I like the song 😍😍😍

  • Aisha meu amor. 😍 EVERGLOW conte comigo pra tudo.

    • Aisha es una chica muy linda aunque "e:u", "mia" y "onda" no se quedan atras

  • The concept and chorus inspired by kill this love, love it so much. Goodluck adios ❤️

    • @pétale awjan sure, but kill this love have all that in one package. luvv it.

    • Fun fact: bp isn't the first kpop gg to use girl crush and military concept and bp isn't the first kpop gg to have beat drop in their chorus Just saying

  • I f*king love this song

  • There like Bp 😳

  • It sounds like ''Arunchupa - im an albatraoz '' SORRY

    • We didn't ask for your opinion And it's not sounds like albatroz

  • Wow!!! I loved it😍 best music✨🤤😍

  • It's been a month now and I am still bopping and jamming hard to this song. I really hope Everglow will come out with a mini album next time. I need more songs by them. Single albums are too short!

  • 107k 💬 wooooah