Episode 59 - More EV Chargers, USA EV Jobs, Polestar, BMW and Sono Updates and More News!

Pubblicato il 1 set 2019
September 1, 2019
Intro Credits: 00:00
Welcome: 00:15
EU To Grow EVSE Infrastructure: 00:38
EVIE Adds More DCFC in Australia: 01:40
CATL Reports Growing Profits: 03:40
EV Job Growth USA: 05:35
Polestar Confirms WMI: 08:49
BMW iX3 Update: 11:11
Sono Motors Sion Update: 13:36
Wrap Up: 15:40
Contact Information/Patreon Thank You's/End Credits: 18:17
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  • the aim of Americans and Germans must be to help making us less jealous.

  • If I were an automotive journalist I would investigate on Ford's Model T sales history to see what are the ideal conditions to get new mobility introduced with the general public. I don't buy it was a piece of cake for Ford. There must have been regions similar to Belgium that were totally insensitive to new technology. Indeed Ford conquered Europe with cars but what seems more important to me is how Ford did make us step over from horse drawn contraptions into the small Fordson dexta. I think conditions then were pretty much the same as the actual situation in Belgium on the ev market. Basically and logically then Ford or GM should make us something, ie some kind of interesting ev. That is what I am saying. We just don't have the money for actual electric vehicles range like a model 3, a Polestar, a BMW I series. The banks won't lend us 40.000 euros and even if they would, it is not in our nature to lend so much money for a car. The thing is on the financial market, banks and car manufacturers need the leasing formula to get sold a medium petrol sedan. That is not normal and highly indicative of lack of cash. Government isn't supporting in any way electric vehicles for the general public in my country. The charging stations are all set by Tesla. Automotive press in my country highlights on a daily basis negative features of Tesla. or BMW I. Today they showed a broken Tesla on Nurburgring. In the aftermath of the dieselgate I feel VW concentrates on the North American market rather than on European market. Here they do offer the ED at 30.000 euros but it is modestly welcomed. I don't see the use of very small electric vehicles like a VW Up because there is little utility in such a small car. Americans tried to trigger interest for electric transport devices but due to huge mismanagement by the users they decided to withdraw from our market. We have electric bikes riding but also there we show many restrictions in taste,and in purchasing price . It just won't drip to the bottom, that is what I'm saying. So only segments of the market can be attained and are fast eaten up. At this stage me myself would rather buy a complicated hybrid car instead of an ev. The only determinating factor in this is the purchasing price. In fact I dont want an electric car at all but moral constraint would make me choose for a hybrid, to do something you know. Another thing is the pro Asian stand of the European leaders. We can say anti Americanism is widespread in Europe and it does not help me nor the American car makers. I also remember Bill Gates coming to Belgium in the 80ies and getting a tart as a welcome....So it sits deep since long. Anyways thank you for saving our asses in 1945. Good job.

    • Hello, understand your concerns and cost parity is coming. I hope it comes faster however that is the situation we have at this time, so all we can do is promote the EVs that are available now and coming short term. Prices will fall and we will see a levelling equal or better than ICEV at some point, mid next decade.

  • Thanks for the Sono Sion update. I live in Phoenix Arizona and have reservation number 4,234 and can't wait to start charging for free in the Arizona sun.

    • Hi Roger, your quite welcome and thanks for watching! Great to see you've got a reservation in for it. Let me know when you get more firm ETAs from Sono. Great for the sunny area you live and will add some miles per day in the sun. Not enough to fully charge the car, but maybe enough for your daily commute.

  • did you get 270 km in the Leaf 60 or 40? i barely get 200 km in my Leaf 40 then i need to find a charger asap... :/

    • EV Revolution since i drive 99% of my time on 90-100 km/h roads i never use the B mode. i just need a bigger battery or another car 🤷‍♂️

    • In my 40kW, in summer I can get over 200km no problem with city and a bit of highway driving. I run in ECO mode all the time and drive normal speeds. Use B mode for more regen.

  • Is anybody in Canada getting into the battery game or are we getting left behind?

    • Hi thanks for watching. I’m not aware of any CDN cell manufacturers, however R&D is being done here.

  • Hi Ken. I see that you will be testing the Kona E in the near future. In the process of your investigations it would be of interest to me if you could investigate the towing capabilities of the vehicle. I've been told many different points of view from many " knowledgable experts " why you can or can't tow even a light weight and lightly loaded trailer. Many thanks V.

    • EV Revolution . Wow, thank you Ken for a comprehensive answer, I feel the Australian article says it all. Just like any company selling products Hyundai have to protect themselves from customers with little common sense, and especially those who don’t take responsibility for their own actions.

    • However, here is a link to an article which poses your question: thedriven.io/2019/06/10/towing-a-caravan-with-an-electric-car-can-it-be-done/ You can form your own opinion.

    • Further to my last @Victor, I found the owners manual and trailer towing is not recommended period. I would say at best a bike rack with up to 4 bikes would be ok. I've got a 2-inch hitch on my Leaf and have a 4 bike rack, which works fine. Tongue weight is well under 200lbs, so that would be my concern for a bike rack. Since the owners manual recommends no towing at all, I would say don't get a Kona EV if you want to tow something. You will probably void the warranty if you do.

    • Hi Victor, yes I'll be getting the Kona this week for testing. Not sure what I will be able to confirm ref: towing. I would look up a copy of the owners manual to be sure. Generally, these smaller SUVs are not rated for much. A good bike rack and maybe a small utility trailer up to 1000 lbs. That is a guess.

  • "... EU or the European countries..." Thank you for knowing the difference 🙂

    • Hi Aske, thanks for watching and yes I am aware of the difference. Thanks for noticing! :)

  • Let's hope those Tritium chargers are more reliable than the former models been used in Germany. Tritium was here meant to be a risk as often not working or not being able to get running with several cards or stopping charging sessions after some time without reason. How fast can they charge? Ionity 350 kW chargers can output up to 499 A resulting in up to 192 kW CCS charging a model 3 which is more than the 175 kW that a 400 V module should be able to do. That is close behind the Tesla V3 supercharger.

    • Thanks Mirko for watching and for the info on Tritium. Yes I hope then they are better then what you have stated.

  • Another Great Show Ken, Thank you. You never disappoint on the content, KUDOS to your VERY impressive production quality.

    • Thanks Jack, appreciate you watching and for the feedback.

  • An extremely professional video Ken, I hope you get more subscribers. The scion looks fantastic. I have an Ioniq Ev.

    • Thanks Mark for the feedback. I almost got the Ioniq too, but needed a bit more trunk/hatch space which the Leaf offers as well as a bit more range. Great car the Ioniq is and one of the most efficient. Glad to see Hyundai is upgrading it for 2020.

  • Great Show as Always. I wish North America would be leading more be example. It feels like with governments everything is in slow motion. Luckily my EV is fast

    • Thanks for watching and the feedback. Glad you have an EV! Yes but slowly NA is catching on. Just need the right government folks making the decisions.

  • Enjoy and learn all things Electric and More at your Fully Charged Show

    • Thanks Melvin, I wish I could take credit for FCL but that is not my show. Robert and the Team do amazing things on that show and I am honoured to be part of the FCL Live offerings.

  • Thanks for another great show Ken. It’s great to see the Worldwide move to EVs picking up real pace. I’m in France at the moment, and lots of rural villages here are proudly installing public chargers. It’s going to take time, but the change is definitely accelerating now. Keep up good work sir.

    • Appreciate the feedback and thanks for watching! That is great to hear about rural areas starting to provision for more EV adoption! You are correct, will take time but the movement is already happening!

  • So, the center of gravity is shifting from oil producing nations to battery-manufacturing countries. Be ready for the next set of world wars folks.

    • The oil is likely to stay, regardless of what energies we switch to. For example, oil is needed to produce most plastics - we are not giving up plastics just yet, are we? However, IF humanity en masse does switch to electricity, some nations are likely to cede their importance to the others - but not before they exchange a series of mighty kicks in the nuts. That's how we humans find out who's the king now - by kicking each other in the nuts. So, I wouldn't be too relaxed about the future.

    • Hi Jon, thanks for watching. Appreciate your comments and yes the switch to renewable and more clean energies is happening, however big oil ain't going anywhere just yet.

  • In one of you previous Episodes you mentioned there was an EV that is only going to be sold in Texas USA. What company was that?

    • Hi Silver, thanks for watching. Can't remember stating that so you will have to google it. Sorry.

  • Another great show Ken, thanks for making time during the holidays for your IT-tvs "family" also. The Sion has some great features that may inspire other brands. It would also be a great Zombie Apocalypse or grid down vehicle, self charging will be key when fossil fuels run out! Best of luck in reaching that 10k subscriber goal this year, there are lots of exciting developments in 2019 and you're well on your way.

    • Thanks James, lol the Zombie Apocalypse car, love it yes for sure it would be good.

  • So glad to hear news about Sono motors. They are the little start up that I hope will be a big player in years to come. Great show Ken.

    • Thanks all!

    • Agreed D R-K, they're like the little electric engine that could make it up that hill.

  • The Scion is gonna be awesome man. News comes out slow with them, but I hope it goes well for them

    • Yes @Mirko, solar assistance for power would be a beneficial thing to have!

    • Sion has no "c" in it. I think it is the mix of the 2 technologies "Solar" and "Ion" from Lithium-Ion. Takes very long to come out. In future every car needs additional solar components.

    • Thanks for watching, yes they seem to be doing ok!

  • Great show Ken, good update on Sion , I love the concept of solar panels on EV's.

  • Great show as always Ken. Really interesting to see coverage of what’s happening across the world. It definitely feels like the revolution is picking up pace.

  • Thank you for the good overviEw! 👍

    • Thanks for watching and appreciate the feedback!

  • Love this show. Seeing what other places are doing with batteries, that’s very interesting. I wonder if an independent battery industry will develop in other countries besides Asian countries. The rule right now. Industry jargon: It is so groovy, dude, we get to know the ‘price points’, speak ‘design languages’ -and I’d like to drink an ice bev ha ha, I’m hep to that. We might reduce pollution yet. Especially if we can reduce population growth, hopefully reverse it, By educating the faith-full superstitious masses and helping them understand science, data, the limits to our planet and resources. (We really are blessed-Our superreality alien overwatchers have really helped us out a lot with those electric designs and factories..? Puny humans obviously couldn’t have done it. ?) Science out

    • Thanks for watching Walt, more battery companies seem to be springing up too.

  • The story about CATL just illustrates how much the USA is falling behind in the growth of the EV and battery industry. They had the chance to take a big chunk of the market but, thanks to an economy and political system addicted to oil, they are barely in the game compared to China and Korea.

    • Same to Germany. Stupid oil companies will cost countless jobs at the end.

    • Thanks @Michael and @Jean-Pierre for your comments. So true, hope the USA can shift even more to green and renewable energy technologies. Certainly have the manufacturing and smarts to do it, but just got to have a change in the White House to the right person to push it.

    • Your analysis is accurate. Chance of a lifetime is slipping through our fingers. When the reality sets in regarding EV's it will be too late.