Epic Whiteboard Art - WHY is this SO HARD!??

Pubblicato il 31 lug 2019
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  • 2:33 thoe

  • No one pointed out he looks like the Shazam guy with a headset on and it disappoints me

  • Me when the teacher says we are taking notes on whiteboards

  • He said, paint with all the colours of the wind and I immediately started singing.

  • Just call it the Jazzatar!!!!

  • U should draw on a black board

  • Lol I wish I had half the art skill you have😂😂

  • *we've just been flexed on*

  • He is arting people doing art

  • In high school we used to draw all sorts of things on the white boards and the custodians would wipe them away it was awful. But still fun because then we could start something new

  • did anyone else realize that overtime his shirt started colour changing and fading from blue, to purple, to pink?

  • How? Just how?

  • Am I the only one who loves seeing him make the avatar using every medium possible out there?

  • Hey I have that shirt

  • I LOVE the dragons all the time. They're always different and amazing when you make it. If you want to make a dragon that day, you make a dragon on that day Jazza. I love your videos and I love you and dragons- one request though... Make a jazza dragon?

  • Yo, Where's jazzas draw my life then 😂

  • Do an art challenge which a/some giant colour changing squishy/squishies so you use the colour changing aspect to make the art

  • This reminds me of the old painting he had on his wall

  • And now that's how u cope with Artblock!

  • Awesome!

  • As a dragon, you can draw as many of us are you wish. We love the adoration

  • Y do people dislike smh

  • jazzas a big mood

  • Have a good one

  • Damn I wish you would have been my at teacher in elementary and high school... I might have actually wanted to learn drawing back then...

  • 9:45 His laugh😂

  • I got an ad about white board anamatoin an thought it was part of the video

  • Where's Mullet Joe?

  • Jazza After The Vid: ... I Don't Wanna Rub This Out..

  • If you started your own comic book line I'd 100% buy and read all of them.

  • Hey woah he ha hahaha goddamnit ha

  • Well, sometimes you need to start with what you know/love and work out from there.

  • 4:57 *Surprised, Confused, and Very Scared Screaming*

  • Didn't you do this before in an office

  • So happy you changed his frown to a smile :)

  • Jazza you should just color a whiteboard with 1 color and just draw on it with something maybe a pencil or the bottom of a paint brush

  • Honey.com =Mrbeast commercial Gawx, Vexx and ZHC is way better

  • Jazza stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back.


  • Epic art? Mmhmm yea Epic edit? HELL YEAH

  • Clicks on video about whiteboard art. Sees add about whiteboard animation.

  • Love u. But your Avatar... hate it.

  • damn i miss read the title and i read whiteboard as whitebeard......lol one piece

  • 2:22 nice

  • When he said he was falling back on what's easy and what he enjoys I immediately went ok well its either jazza avatar or a dragon. You dont didsapoint

  • Looks like a game poster for a video game starring all the characters from one company. "Jazza All-Stars Rumble" or sumthin...

  • Knew it

  • I really like that you showed your vulnerabilities

  • Should have made mullet joe

  • You look and sound like Gordon Ramsey

  • Why does he look like the sham wow guy though

  • Did you actually change your shirt?

  • 2:34 you did not

  • the single best out of context things ever: 2:25 2:30 2:50

  • Thank goodness he didn’t just turn around and erase the whole thing at the end!

  • Lesson learned here is don’t do stuff to please other people do it to please yourself

  • When Jazza said why is this so hard in the title I was just really curious

  • Do you jazz 😁 looks amazing and you’re the person that got me interested in art love you so much, thank you!

  • 2:25 editor you brightened my day

  • Beyond insperational. And honestly in presentation mode this man could sell me anything. Dragon's? I'm loving it. Honey? I'm downloading it. Fax machine? I'm buying it. Hotel? Trivago.