Epic Police Chase 2019. Aggressive Pit Maneuvers

Pubblicato il 4 apr 2019
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  • 4:10 ... in the middle of nowhere. Did he have hostage there or what? Or is it better to let him go back to built-up area and risk lives of all others than to shoot one idiot?

  • This bitch is running from the cops with one leg 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Probably works at IHOP

  • That second chase could have easily been stopped long ago with a pit; don't know why they waited so long.

  • Anyone else think that car chases go on longer then there really need to be yes I’m no police officer or ever worked in an environment but don’t y’all think the faster you stop someone doing this the safer people will be ?

  • If you have one leg and are pulling a trailer, you should proooobably stop for the police.

  • 0:30 Kick that nub

  • when you see FUK wit cops at high speed dangerously putting the public at risk, step in & smash into the very end corner of their cruiser & roll the FUKRS- make the streets a safer place!

  • I noticed that when the perp fires a shot... the police radio lights up...when the cops initiate the shooting ... crickets

  • 7:35 if you cause a wreck like this, you should be required to pull your paralyzed self out of the car. "No, you just killed 4 people, were not bringing the Jaws of life for someone who destroys them... (at gunpoint) now climb your ass out..."

  • 1:05 $200 pavement job just turned into $1000 suspension job + pavement job....taxes....

  • Crown Vics.. getting the job done

  • "We're in the golf course now" Well that's going to be one well pleased set of people.

  • Talk about driving legless.

  • That chase through the field was really inept driving by the police.

  • You know that your stop-sticks are effective when the driver comes out of the car missing a leg.!

  • 4:00 what a dumbass cop...don't try to block him. Just follow him as he drives 15mph lol...great plan

  • Lady with the truck and trailer I was Like damn

  • Почему злоумышленники никогда не кидают колючки, чтобы проколоть шины автомобилей полиции?

  • he embarrassed that police department

  • Anybody who runs from the cops should have their right foot amputated. If they hurt someone, castrated.

  • The girl was handicapped but so was her trailer. Aww 🥳

  • Hahahahahaaaa... One legged bitch runnin' from the cops....LOL

  • Of course the third one was in downtown Cleveland

  • so like i live 30 mins outside of miami oklahoma and we get to this video 0:40 and im like wait a minute t-thats miami xD

  • They had the guy in the field and let him get away ???

  • Imagine if hell played police sirens 24/7.

  • One like equals one prayer for dodge challenger and btw why run anyway what is the point

  • 3:50 Я в шоке ! Вы это называете профессиональные действия полиции ???? Заяц в чистом поле уходит от стаи волков . Ржу немагуууууу . Жаль что не я служу в полиции , от меня он бы не убежал .

  • 0:30 literally on her last leg. No car, facing prison time, and permanently a felon.

  • policajti cisty magori

  • Damn I might have to buy a Corolla. That little thing was taking a beating.

  • These are the worst of all police chase vidoes. How can you upload a 10 min video with no ending. You cut out the best part, the crash. These videos suck.

  • They should give jail time according to the mileage of the chance

  • Let's not worry about the car that just got t-boned let's all drive around them so we can look cool on the arrest video

  • Why do they have these intersections in the states where if you speed through it you basically become airborne or you just shit your self who fucken makes these roads

  • She couldn't stop cause her prosthetic leg was stuck between the seat and the gas pedal 😂 good defense hey

  • When your pursuit is that heavy, you loose a leg and keep going! 💪🏻

  • FTP!!!

  • Such a shame to see an English BMW cop car not been used to its full potential cause we're afraid to get them damaged cause it costs to much I have a solution they have cars that are impounded all the time use them as cop cars not high end vicheles like bmws or jags or something like that

  • Her trailer was in the same position she was in

  • The one legged bandit, should get her other leg cut off 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Damn corollas really be lasting forever

  • They had that car in the field and you let him get away! He was practically bogged down!!!😂

  • Run Nancy run!

  • At abiut 5:12 I realized on that gold car... Holy shit can take a whoopin. I need one for these horrid mi roads 🤣

  • Those Yanks couldn't catch a fucking cold if you gave it to them .

  • I'd call her a slot machine but that would be a "one armed bandit".

  • boooring

  • I just came to the comments to laugh at all the whiney, entitled crybabies who would've done SOO much better at chasing the criminals bahaha. Sit your pussy asses down and shut the fuck up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stop him for high speed by office police

  • Officer: know why I pulled you over? Man: no. Officer: you were speeding gimme ID. Man: feels from cop Officer: ah shit we go again. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • That is the most sad thing I have ever seen. Those cops had him in the mud and pissed away several chances to stop him. Sad, police department.

  • Please explain to me why the cop in the truck or suv couldn’t cut him off in the field and block him in?? Are they slow? Na more fun to have a high speed chase through traffic...exactly why people think cops are idiots

  • Что!? Бабе ногу при задержании оторвали!? Ужас!

  • A one legged chick WTF

  • These cops should be working in a fish 🐠 plant.

  • How the fuck can you not catch up to a corolla? Youve got twice as much motor. Twice. As. Much.

  • "I'm gonna be out of it, I'm stuck in the field"

  • Those cops in the second clip are idiots they let a car going 5 mp/h in a field go back on to the main roads what whey going to do next stop at McDonald’s