EPIC Giant 3v3 Basketball CONNECT 4 Game!

Pubblicato il 8 lug 2019
Thank you DiGiorno for partnering with me on this video!
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  • Everyone just forgot about grabbing there own rebounds

  • Y'all building a house? Whats will all these bricks, daaaamn.

  • 12:46 james should have set jesse up

  • Yo Kris and jesser cheated

  • Unfair teams

  • Wassup

  • Kris was carrying lol

  • tbh whatever team mopi is on im rooting for them |Boy need some help|

  • I have a question why do they use the courts at the park when they have a brand new court at home?

  • ITS unfair because Jesser at the ending he didn’t give the Ball to the other player

  • Mitchell was on fire 2nd game but lowkey teams were unfair

  • Why were all the good shooter on one team and okay shooter on the other

  • kris how you fuck up that 3rd round

  • Tall guy is a cheater

  • Jessie cheated he had to pass the ball

  • Such unfair times and still had to cheat to win 😩😩

  • Kris is dumb

  • should've been digiorno: lsk, mopi, james delivery: jesse, cash, mitchell

  • last point don’t count he didn’t pass the ball before putting the chip in😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • What is the soundtrack called in the beginning

  • The Delivery boys Won...

  • Kris always wants to have the best team he always want to win and I know u want to have that to but make it fair for once

  • It was mopi 2 hype debut and cashes

  • 7:54 they would of won it was going diagonal he put it in the wrong place

  • Jesse has no quick draw

  • @7:56 Kris could’ve won 😂

  • 7:17 delivery team cheated! Mopi passed the ball but didnt reach to cash and Mitchell passed the ball

  • It was mopi turn to put the piece 🙄🙄

  • I have a dragon giorno giovanna

  • I am Italian, near my home, there is a place, where the pizza is real wonderful. What's your favorite pizza?

  • Fu**k jesser

  • Tt

  • Kristopher crac

  • Kris missed the connect 4 four the 3 game and gave blue team the lead

  • What's that song called 8:35

  • Now this is the content i subbed for!

  • you cant have jesser and giraffe on the same team

  • hol up can we talk aboutt that pass from james at 2:42

  • That team delivery introduction got me dead

  • Kids carried them hard