EPIC Giant 3v3 Basketball CONNECT 4 Game!

Pubblicato il 8 lug 2019
Thank you DiGiorno for partnering with me on this video!
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  • Now this is the content i subbed for!

  • you cant have jesser and giraffe on the same team

  • hol up can we talk aboutt that pass from james at 2:42

  • That team delivery introduction got me dead

  • Kids carried them hard

  • James is a brick this vid 😂😂

  • And his horrible jump shot

  • Omg. On the 3rd game team red could have won. Instead of putting the last one where they put it they should have gone 1 over and won

  • mopi is such a try hard

  • Kris could’ve put it in their row in game three and they would of won that game

  • 7:55 wtfff

  • 7:10 wtfff cash

  • 13:13 Jesser didn’t pass it back to his team mate. Cheater!

  • 10:38 Jesser cheated. It was Mopi’s turn.

  • Kris could’ve easily won smh😭

  • Rigged

  • Y’all niggas cheated

  • 7:55 why did Kris mess that up

  • Anyone else get really triggered when kris put the red chip in the wrong spot then they lost ughhhh 😤😤😤😤 7:55

  • Mopi has no dominant hand

  • When Jesse kris and James have to cheat to win🤦‍♂️😂

  • Kris stacked teams

  • jesser cheated because the last shot he did not pass the ball to the next teammate

  • Made one shot all james did

  • Kris choked

  • Wheres zack?

  • Kris be cheating he said he took to long smh

  • 7:10 cash should have put it in the stack with 2 cause mitchell made it and they woulda won

  • Jesser you are a cheater

  • Y’all cheated

  • People Legit Mad That DiGiorno Won When They Were Sponsoring 😂😂😂

  • Cash and Flight Still The Worst Shooters On YT 😂😂😂

  • When I saw the thumbnail I knew it was a challenge just by the teams😂😭

  • 8:04 Red could have won in the same spot

  • I think James only made three shots the entire time

  • Blue team not in the right spot the whole time cheating

  • 3:45 isn’t kris a stretch 4???

  • 5:23 he tryed fist bumping him and it didn't work. 🤦‍♂️😂


  • good to see christopher new york having a great day

  • You remind me of blueface

  • I swear Christopher is Bluefaces twin

  • 5:23 Awkward 😂

  • 7:53 did anyone else notice that Kris could have put the last red dot to make four in a row but then placed it in a different spot and then Cash's team won??? smh

  • Teams were unfair and kris cheated by pushing mopi and almost lost to the bad shooters of 2kype lol

  • Kris put it in the wrong spot he should’ve put in the spot Mopi did when they won the second time

  • First time I ever disliked one of your vids

  • Tyreke Evens mixed Larry Bird, that is Jidels Jump shot

  • Kris really purposely blew the 3rd game he could’ve won easy. He put it in the wrong spot

  • Wassup blueface

  • fuck u jesser

  • Jiedel a bi***

  • Some of these dudes need to work on the form bruh haha

  • James did not make a shot the whole vid😂😂

  • U make me hungry ): but I always make me happy but ):

  • cash takes all the time in the world and still airballs it lol

  • if zack was on team blue

  • mitchell 100 percent carried them

  • u almost lost with the best team

  • 5:25 left hanging

  • Not gonna lie when cash was putting one in he put it in the dumbest places

  • Red team cheated Jesser didn't pass before putting the red chip in to win the pizza

  • Kris coulda won it smh🤦‍♀️ 7:48

  • 1000 comment baby!

  • i never order delivery after tasting DiGorno

  • You could’ve won on the second round

  • Kris could have won that round if he put it where mopi did 7:52

  • straight up unfair!! Cash and mopi have 99 3pt

  • Why does jidel have large calf muscles 😂

  • blue team could have won 7:35

  • Dude Kris sold putting it in the wrong spot 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mopi made it first😴👎

  • Team delivery won cause mopi made the shot before jesser but jesser put the piece in before mopi

  • 7:56 omfg Kris you could win

  • 7:55 Wyd Kris 😂😂 Why didn't you connect four diagonally?

  • Why isn’t Mitchell in 2hype???

  • You guys should do a 2hype escape room

  • Kris ur Trending!!!

  • New Subscriber 🙌 my favorite from 2Hype

  • 7:56 kris why didn’t you put your piece in the on to the right of you