Pubblicato il 12 lug 2018
This week Chef Atari attempts to finish the entire Mcdonald's menu (1-9)
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  • how much did it cost to get it all?

  • Now do the bathroom video. How many hours did you spend on the shitter? I just ate a quarter pounder and already feel like I'm going to shit my pants

  • This would be great without pale boy trying to narrate

  • That beat during the filet of fish scene was Epic

  • Fuck the chicken wrap that shits gay

  • The chicken wrap is the best tf

  • I can only imagine how he felt after this.

  • I could do this

  • Join Keith Habersberger in the EatTheMenu challenges

  • Rad

  • Salads? Ice cream and I think you missed a few more

  • after eating mcdeaths comes the mcshits🍻

  • You owe him 20😂😂💀

  • Can I take this challenge please?

  • Mcsickening lol

  • How is this the entire menu? I agree this was impressive.

  • You didn't have any Jack Daniel's with it, I know it's the equivalent of doping on the tour de France, but it works

  • where the ice cream thats on the menu

  • They still have the mcwrap!😍❤

  • I love Epic Meal Time😍😍❤️

  • i want to see matt stonie do this

  • the guy on the right is a fucking doouche

  • The music has me dying @ 6:52

  • Was that a sneaky product placement with the random holding of the dish liquid toward the camera? Suspicious.

  • Cheeseburger???????

  • I could crush that, ngl.

  • Lame... Going back to Matt Stonie...

  • There‘s a bigger selection in germany!

  • Respect amir

  • McDonald's is the best fast food.

  • McSquirts

  • You're no Matt Stonie

  • so fucking baked just munched tf out of everything

  • This new hype guy sucks

  • 28 minutes eating McDonald’s food 30 days on the toilet trying to get rid of it

  • clearly your ass will be blown out on that toilet

  • Diggin the Atari tattoo! lol

  • that's not the entire menu r yu fuking crazy

  • What about the quarter pounder BLT

  • I got diabetes just from watching this😂

  • Sos un hijo de puta!!

  • Forgot the MC double... Not a full menu

  • I wish the McDonald’s I worked at still had premium wraps :(

  • Matt Stonie would of crushed this

  • Wow real let give it a try let get it

  • He's gonna be killing a toilet later...


  • What? no szechuan sauce in Canada?

  • Where’s the chicken strips?

  • The heck? The wrap's one of the best things in McDonalds!

  • I wanna get baked with thw whole EMT team... one day... one day

  • You forgot the salad And mcflurry. You missin out boi

  • i had to watch 1:44 like 10 times to find out what happened with tht box

  • Quarter pounder no pickles add mac sauce dank as shit

  • Try Filipino mcdonalds menu tho 😂 with Rice

  • 👍😂😳👍

  • Someone else already did this.....

  • Only 9 ? Jesse Pynnönen from Finland ate the whole finnish MCD menu and that was about 15 burgers.

  • Why tf this dude got a hype man for eating mcdons

  • I could do taco bell 100000%