Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
Big thanks to Oculus for sponsoring this video and letting me try out their new headset! Check it out here:
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  • Big thanks to Oculus for sending me an Oculus Quest to try out and review. The video was a lot of fun to make, and I was pretty excited to try out something different for this VR video. I hope you guys thought the greenscreen and gameplay together was a refreshing change of format :) Make sure to check out Oculus Quest here: ocul.us/2FM2bTH

    • SwaggerSouls can we talk

    • SwaggerSouls I fucking love your videos to death, fuck spiders their wives eat them, have a good day you fucking failed abortion

    • SwaggerSouls yeet

    • I want that misfitz hoodie so bad send it to meeeeee plzzzzzz

    • what a boomer

  • 1v1 me in beatsaber m8, and gET gRAPED

  • Need you to do more horror vr games 😂😂

  • I bought one and it's fucking incredible

  • What’s with the whole GB thing, is that storage or does it have its own service provider or something?

  • I'm reading a story about edgar allen poe- and i did my hw rn while im watching this n realised it's 3 am-

  • How papasouls how are you scared of a spider and you live in Australia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Can we get more spooky vr shit? I want to see Swagger have the most primal fear because helmet boy sees scary creature, helmet boy does funny scream haha

  • Lmao I cried in the first bit about being amazing idk why I just thought “he’s right....”

  • Who else wants swagger to do a horror cam horror game now

  • Just show your face puss pusss

  • 2:36 is the hardest I've laughed at a IT-tvs video

  • It’s not actually him playing beat saber

  • This is the real sword art online

  • Notice how he doesn't even dub his lines during the voice over.

  • Enhance...Enhance...Enhance...

  • Scardy Swagger is best Swagger

  • 0:48 i think thats an accurate description of the opposite way my life is going right now

  • What is the last games name

  • 11:00 my first fight at school

  • what was that 3rd horror game?

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Is no one going to talk about how the beat saber footage isn’t swagger actually playing it’s clearly not him at 3:06 not a hater but just sayin

  • Loved it

  • He says Affordable and "for the average consumer."

  • 8:00 i got scared and im not even playing 😂

  • Does anyone have any idea what the horror game he played was called?

  • Swagger looks a little more OBESE than I thought he would

  • 2:36

  • When he is playing beat saber the hand actions aren’t in sink so he is acting on that part lol And his nails were black in the taking my helmet off video now there not

  • I own one because of this

  • Is it me or is swagger losing weight

  • 0:14 omg I have that poster (queues surprised pickachoo face)

  • swaggers a vsco girl now "oop dead and oop dead"

  • I jumped at the spiders too.... 😭😂

  • What song was he playing on beatsaber

  • Will this work for vr chat? Got a couple of friends who all have rifts

  • Can u get FNAF on the oculus quest


  • Who wants more csgo with Fitz?

  • Dude when he was playing the horror game, the actual scary stuff in the game didnt scare/suprise me it was swagger fucking screaming

  • 10:24 lmao “FUCK YOU!”

  • I love getting high and watching your videos.

  • Oculus quest sucks COCK

  • omg the horror part was so funny omg XD

  • *Swagger your the best.Better than fitz.😂*

  • Does any 1 know the name of the beat saber song at the beginning?

  • Please do a part 2 I’m fucking crying 🤣🤣

  • WTF do you mean easy to frickin afford this frick costs 500 bucks bruh!!!!!!!

  • bruh, the graphics were so bad why u screamin thats wiggidy wiggidy wack yo

  • you ,aaaa fuck you

  • 11:10 I was literally rolling on the floor at this point.

  • This guy has the best voice ive ever heard

  • Beat Saber is what I call masturbating

  • My oculus quest is arriving tomorrow

  • Swagger I have the same poster on my door as you do on your dooe

  • When you have the same poster as swagger souls

  • Whats the name of that horror game?

  • Hey an eye reveal

  • Damnnittt I just got a PS4 now I want this