[ENG] CAPELLI TEMPEST 50 WITH 4X YAMAHA V8 425 HP XTO - Inflatable Boat Review - The Boat Show

Pubblicato il 9 gen 2019
Full Review of the new Capelli 50 Tempest, a maxi rib from Capelli Boats. It mounts 4 Yamaha V8 425 XTO outerboard engines.
By Maurizio Bulleri
The Boat Show
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  • The aft cabin looks a bit weird, but will certainly be appreciated for weekends!

  • Perdonatemi,ma avete messo il traduttore in inglese perchè in Italia non se lo può permettere nessuno???

  • Sin traductor mejor

  • A beautiful toy for us... Overgrown children.

  • Can you review the HCB Estrella 65 pls?