EMZ 1v1 vs EVERY Brawler | Range is EVERYTHING | Triple your DPS!

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
Today we take the newest brawler in Brawl Stars EMZ into battle against every other brawler 1v1. How well will she do? Then I give you some general tips for playing her, listen to her voice lines, and then go over the balance changes.

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  • Lex:range is everything Piper:you don't say


  • 9:00 .... wtf SHES vsco

  • 4:58 did she just say "and i oop?"

  • 4:58 and I oop

  • 6:50 why is there two fourteens

  • Le monke is on her phone

  • how do u guys get that version of brawl stars

  • You should do power 9 brawlers vs sandy

  • Shes a visco girl

  • This is the first video I see from you

  • Lex: Emz is not gonna be OP brawler like Sandy,Rosa,Leon.. Me: Wait wait wait but Emz kill all of them

  • Plz plz plz

  • Can you do Darryl 1v1 every brawler?

  • 7:07 shelly? XD

  • 4:37 emz vsco girl

  • Petition to remove the following voice lines for EMZ: *”SKSKSSKKSKSSKKSKSKSKSKKS”* *”and I oop”*

  • They headed for the Bibi

  • 3:39 pro mortis gameplay Right there

  • So I mean the piper test really wasn’t accurate, I mean piper would be at a distance so it should’ve been more of an actual spar between them with EMZ needing to try and get closer after all a smart player wouldn’t let someone get close to them if they are playing piper.

  • I like lex

  • Now do mortis 1v1 every brawler

  • That and I oop- hurt

  • Она выйграет в упор

  • А Сэнди в упор небыло

  • mr boomer

  • Emz spray vs my spray

  • 2:48 to be concinued

  • Emz is mummy

  • :Me gets EMZ gets happy :EMZ IM HERE FOR THE CRUBS COME ON

  • Why Dong use there super

  • Je suis français moi

  • Ты СКАТИНА говорил по русскому ИДИОТ отписка

  • Spike's fertilize i think is better then curveball and i think that fertilize healing needs a buff 800 to 900

  • Я не один русский а

  • Ur voice changed r u ok?

  • I just got sandy🙁

  • Fourth attack of emz triples the damage but do it fast if think it's real then like

  • Me no emz no8000k ??

  • Bibi shouldn‘t get nervt again or i delete this game😡

  • and i oop 😐


  • Where did emz say sksk

  • Who is this ‘use code’?!?!?!? They have gold mecha crow and gold mecha bow!?!?!?!?

  • I gdy ona zabiła Carla ksksksks

  • WHAT EMZ A VSCO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emz is a vsco girl!

  • Balance change suggestion: instead of buffing all the bad star powers, slightly nerf the good ones and slightly buff the really bad ones because I'm seeing A LOT of big numbers and I think it's getting a little unfair for players without star powers.

  • -Shows Emz's voice lines to my vsco friend- oH My gOD!

  • Why is this blacked out for me?

  • Tht bot mortis! xDD .... im dead

  • pam vs emz in i up 🤣

  • I personally like Magic Puff a lot, if its going to heal more than 400 it will become Too good, and people will demand a Nerf on a StarPower that they hated. By the Way im still waiting for the "Curve Ball" star power to be Removed and/or completely Reworked, it doesn't make sense as it is now, the Problem is... what would you give to Spike? I cant come up with a Solid Second Star Power.

  • Mortis is a good counter

  • Emz is a VSCO girl which her name is actually KAREN

  • emz is vsco gerl

  • I am supporting lex

  • Emz: * exists* Rule 34: I’m bout to end this whole mans career

  • He can kill everybody on hi end range

  • I want that brawal so bad