Eminem Responds To Nick Cannon's Diss Track.. "I Never Had A Chauffeur" + New Eminem Track Coming

Pubblicato il 10 dic 2019
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  • Nick isnt worth the shit Slim takes.

  • EM just released a whole new album... 🤣 epic

  • Just listened to Godzilla. If anyone thinks nick is anywhere near em yall are fuckin idiots

  • I think Eminem jus waiting and then he gonna flame NICK

  • He ain't gonna respond, why would he respond to such a clown, someone like Eminem ain't ever "bored"

  • Another name on Ems list ngl 😂😩

  • Your videos are garbage

  • Jan 15 2020 and EM haven't yet lol

  • Nick gone release another diss .......ohhh myyyy fcking world... Is he(nick) seriously mentelly break down of what happen back in 2009 lmao😆😆

  • Nick's a bitch and Em won without even releasing a diss 🤣🤣

  • WhErE Is ThE FucKiNg DisS DudE

  • Marshall and Nick should just have sex and get it over with 😂🤣😉

  • Nick looks old at!He wishes he had the success that Em has had!

  • If I was Eminem i will not reapond

  • Eminem is too good an orginal to respond.. he got years on nick .. em is old school 👍✊..

  • If I was Eminem I would DEFINITELY NOT respond to Nick Cannon....... It would only give him a bit of light and also it would be funny leaving nick looking like a complete fool lol but that's just my opinion

  • Nick cannon isn’t worthy of a response track. Even with suge knight on the track it’s still trash😂

  • I will start paying attention when anyone realizes what rap music is.

  • I would drop Rap God levels of bars on Nick just for the lulz.

  • Even I know Eminem is not someone that you wanna play with. He is like a pit bull. He gets ahold of something....someone and he never lets go. Never forgets. And hes just so damn good at what he does. Good luck surviving this Nick.

  • Nick cannon racist and jealous

  • Em comes out wit diss track Nick gets a career


  • Who the fuck is Nick ?

  • Nick cannon is such garbage! Wild n out isn’t rap or freestyle or hip hop, it’s just crap. The fake diss track that is on IT-tvs is better than cannon. He’s grasping at straws because his career is over/ never started. If I was em I wouldn’t waste my time responding...

  • Seems like these guys are just trying to make some money to get dissed by M. I mean Nick is a game show host/ spokes person, not a rapper.

  • I wouldn't waste my time but hey when will it stop haha

  • Nick Cannons all got his cheers from his Nickelodeon 90's fan reunion 🤣 I heard his tune and it was retarded af. Eminem shouldn't even waste his time with that fatuous terd stain looking fool 😂

  • I really hope Eminem does release something just because I know it’ll be fire and hilarious. Nick’s three attempts at a diss track was straight up sad. I feel like 4 year olds could have come up with some real bars. Nick should just stick to hosting his shoes and having mini “rap battles” on his other show.

  • Imagine being nick cannon having like 0 clout and so thirsty you pick a fight with Eminem and act like you really think your better at rapping when your gay ass comedy show isn’t worth watching but yet it’s 10 times better then his music

  • Nick ure so wack💩💩💩🚽💯😂😂😂

  • Hey nick. Stick to producing.

  • This is sad. I feel so bad for nick cannon

  • em dnt do it, nick is a baby who want attention from the grand father

  • Eminem needs to respond to not worry about making them bigger because people are just gonna keep trying diss him he needs to murder them

  • Nick is a jocke

  • That ATL crowd shit was goofy af on Nickolas' part

  • Nick is a fake ass Snoop Dogg

    • BRETT ST CLAIR cmon don’t hate on snoop

  • If Nick wants to win a battle he should make another drumline movie. Otherwise just take that L without Em even having to reply.

  • Nick is garbage

  • Nick cannon sucks

  • Nick cannon is straight hates anyone white. Guy is more racist then I think anyone realizes.

  • if i was in Em's shoes and was positive i could body him in a diss then i would. if i wasn't then i wouldn't. and if i had noticed from the mgk beef that mgk got alot of clout from it. in that case i wouldn't respond eighter.

  • Na Nick Cannon went at Eminem first on that podcast with t i ...Nick Cannon the one that RI started this whole thing EM just voiced his opinion in the song a little while after

  • Nick looks older than Em and hes 10 years younger lol

  • Really nick!all this is bullshit em still the best even thou music has changed.everyone wants a piece of the best its a norm.em like Dre told you smash him & let him have!

  • Didnt eminem say he wasnt doing diss tracks again?

  • Fuck nick cannon, he about to lose whatever career he had left and end up like mgk to pills again , starring in a stupid movie like bird box, hating life cause no one likes him anymore 😂😂🤣🤣

  • If I ever dissed Eminem for some green I wouldn't need an army to take down the hulk you can't beat a rapper using his family cause he will always beat you by the book you gotta fuck all those punchlines till he feels every fuck that you send him you gotta end his life like the guy that shot PAC, ammunition is recommended every shit you fire had to make contact, it can't be a fucking, it must be direct every verse you spit has to be wrote by you or you commit your own barbecue I concentrate on each bar that I spew like I'm cooking up for hitler a bunch of Jews let loose these boots till I stomp out that crap and show you how to make a rap end this game like endgame, begone with a snap, I ain't shit but you ain't made crap I'm just kidding here's a good bar thou The reason Charlie is named Clips is because he Snipped off Nick's Balls now Nick can't play at night cause he's going down as he falls a crippled musical talent with no pen to recover from this draw I would fuck Mariah like a dog but I don't fuck sluts that crawl

  • Nick WHO?

  • Eminem hasn't replied to nick and nick is losing the battle

  • Mgk at least had something worth listening to and sparked interest and made people go 😳. Nick is just ermbaressing af holy shit

  • nick cannon has a rap career???

  • Career suicide... Who is Nick cannon?

  • Kinda mad em never made a diss track in reply himself I was waiting now I'm over it

  • This shit is like spud webb vs. Shaquille o'neal in a dunk contest lmao

  • Lol em didint type that shit lol. Wtf


  • He's stupid to diss Eminem.. no one can kick him

  • Yeah I’d slap ‘em up cuz I’m bored. Maybe even play him like he was winning but in the end it is revealed that I am so good that I really caught him slippin’