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Pubblicato il 20 ago 2019
Lies tie us together. Lies tear us apart. Elite returns September 6th, only on Netflix.
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Music: "Assassin" by Au/Ra


  • They should definitely continue with the Samual and Carla story

  • i came just to hear their real voices HOT soo much better LOL

  • This whole tralier hit differently now

  • Thanks to Netflix.. I’m learning Spanish 👍🏻

  • Am I the only one that thinks lu and omar are gonna be together?

  • I want guzman to be a muslim😂

  • Can somebody tell me which brand these glasses are 0:14! Thank you in advance!

  • *Que, a que jode leer subtitulos eh? Pues así estamos medio mundo* 🤣

  • Samu ❤️ Carla

  • The name of the song

  • Best season so far !!!!! Can't wait for next one

  • why the fuck don't you display the Muslim characters correctly. I believe that it offends their religion. I mean I think the show is amazing, and the character are amazing too, but just the religious display annoys me.

  • will it be dubbed to English?????


  • ok we need now season 3 real quick

  • I fucking loved this season and Im so glad how the show ended. Other shows dont have these type of sucker punch endings, you keep predicting the end but the story ends up halfway but not Elite ♥♥♥

  • I fucking love Rebeka!

  • Buenísima la segunda temporada. La primera fue buena y tuvimos que esperar un largo año pero valió la pena. Esperamos con ansias la 3ra temporada!

  • I watched this I thought everything end but no there is season 3 babyyyyy .aaahhwwwww...👿👿👿👿

  • three bros chilling in a bed no feet apart cause they are gay

  • I love how before it was Sam Lu and now everyone is For Sam Carla dam u elite messing with our feels 😂😂😭😂. And can we just take a moment to think about how Sam and Guzman r now like brothers man I freaking screamed FINALLY THE BROTHERS UNITE!!!

  • What the song ?

  • This was actually the best fucking show until the last 5 minutes. I don't wanna watch 3 seasons about the same fucking thing. I'm tired. Can't they just let something new happen? Might be another murder I don't care. Just not this whole polo thing, this guy is not a villan he's clearly sick, deeply depressed, extremely lost in the world. I'm not byuin that ending it was so pathetic. So why the fuck portrait him this way and then suddenly he and his lady crazy pants are eViL. What the fuck.

  • 13 reasons why: Hey can I copy your homework? Riverdale: ya but change it up a little Elite: hello friends :D..

  • We need more episode's not only 8 at least 15 episode's

  • Find it similar.with 13 reason why

  • Eu amo esse trailer

  • Damnn. FOR SURE IT TAKES A MONTHS OR YEAR BEFORE TO LAUNCH SEASON 3. Can't wait to watch this.

  • The best ship: Polo and prison😍

  • The worst part about watching a season in a day is that you gotta wait a million years for the new season. I need more Nuzman scenes so I just keep rewatching the seasons over and over again. 😔


  • the trailer itself deserves an Oscar

  • Is this better than lucifer?

  • Soy yo o las escenas de Nadia y Miguel se parecen a las de tres metros sobre el cielo, solo que yo prefiero las de Hache y Babi

  • Ok I’m ready for season 3

  • I want a season 3

  • this season was so good omg, I even had goosebumps on the last scene :D amazing

  • I started re-watching the season 1 yesterday evening; and I gotta say it was worth it totally and more. Today finished with the season 2. It was great. All the characters' fluctuating role brought over by the emotions; there was nothing bad, just raw humane emotions defining all the narratives. It's brilliant!!! Sumuel and Carla pair was bit of a shock, but there was real chemistry.

  • I am mad about this song! This trailer with this song perfect!

  • when is the third season

  • Ander is sucks! break up with him Omar

  • Just finished season 2! i want more!!

  • I must say, after watching season 2 and re-watching the trailer, who made this is GOOD. They didn't reveal ONE DAMN THING and still made it look complete and interesting. Chapeau to you trailer maker, chapeau indeed.

  • Can’t wait to season3 😭💔

  • I can’t believe they give us a butt load of 30 riverdale episodes with no actual plot but only 8 from elite😭 Guess that’s what makes it so good, getting to the point

  • My fav word I learnt "Porque"


  • Song Au/Ra Assasin

  • who's here after watching the season ?

  • After binging on season 2😍

  • My all time favourite 😍

  • Hate that new blonde barbie girl

  • Others:nadia/guzman Me:Carla/Samu

  • Give us season 3 ASAP!!!!

  • Netflix pls make Carmuel a thing in season 3 😭😭😭

  • Underrated show, just finished season 2 and i must say it was really good👌🏾💯

  • This show is done why are they dragging the storyline 13 reasons why season 3 all over again

  • Song ?

  • 0:31 the teaser baiting us that somehow Lu got involved with the Murder plot 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Here my collection soundtrack for Elite Season 2 @t