Elite Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pubblicato il 20 ago 2019
Lies tie us together. Lies tear us apart. Elite returns September 6th, only on Netflix.
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Music: "Assassin" by Au/Ra


  • can we talk about how short their uniform skirts were

  • Which language is it?!

  • Am I the only one who wants Polo to get away with it😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who’s here after S3 was announced?! 😜

  • Au/ra!!!!!

  • Can't wait for ander and omar

  • Am I the only one, who hates Guzman


  • Why is no one talking about Christian?

  • Whoever made this trailer is a genius. Every time I see this trailer I feel like binge watching the entire show all over again!! LOVE this show.

  • This is best show I have ever seen and my entire life .Season 3 please

  • One of the best trailer I have watched.

  • We need season 3

  • Plzz in English too....finally.. ❤❤❤❤

  • Carla and samuel are the best thing that happened in this season

    • Also lu and vale. Lu deserves better than stupid cheater guzman

  • Season 1 is for Nadia and Guzman Season 2 is for Carla and Samuel The ship we never thought we needed

  • Alguem me diga a musica do fim por favor

  • My favorite show hands down !

  • مسلسل فيه لقطات مسمومة

  • I'm here just for Nadia and Guzman

  • 0.17 ramiro soy luna fjhdhshfje

  • Can't stop watching

  • came for the song

  • Rebe and Samuel will have a kissing scene on the next season. I'm guessing the way things ended up with Samu and Carla's relationship broke his heart thus he starts dating Rebe. But he still can't run away from the love between him and Carla had and probably vice versa so they'll maybe find their way back to each other's arms again. So its either he cheats on Rebe's back (which I doubt because of what Marina and his brother did to him) or Rebe will gather up all her courage and break up with him even if it'll hurt her. But all that's just a speculation. The writers are too smart to have the same idea as mine

  • Jorge lopez için izlicem

  • Ive DEADASS watched this 3000 timez

  • what happend to nadıas hıjab

  • Eita porraaaaaa, isso que é trailer. Mds

  • song please?

  • This is the best tv show of Netflix and noone can change that.... i wish they had 18 episodes instead of 8 per season 🥺🙄

  • Everyone be talking bout Nadia and Guzman but deym the best couple we didn't know we had was Samu and Carla

  • Wth has happened to Nadia? She looks non-muslim here

  • Am I the only one who ships Rebecca and Samuel ?

  • Here for Au/Ra❤

  • Ok this should win a oscar thingy

  • Generally the first seasons are better than the following but for this show it was the opposite. S2 was epic af. 10x better than S1

  • Unpopular opinion: I can't stand Sammy, he's annoying.

  • Never thought that this series can be that good damn!! Hated Turkish TV series because of being overdramatic but the way Elite add its drama is amazing

  • Just finished watching and all i can say is i love all their soundtrack deeymmm

  • عن نفسي اقول ان المشاهد للعائلة الاسلامية هي توصف اغلب العائلات المسلمة ولكن مو كلها لان الابناء يعانون نفس المشكلة الي اهلهم ما يسمعون لهم ولا يهتمون لهم ويمنعوهم من كثير اشياء من دون ما يشرحولهوم مثلا انا ابسط مثال ابوي جبرني على الحجاب والصلاة وحتى ياخذ هاتفي لاغلب الوقت وما يعطيني المساحة لاعبر عن رأيي ولا حتى لاخوية مع الاسف الاهل الام والاب معتبرين اطفالهم ما يفكرون بالله ولا بالاسلام لا والله اصلا انا احب الله واعبده من قلبي ولكن بسبب الاهل ، ف طبيعي الشاب يصير قي والبنت تصير بوية والاهل هم يهدمون الاسلام والاحترام في بيتهم مع الاسف وايضا تنتشر السرقة والمخدرات والتدخين وحتى الانتحار ياريت الاهل يحسننون بالتربية

  • Omar and Ander😭😭

  • Even tho i started watching this show for omar/ander in s2 i wanted them to break up their relationship was so toxic this season ander was treating omar like shit i didint want omar to forgive ander ...

  • I came here for music and I am watching elite now thanks

  • Amo essa série! ❤

  • Is that Dana Paola? 💀Lol I need to start watching this show

  • Best Series On Netflix: Stranger Things 13 Reasons Why Elite The End Of The F***ing World Sex Education

  • One of best shit i ever watch great series.

  • I think the trailer is better then the whole season

  • I hated Lu so much in the first season that I was biting my fingernails whenever I saw her. Hopefully she's gonna change in this season


  • She's a bigger bitch than I thought. Cayetana is worse than Carla or Lu.

  • Nano : I need 40k Euros Professor : you're a fuckin millionaire mothafuqa!! 🤷‍♂️

  • 0:48 Lu ❤️

  • shipping Nadia and Guzman so much 😊

  • Anyone please tell me where i can watch this season 2 with engsub? *not netflix 😃

  • The show is good but it’s really shows Islam in a bad way I think it’s disrespectful to Muslim people like a lady through her hejab she becames pretty and strong Netflix should stop talking shit about religion they don’t know and they make it seem like the hejab is forced it not a lot of Muslims don’t wear hejab it’s okay I got really pissed watching the show

    • I don’t think that was their intention

  • Welcome Narco Barbie lol 😁 I love u Lu. 😘😁😂

  • The only LESS problematic character throughout this season 2 was Ander.

  • So no one is gonna talk about Ander and Omar? Oh girl, not spoiling but lemme tell y'all they hella cute

  • U watched one season in an one evening