Edoardo & Eleonora [SKAM Italia] | their story (part 1)

Pubblicato il 3 giu 2019
[SKAM ITALIA 1X06 - 3x03]
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I can't believe Eleonora's season is almost over... Ele and Edo will forever be my favourite Noorhelm... THEY ARE LITERAL SOUL MATES, so I thought I'd make a video of their story because it's honestly my favourite.
BUT their journey has been a long one. I really didn’t mean for it to be this long… but i got carried away and accidentally made a full length motion picture LOL so I've had to split them into parts... AND HERE IS PART 1. ENJOY!
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Fandom: Skam Italia ( TimVision )
Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
Close Your Eyes - Prod by Enemies
Blank Space/Style mashup - Louisa Wendorff feat. Devin Dawson
Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish
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  • If any of the parts are blocked you can find them here: drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1h4rwB-JUfQAaDCLMqes8CEi0GcuvKr8h?usp=drive_open ✨

  • senne and zoe have the best version 💜

  • One of the best remakes. I said what i said.

  • Mi dareste i titoli delle canzoni di sottofondo per favore?

  • Everybody is talking about Zoe and senne but the original one with Nora and William is still the one! 😻

  • This edit is great but i got tired of ed sheeran singing give me love on a continuous loop

  • I absolutely love these two !

  • eleonora looks exactly like my (ex crush oh my god .... just a little bit older

  • Where is part 2

  • This is really good but zoe and senne are still my favourite

  • The girl who plays Vilde is soooooo pretty ^3^

  • Ma hanno copiato le serie di Zoe and Senne?

  • Don't care it's Noora and Eleonora all the way!! Ft. Edoardo's mop of a hair and William's slow-mo!!!

  • where is the second part

  • everyone is crazy about zoe and senne but what i do appreciate about edo is that he does seem more respectful. like he still pulls the same shit at the start but he is more apologetic generally especially about what happens to ele with edo's brother

  • Zoe and Senne for life!

  • this is basically Zoë and Senne's story but with different people.

  • Why is part 2 not available?!

  • Peccato che nn è uscito i tv

  • I think Skam Italia is the best remake, but I love all them ahahahah

  • My top 4 Noora and William Zoe and senne Nora and Alejandro Eleonora and Edoardo

  • Mammai mammai che musica del cazzo


  • Even tough the fist version I saw was Noora and William, I really liked this version and Manon and Charles from the france version, Daniel and Grace from the USA too but mostly because is one I can understand😂

    • Astrid Peraza haha, I REALLY recommend the Belgian version wtFOCK!! their noorhelm remake is my FAVOURITE🥺😭😍


  • regret that i have seen Zoe and Senne first. and now i find other stories boring :((

  • She has a beautiful smile 😍

  • 4:12 fck that lipbite boy. Senne and Edoardo is melting mah heart

  • I don’t like this remake - mainly Ele 😕

  • Where do I watch it whole episode?

  • I'd still love Zoe and Senne♥️💕

  • This is my favourite along with Noora and Alejandro

  • Wtf every story is the same or? 😂

    • @Alice thank you darling♥️

    • It's cause there are a lot of skam versions, the original one is Norwegian, this is the Italian one, there is Spanish, Belgian, French and others too.

  • Recitano davvero bene!!!Soprattutto lui🤤Quando gli ha chiesto se voleva un passaggio a casa e poi gli ha sorriso mi sono sciolta...Sembrava che la amava veramente e non che recitava!!!Darei il mondo per avere un ragazzo così....Ho solo 11 anni,ma non vedo l'ora di avere un ragazzo che mi ami,e che tutte le volte in continuazione mi dica che mi ama....Fuori faccio sembrare che io sia una tipa tosta e dico di odiare i film romantici...Ma in Realtà sono tutto il contrario

  • 1:46.. giá è pazzo di lei..❤ 4:03 adoroh❤😍

  • So this is SKAM? But they're using different name in every version? If that so. I think Zoe and Senne is the best! 😍💕

  • It looks like a copy of Zoe and Senne ...😝

  • 5:00 episode and season ?? Pleasee

  • This version is my favourite 😍 I'm excited to watch noora and Alejandro's story too (Skam Spain)

    • @Neko I did

    • Try Zoe and Senne 😁

    • jkaedits.com/2019/08/10/norandropart1/ ❤️

  • ❤😍😍😍😍

  • 2019??

  • Noora e William rimangono comunque i migliori

  • Bro she is so pretty

  • Can u pls do noora and william

  • 1:12?? What's the name of the tune?

  • Bellissima storia d'amore, mi piace anche perché è molto realistica

  • Che bello essere italiana😍😂

    • @Raffaella Pascuzzi netflix

    • @la musica che parla e salva. Netflix

    • @la musica che parla e salva. Un po' su IT-tvs, un po' su daily motion

    • stexa cucinella no😕, anche io vorreii saperlo 😂😕

  • The best story was Zoe and senne

  • 2:00 me after my mum has had a good rant at me and my siblings

  • 4:10 so cute 💕

  • It’s the same as zoe and senne

    • Albana Bana it’s because they all are the remake of Skam Norway (the original one), and besides them there are other remakes like skam Spain, skam Germany etc...

  • Zoe and Senne is my favorite ❤️

  • Hhmm.I dont feel much chemistry here

  • They are really sweets

  • Haa I duno what I love more, if your edit or the musiiiics you use 😍😍😍😍😍I'm just soo in love

  • Bellissimi❤💕

  • I enjoyed it but it’ll never reach Zoe and Senne

  • Omdzzz his smile and the way he bites his lip when he looks at her and his eyes r killing me and the girl omg sooo pretty... and loool watched every version but this story never gets old and I love every version

  • Same same But still like it

  • Everything is the same...but this two are very great actors...thy bring out a couple alive....i choose them...rather than zoe n senne...or noora n william...there are really immature in acting 🤔