edoardo & eleonora | silhouette.

Pubblicato il 24 apr 2019
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These two.
Not only they broke up, but they are also a mess right now
and they are also on a freaking hiatus!!!.
I am not gonna start talking shit about Ele as most people.
It's true that she was harsh on Edo but she is just a girl that
has been through a lot and needs some time alone to think.
My brain right now just listens to a romantic song and wants
to vid only them!!!
And their break up scene? Even that was so well made and intense!
Everything they do is perfection!
dedicated to the most passionate and supportive Incantava fans that make my day with their beautiful comments and that love these two as much as I love them!!
colouring: mine
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  • I don't even have the words to describe this! It's beyond beautiful and perfect, it shows all the ups and downs of their relationship in such a delicate and beautiful way! AND (as I said already) THE DEDICATIONS. I'M CRYING. THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤ flawless as always!

  • Is there gonna be 10th episode??

  • *patiently waiting for a new video while everything is falling apart*

  • I'm crying!! 😭😭😭 This gave me goosebumps!! So fucking beautiful!! A truly masterpiece!! 😍😍😍😭😭👌👌❤💔

  • They are so convincing as a couple

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Had to subscribe to this channel. How did I just discover this masterpiece ? I'm in love with them, your edit and those parallels. Too much for my heart

  • You made a masterpiece. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  • This made me CRY duidfigd fuck. You stay making masterpieces on masterpieces, I love your creativity so much, ugh. This makes the break a bit more bearable.

  • WOW COULD YOU HAVE NOT. the last episode and the fact that there isn't a new one is just terrible, this video gave me the lyfe I'm missing right now

  • perfect as usual

  • perfecto

  • i want to SCREAM!!! THEY'RE KILLING ME!!! asdfghjkl; as if it wasn't enough that incantava and skamit were coming for all of us, YOU GOTTA DROP THIS VIDEO!!! "the devil's on your shoulder" and the scene with edo hitting the guy with a chair?? MASTERPIECE i just really loved all the parallels you showed between them and just I LOVE THIS VIDEO

  • I was already heartbroken and this video just brought all the pain back. Thanks. But truly, this is so pretty and well done.