Pubblicato il 10 giu 2018
COUPLE: Edoardo & Eleonora.
PROGRAM: Vegas Pro 13.
Me encanta esta pareja. ¿Les gustaría que subiera también la historia de William y Noora? Díganme en comentarios.
I love this couple. Would you like the story of William and Noora to go up as well? Tell me in comments.


  • ENGLISH SUB: sites.google.com/view/skamitaliaunofficial/home sites.google.com/view/skamsubita/skam-italia SPANISH SUB: sites.google.com/view/skam-series/skam-italia?authuser=0 Thanks for the almost 2M views❤

  • Ele in s1: he has really sh*tty hair Ele in s3: we have to be together😂❤ I love this❤

  • Cm si chiama il film?

  • Aaaaa la parte centrale la mamma non ti diceva mai ti voglio bene o era papà che non veniva alle tue partite di calcio o pure ti chiameró faccia da cavolo aaaaaaa a io morta

  • Ma che figo è Edoardo?


  • Aprecio bastante que también tenga subtítulos en español 👌🏼❤️

  • oddio ma quanto posso essere belli insiemeee😍😍

  • Come si chiama questo film

  • Ma come si chiama?


  • Adoro troppo

  • Noora e William>>>>💘

  • Alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción que suena al final?

  • Muoio non vedo l'ora di guardare la quarta🔥😍

  • These guys are cute and all but zoe and senne are always the best skam couple

  • This reminds me of Senne and Zoe from wtfock

  • Same story as Zoe and senne or??

  • boh raga CIAONE

  • Loved senne and zoe

  • Her reaction when he says "Fuck, you're besutiful"

  • Soy el comentario en español que estas buscando ahre WN NO ME PUEDO ENAMORAR DE UNA PAREJA TAN RÁPIDO 😂❣

  • ellas son preciosas omg

  • Is it just me or the skam is almost the same as for Germany😂😅

  • you have a link for all seasons from skam italy? if so,can you gave me pleasee?

  • What's the name of the first song?

  • That moment he bit his lip

  • Im loving italian version! 💕

  • A Roma "paccare" vuol dire "baciarsi"? Wow, non si finisce mai di imparare.

  • 2:45

  • 💕🥰😘

  • 12:49 happened Me:RIP

  • waiting for s4 woooo

  • This version is the best ❤️🙌

  • Eleonora is so beautiful

  • 1:20 song?

  • From where do I get to watch this show?

  • Sarà, ma io sono italiana e non ci ho trovato nulla di che. Fa strano guardare una serie tv italiana lol

  • where can I find this show in English ❗️

    • tyi rachelle still need it?

  • Skam norway Skam italia Skam germany Skam france Norways is best But i looove italia😍

  • 12:49 MORTA.

  • Hello, please explain to me why is tis the same as William and nora story. The same script too

    • Because is a remake from ITALY! There are also from Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austin

  • Can someone pleas tell me everything i don't understand anything

    • Princess Dijah ohhh okayyyy! Thankss😆

    • Simply Rita no. Its a remake in different countries from the Original Skam which takes place in Norway but the original ended a while ago.

    • Princess Dijah thank you! ❣️ but i don't understand what this is about? Cause we have skam dutch, skam french, skam italia, skam espana.. is this about 4-5 girls?

    • Theres a website “skamsubita” that has all episodes from all 3 seasons with subtitles just google it, its free also

  • 1:33 song?

  • Still think that noora and william

  • 5:35 *this woman is a goddes*

  • Now that I'm watching season 3 this whole video is a tragic irony. 😂❤️

  • The only one Noora who hasn’t blonde hair. Anyway her hair is so gorgeous m. Thick but smooth

  • When they upload the newest ep?every week or every 10 days?

    • Meritxell thank you so much 💕

    • Every Friday!

  • TODAY WE ARE GOING TO SEE THEIR FIRST KISSSS ne abbiamo fatta di strada

  • buongiorno eh

  • Fuck, I'm not even Eleonora yet my heart is fucking beating because of what edoardo said in 12:50

  • Okay but that smile he gave after he said she's beautiful. Omg I melt😭❤

  • What song is playing when he says “fuck your beautiful” at 12:40

  • 12:50 tho damnnnnn belisimo

  • Why is this simmilar to Alejendrao and noora story

    • Because both are remakes of SKAM Norway (The original)

  • 8:50 He fell in love. 12:46 Again. 12:51 She fell in love.

  • Sorry to say this but this remake actings outsold the others.

  • When is s2??? And when you will post the next full story?

    • Second part (season 2) its here it-tvs.com/tv/video-qlT5lxmvTjI.html

  • what's the music on 13:30 please