Pubblicato il 10 giu 2018
COUPLE: Edoardo & Eleonora.
PROGRAM: Vegas Pro 13.
Me encanta esta pareja. ¿Les gustaría que subiera también la historia de William y Noora? Díganme en comentarios.
I love this couple. Would you like the story of William and Noora to go up as well? Tell me in comments.


  • ENGLISH SUB: sites.google.com/view/skamitaliaunofficial/home sites.google.com/view/skamsubita/skam-italia SPANISH SUB: sites.google.com/view/skam-series/skam-italia?authuser=0 Thanks for the almost 2M views❤

  • Soy el comentario en español que estas buscando ahre WN NO ME PUEDO ENAMORAR DE UNA PAREJA TAN RÁPIDO 😂❣

  • ellas son preciosas omg

  • Is it just me or the skam is almost the same as for Germany😂😅

  • you have a link for all seasons from skam italy? if so,can you gave me pleasee?

  • What's the name of the first song?

  • That moment he bit his lip

  • Im loving italian version! 💕

  • A Roma "paccare" vuol dire "baciarsi"? Wow, non si finisce mai di imparare.

  • 2:45

  • 💕🥰😘

  • 12:49 happened Me:RIP

  • waiting for s4 woooo

  • This version is the best ❤️🙌

  • Eleonora is so beautiful

  • 1:20 song?

  • From where do I get to watch this show?

  • Sarà, ma io sono italiana e non ci ho trovato nulla di che. Fa strano guardare una serie tv italiana lol

  • where can I find this show in English ❗️

    • tyi rachelle still need it?

  • Skam norway Skam italia Skam germany Skam france Norways is best But i looove italia😍

  • 12:49 MORTA.

  • Hello, please explain to me why is tis the same as William and nora story. The same script too

    • Because is a remake from ITALY! There are also from Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austin

  • Can someone pleas tell me everything i don't understand anything

    • Princess Dijah ohhh okayyyy! Thankss😆

    • Simply Rita no. Its a remake in different countries from the Original Skam which takes place in Norway but the original ended a while ago.

    • Princess Dijah thank you! ❣️ but i don't understand what this is about? Cause we have skam dutch, skam french, skam italia, skam espana.. is this about 4-5 girls?

    • Theres a website “skamsubita” that has all episodes from all 3 seasons with subtitles just google it, its free also

  • 1:33 song?

  • Still think that noora and william

  • 5:35 *this woman is a goddes*

  • Now that I'm watching season 3 this whole video is a tragic irony. 😂❤️

  • The only one Noora who hasn’t blonde hair. Anyway her hair is so gorgeous m. Thick but smooth

  • When they upload the newest ep?every week or every 10 days?

  • TODAY WE ARE GOING TO SEE THEIR FIRST KISSSS ne abbiamo fatta di strada

  • buongiorno eh

  • Fuck, I'm not even Eleonora yet my heart is fucking beating because of what edoardo said in 12:50

  • Okay but that smile he gave after he said she's beautiful. Omg I melt😭❤

  • What song is playing when he says “fuck your beautiful” at 12:40

  • 12:50 tho damnnnnn belisimo

  • Why is this simmilar to Alejendrao and noora story

    • Because both are remakes of SKAM Norway (The original)

  • 8:50 He fell in love. 12:46 Again. 12:51 She fell in love.

  • Sorry to say this but this remake actings outsold the others.

  • When is s2??? And when you will post the next full story?

    • Second part (season 2) its here it-tvs.com/tv/video-qlT5lxmvTjI.html

  • what's the music on 13:30 please

  • What season and episode is this

  • The actress and the hijabi girl are so beautiful,they really have a beautiful eyes and beautiful smiles

  • 12:40 woow

  • I like the actor's smile with bgm at 12:52😍

  • bitch i spilled my holy water. she is gorgeous 5:35

  • whats the song that started at 9:00 in the video

  • the face she makes when he says “fuck, you’re beautiful” and the smile lip bite he does OMGGGGG

  • Hi guys, you know that I always try to answer what you ask (as long as it's not something already said). I leave you two links to watch season 3 with english sub: sites.google.com/view/skamitaliaunofficial/home sites.google.com/view/skamsubita/skam-italia Thanks for the almost 2M views❤

  • 👌👏👏🔝✅

  • They're both hot god damn it help

  • The way she looked at him after he left though😍😭

  • 12:48😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • *he's such a Slytherin aesthetic* 💚🐍

  • Subi la tercera temporada sub español plisss

    • Siii por favor, en el canal Skam México , tardan mucho :(

  • Cuando vas a subir la tercera temporada?

    • @Meritxell graciasss 👸😍

    • La subiré en 2 o 3 partes. Cuando esté la temporada un poco mas adelantada (capitulo 4 o 5) subiré la primera parte😊

  • For me this has been the best one yet hahhaa I love that she is really feisty and he really buys into it and they're so natural at it. They also have really great chemistry and both act really well. Can't wait to see the rest of their development. Eleonora is absolutely gorgeous!

  • I love them ! Can’t wait for their season. Sidenote though, I don’t hear the difference in eduardo and edoardo? 😄

  • 0:50 what's the song???

  • 13:53 the kiss on the cheek 😍

  • Wow she's stunning