EDEN | First Listen | Reaction!

Pubblicato il 10 giu 2019
What should i react to next?!
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  • My dude, falling in reverse literally has Kuzco from Emperors New Groove and that song is still amazing! Everything he touches turn to gold I swear

  • watching this makes me happy, most of my friends dont like this type of music.

  • react to lund broken fiction rx luv

  • YES!!! I FUCKING LOVE EDEN no one ever talks about my boy! ❤❤❤

  • Arctis 5 Lmao

  • Listen to EDEN- Take Care

  • hey guys is there someone who knows similiar song like drugs ??? pls

  • EDEN is one of my favorite artists he deserves more hype :(

  • *I love EDEN so so much.*

  • 6:13 when he says his heart is actually beating really fast - yeah because the song is called drugs 🙌🏻

  • Listen.. Start// end

  • Sad i dont hear eden on the radio but also glad. I just wish his newer stuff had his old feel cause i feel like it doesnt. I find myself listening to all his old stuff (these songs your playing) still going into 2020

  • I would very much like you to make a reaction to "MICHL"

  • Check out his new songs that he has just released

  • i remember listening to these songs for the first time and you just showed me how much i love these and how many memories i have connected to eden

  • Listen: Crash, Icarus, rock+roll, Gravity, End Credits, float THIS ARE THE++++++++

  • Already liked cause eden is the f**king major!!!

  • Would suggest Float, a great song by him and my personal favorite ngl.

  • React to Elohim! She went on tour with EDEN back in 2016, she’s definitely worth a listen

  • i knew you would like these, eden is amazing


  • I hear him say Eden wake up and I'm like mwahaha you definitely don't know what beauty you're getting into

  • Jeremy Zucker, is recommend Melody, and Icarus.

    • Got me singing EDEN in my bedroom now. Gonna be here awhile.

  • Oml I hope you listen to Take Care, I love it with all my heart along with Gravity and Crash and also End Credits, I think you'll love End Credits

  • All hail Eden 🙌

  • please listen to love, death, distraction and watch the video!

  • "Eden is love" welcome to the fandom xD

  • HAHAHA your reaction is me listening to Eden every single time!!

  • You really should listen to „sex“ and „man down“ ... would love to see that reaction!! BTW Eden is awesome

  • I think he should listen to his remix of crazy in love honestly that song is my favorite version of it

  • Love eden... sang to every song lol

  • Who here sing while listening to all of this song??

  • 11:35 Wake up. Is my favorite song by Eden.

  • The first song I heard was end credits bc my crush back then loves Eden.. needless to say I've been hooked EVER since.

  • I was cheesing this entire video. I love EDEnN and love his reactions

  • Eden wake up is my fav one

  • Listen a ATO Alexander 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  • If you like EDEN than please listen to rock + roll, crash and most importantly my personal favourite GRAVITIY!!

  • I remember crying myself to sleep as I listened to mostly wake up, drugs and XO for absolutely no reason.

  • Please react more to EDEN.