EDEN | First Listen | Reaction!

Pubblicato il 10 giu 2019
What should i react to next?!
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  • Min 2:45 OK... WHAT... WAS THAT?...

  • 11:34

  • 🇧🇷

  • Can you do a reaction to gravity by Eden?

  • I loved it when nocturne started playing at the climax of wake up. 14:40

  • We gonna get some more EDEN reactions?

    • I will listen to eden again soon!

  • You should listen to something off of Vertigo, personally my favorites are "start//end" and "wonder". Other fan favorites include "Love; not wrong (brave)" "forever//over" "crash" ...

    • he already react to "start//end" 😎

  • Came from Reddit!!

  • Haha I love the reaction 😂

  • The joy of watching another person fall in love. I’m glad that you got to experience Jon

  • React to Eden-Gravity Eden-Circles Eden-drowning

  • I like this guy and I hope he listens to more Eden; he seems like he reacts more to the production and instrumental than the lyrics, where Eden is amazing at both lyrics and production. It would be cool if he kind of broke it down or maybe did a listen for lyrics and a listen for production because it's definitely hard to pay attention to the lyrics and instrumental at the same time.

  • “Just let me cry already” my exact reaction every time I listen to Wake Up

  • Drugs , the best of all

  • Eden is the god of a “good” voice crack.

  • I love Edens Music a lot. If you’ll do a second part, put rock + roll in it, it’s so good, you’ll literally start to fricking cry. Also, if you need another recommendation, listen to Au/Ra Edit: float is pure art too, so yeah:) Edit 2: Just realized you already reacted to rock + roll so just ignore that


  • I’ve seen him live in a small bar in tempe, AZ. He was amazing. Check out ELOHIM, she opened for him and she was amazing. Do the Universe is yours if you havent. Just found your vids

  • eden is one of my favorite artists

  • "Them"

  • listen to sex by eden

  • icarus and woah pleaseeeeeeeee

  • 909?

  • You can hear in the song "wake up" the song "nocturne" and "interlude" 14:30 min, just hear closely. Those both songs were also in the EP End Credits

  • Mate you have to give EDEN’s song “Icarus” a go, it’s so soothing and in short an amazing song

  • “it’s god.” yeah i felt that

  • His song Fumes is really good, you should listen to it even if you don’t react to it

  • You gotta listen to his song titled “sex”

  • 909 pls omg

  • Casi se me salen lagrimas :') EDEN, es la perfección :'3

  • Solo por haber reaccionado a EDEN, me suscribo :') En verdad amo a EDEN con toda mi alma :'c

  • U should totally listen to Mac demarco !!!

  • me waiting for the end of wake up to blow up in his ear lmaooo

  • YES!! eden is so underrated dude

  • Listen to some older music when he was known with his band as “ The Eden Project” Statues is an amazing song

  • Eden♥️

  • wake up has interlude from the same end credits album playing in the background in that part of the song

  • See eden: I CLICKED SO FAST

  • Since you like the drops so much you should definitely listen to Man Down as well!

  • Omg no one recommended you Drowning by Eden Project? Please listen to this song, it’s mind blowing 🙌🏻❤️ Times like these is also very good! 😎

  • EDEN - pool (float)

  • can u plz listen to Eden Project- Man Down?

  • More EDEN pleasee! Listen to rock and roll & icarus!! oh & man down :)

    • He's actually already reacted to rock and roll, but I would love to see him react to icarus, too.

  • I thoroughly enjoy crying to Wake up

  • You need to do to “falling in reverse”... just do it, believe it!

  • Sex by eden

  • I saw EDEN Here in Dallas for his vertigo world tour and it was a literal spiritual experience lmao. He played the entire album plus a few songs and I cried more times than I'm wanting to say

  • Please listen to float by Eden!! It's amazing

  • One of my faves from EDEN is SEX

  • I 100% recommend Icarus, Interlude, and Nocturne from him. Interlude and Nocturne specifically because they were in "Wake Up" in the background just before that explosion of an ending. They're both worth a listen on their own as well.

  • What the fuck with his face reaction? 😂

  • There’s also a extended version of XO that’s so much darker and it’s kinda more the opposite of XOs Happy mood lol

  • I love eden he is so awesome he is so underrated

  • Listen to his song interlude

  • More EDEN EDEN - sex EDEN - gravity EDEN - forever // over EDEN - love not wrong (brave)

  • “Let’s get into drugs “

  • EDEN does everything by himself btw he's just one person

  • If only I could be friends with everyone who love Eden 🤗

  • It's been freaking 6 years I've ever felt like this Eden songs are just mesmerizing

  • React to MILKY CHANCE SADNECESSARY ALBUM please! 🙏🏼💓💓💓