Eating Surströmming with PewDiePie

Pubblicato il 8 ott 2014
Main Episode:

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Produced by Stevie Wynne Levine
Writer, Producer, Camera: Edward Coleman
Editor: Morgan Locke
Show Graphics Package and Lighting: Benjamin Eck
Set dresser: Cassie Cobb
Set construction: Jason Inman
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  • This is so funny

  • 2020 anyone?

  • Well this didn't age well.

  • Fish it self not have bad smell ,The Stink part is The Juice (Water permentation) 😂

  • Botulism comes from expanded cans like that, sure sign its gone bad.

  • Link: LISTEN TO ME!! Felix and Rhett: 😳

  • We could utilize surstromming as a bio-weapon. Send your troops with gas masks and jars of surstromming, then just toss it at the enemy lines. The odor would either incapacitate the enemy and make them throw or it would make them retreat. This could turn a war around.

  • 2020?...


  • but nobody ate surstromming.... PepegaClap.

  • It bothers me more than it should that you thought it had went bad 😂 I want you to understand the extent of it's nastiness, sour fish 👻

  • That's how it's supposed to smell! It's fermented fish 😂

  • At some points Felix looks like he is thinking “why am I here”

  • Felix please go back on the show!

  • This is amazing lol

  • Echoes of iDubbbz.

  • isn't is supposed to be fermented

  • Well.. hes like half of Rhett's size

  • I don't like Felix but i happy for him

  • I have this video saved to my favourites, I love to rewatch this whenever I need a smile!! 1.45 is one of my favourite moments on IT-tvs!

  • I miss this gmm style sooo much

  • I think Felix is a twink

  • this came back to my recommended , and im glad it did

  • This Felix guy is great! I hope he has a IT-tvs channel.

  • 2020 anyone!?!?

  • Felix look smoll here 🤣

  • Hes a tiny little fella

  • This was made on my birthday ( my 2 fav youtubers on by birthday :)

  • Felix is so smol

  • Pewds is NOT 180cm, it is a LIE!

  • If you look it up it is supposed to be that way. The fish is fermented and they say it is supposed to be opened under water. I cant engaging how it must smell. Loved watching you guys .

  • Pukediepie you flog

  • No surstromming was eaten during the making of this episode.

  • Pewds looks so uncomfortable lol XD

  • emmm, which one is pootiepie?


  • it smells like somebody pooped THEIR OWN pants....! as opposed to?

  • 1:56 "I'm done, I'm not Swedish anymore."

  • I love it when IT-tvsrs collaborate because it’s like bringing two fandoms together

  • June* not July. Know your holidays pewds ;)

  • Are all swedes monochrome?

  • no one : youtube : rEcOMmENDEddd

  • Felix didn’t look to stoked

  • This felix guy is great I think he should have his own channel

  • Wooow, mackrel, so extreeeme, buhahhahaha. Lamerzzzzz!!!!

  • Why does Felix look so TINY??

  • Why did I get this recommended right before 2020

  • Ya know it's bad when the Swedish god himself runs away from it

  • As soon as i saw link with the can opener and no water i was worried

  • Link said I've smelled alot of bad thinks in my life he paused and then Felix intriguingly scoots up😂

  • Felix is like a third wheel.

  • The title is a lie!

  • "It smells like somebody pooped their whole pants"

    • That made me laugh, and it is supposed to smell like that too! It smells like rot and poop.

  • This felix guy is good he should start his own channel

  • 5:17 Felix: *covers nose* *puts directly in the gape*

  • yes, it IS suppose to smell like that

  • Felix looks tiny 😂😂😂

  • i want to smell that now ughh

  • why does felix looks so small

  • My ljfe is now complete