Eating Insanely Spicy Fried Chicken ft. OFFLINETV, xChocoBars, Fuslie & more | Stream Highlight

Pubblicato il 30 gen 2019
Disguised Toast and friends, including Lilypichu, Scarra, Fed, Sleightlymusical, Edison, xChocobars, Yvonne, Seannic, Aria and more are having a spicy chicken feast.
Apologies for the potato frame rate.
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Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 International License.
* Title: Breakdown
* Composer: Alexander Hoff
* IT-tvs Channel:
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  • Fed turned blue LOL. What a champ for hanging in there

  • I feel like you should’ve used a better camera.

  • disguised daddy

  • it looks so good


  • Idk if it’s just me but every time I hear Fed say “fuck, dude.” I picture shaggy say “yikes, scoob.”

  • Aria is so cute

  • God if I ate that chicken I’d be satisfied for the rest of my life

  • you think THIS is bad, imagine offlinetv doing a 10k marathon

  • 12:45 all boys flexing

  • why does this vid hurt my eyes

  • 6:50 Fed not eating

  • when hot ones won't invite gamers

  • soda was in chat?

  • There’s like 10 frames

  • Here you are eating spicy shit. And I'm eating sweet stuff

  • Not real Last Dab

  • 9:05 that's what he said

  • I see Lily appreciates good music. Mili is good my dudes.

  • ngl tho, that looks good. Aria is amazing

  • For the content!

  • Fed was cheating so hard 😂

  • This made me realize that y'all never done the One Chip Challenge

  • I saw something on chat. "FED Dead Redemption" XD

  • it's a magic trick, Albert is palming the chicken

  • Toast is flexing ✌️✌️✌️

  • They dont want to do drugs, so they chose the safer way of getting high... chicken

  • Seems like the last dab is authentic but diluted ?

  • Shouldn't have buffed that angry chicken

  • my mouth watered when I saw them.

  • If I were their asses I would honestly jump off from the body.

  • Music at 14:20?

  • Next challenge should be World sourest candy challenge

  • if you asked interview questions you would have followed the show First we Feast hot wing challenge vids including using their Last Dab sauce.

  • Variety Toast=best Toast

  • Всегда возникает вопрос, что для азиатов острое)

  • Does toast live in a student house?

  • Albert is most definitely not normal... 😶

  • "Don't swallow, just put it in and out"

  • Albie got some high spice pride

  • Make them eat a Carolina reaper that a real challenge

  • thank god no poki

  • thank god no poki

  • Fed held the spiciest lollipop in his mouth for 5 Mins but can’t handle this #FakeMexican

  • where is Poki ?

  • confirmed: Albert is actually a robot

  • 1 like = one kiss for Albee

  • New Content Pog

  • Should be called asianoffline tv

  • I wish I could join xd I think I'm good at eating.. spicy stuff.. well umm, I *think* but if there are millions in the Scoville scale, I don't know.. I did eate habanero in the past and some hot spicy sauces, and wasabi... eyes were watering but I liked it PS: Goku-themed shirt? Well, I have Vegeta one. #Competition it's time to start! xd

  • 1:59 ... there is A LOT of Fried Chicken on the table and Lily asked for vegan stuff?????? What´s better than Fried Chicken :D

  • Oh, the-content-that-I-didn't-subscribe-for has started : ( I guess very few understand, that subscribing to a channel doesn't mean, that I'm interested in every aspect of its author's life...

  • Man...all that chicken...

  • For real, send this to Hot Ones. Get someone on!

  • Mah eyes 😣😣

  • you guys are gonna regret this tomorrow, u will literally shit actual fire :)

  • ''Lily how about you nibble on it. Just nibble. And Fed does have a slightly larger piece than average, this will be ok for him , just nibble.'' THis is good tier porn right here I mean COME ON everything from there on out that's focused on Lily is straight up from an ecchi anime

  • poor fed :'(

  • I hope fed didnt get brain damage LUL

  • The house toilet is gonna have nightmares for years