EASY Pork Tenderloin In Oven Recipe - So Simple, So TASTY!

Pubblicato il 17 apr 2018
This video will teach you how to cook a perfect Pork Tenderloin in the Oven. You won't need the grill because you can make this great tasting tenderloin INDOORS using only your oven!
Full recipe: redmeatlover.com/recipe/easy-oven-baked-pork-tenderloin-video-recipe/
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  • Doh!....left out the oven temp, preheat to 450F! Full detailed recipe at RedMeatLover.com.

    • Was wondering whst temp it was set to figured it was in the comments lol

    • Fucking idoit

    • Thank you for telling me about the temp. This jerk almost had me blowing my top because I hate when people leave stuff out that is of the utmost importance.

    • What an idiot... lol jk

    • thanks... I grill so i dont know hoe to use an oven. A GIRL MACHINE

  • I will make this soon thanks again.

  • I bought mine for 2$ in the usa at foodmax?

  • Nice. 450 for how long?

  • Smh what is the oven temp?? Smh

  • That rub sounds amazing!! It's made with "various spices" and that sure does make it sound delicious.....

  • Pork ain't red meat..

  • Dude literally just sparkled it with pre-made seasoning and shoved it in the oven, I mean why does the video has the unnecessary extra 4,5 minutes?

  • I love the Italian Grandma Gina!!!

  • Wow, that easy?! Guess I'll go ahead and take mine from the freezer! Thanks!!

  • quick simple and straight to the point👏 God I love this channel🤗

  • Mac Lethal roasting rappers now hes roasting pork.

  • Looks straight forward.... gonna try it!

  • Thought you were going to put the beer on there , I got excited lol

  • Pork isn't red meat it's white meat.

  • Ghee no assistance in dah bikini😢

  • Good vid

  • I am a chef but why do you all over there stick to the old measurements? Apart from that well done

    • Yeah...kinda weird huh... Those that use metric tend to have the politeness to also give the "old" measurements... a gesture that is generally not reciprocated.

  • Cocksucker never mentioned anything about time or temp

    • Lol

    • But, if you actually took a second and read his very first comment CLEARLY pinned right under where you added this comment... It states 450F

  • *I searched up "fiery redhead rub" and did not like the results*

  • Where is the taste testing part and you telling us how good it is?

  • Flavor Bomb Pork Rub - Recipe 1.5 TBSP - Onion Powder 1 TBSP - Ground Black Pepper 1.5 TBSP - Garlic Powder 2 TBSP - Kosher Salt 1.5 TBSP - Paprika 1.5 TBSP - Brown Sugar - best to use granulated brown sugar to avoid clumping .5 TBSP - Chili Powder

    • Don’t ever use sugar on meat. That kills people. It creates A. G. E. ‘s. Look it up. Choose BBQ and other sauces that are sugar free !

    • Will Try This. Can’t wait. Thank You.

    • If you are a carb counter or pre-diabetic Type 2 - toss the brown sugar. These are pretty common. I can add a small amount of celery powder. And I will sometimes sub sweet smoked Spanish paprika; cut amount in half. Lot of room to play here. I also toss salt, but let the shaker go to the table for those that desire - just remember the word POWDER .

    • Thanks very much, will try this on my next cook!

  • Major point, oven temp please. What spices did you use?

  • disappointed. i was expecting more info on suitable spices, sauces, searing and cooking techniques, etc.

  • "Nice and hot", huh? What's the oven temp set at?

  • video starts @ 2:50

  • When’s your next episode of hot ones

    • Joseph Gilligan thought the same thing after 5 seconds of seeing him 😂

    • LOL!

  • Hot Ones??

  • You say this is expensive, but it was extremely cheap in my supermarket (uk)

  • Bake 20 minutes instead of 27 minutes? What temperature to put it on?

  • Are you the older brother of Sean Evans?

    • LOL, great question but no....Joey is not related to Sean Evans or Woody Harrleson!

  • I've got a small one here...... Might give it a go. I was going to make tacos with it. But this is cool also.

  • The KISS method is usually the best method.

  • How about a few more tips on recommended spices. I don't know where to get that brand you are promoting.

  • Is that Sean Evans?

    • Krutchen they could be brothers. I was thinking the same thing. They look alike and have similar accents.

  • Boring video too much bla bla

    • What kind of video recipe doesn't mention something as important as oven temp. Plus no mention of cleaning the same cutting board after you put cooked pork on the same board when you put the raw pork on it? Do you want to people to cross contaminate their expensive meat and possibly get sick? Not impressed.

    • Thx for your feedback. You can subscribe to our channel for future updates or sign up for our newsletter at RedMeatLover.com. We release a new video every month!

  • What temperature?

  • I hope that wasn't the same cutting board you put the raw meat on 🤮🤢

    • Great question, food safety is paramount. Yes, everything is cleaned rigorously but edited out... would be boring watching someone wash dishes

  • Came out perfect! Thank you

    • We appreciate you taking the time to leave this feedback for our community, thank you! And we couldn't be happier to hear it turned out "perfect!"

  • What temperature?

  • I didn't know woody Harrelson could cook

    • This gentleman, Joel looks like a nice guy. No question about that. Woody Harrelson is a scumbag, a born scumbag. No question about that as well.

    • LOL, great comment - it really is uncanny how many people tell Joey this and he has even been asked "are you the guy from White Men Can't Jump!" Thx for checking out our vid!

  • I wonder if you would get a good result seared first on an oiled cast iron skillet and then put everything in the oven at 350? Maybe set the thermometer to 145 as well.

    • good idea about searing, 350 is good, you can GO LOW and SLOW

    • Great question and, yes, you would get a great tenderloin that way...maybe turn up the oven temp to 425 until IT 145 as you mention. We're launching a vid in Feb that shows this exact technique!

  • The intro music was so stupid

    • Thx for the feedback. You can subscribe to our channel for future updates or sign up for our monthly newsletter at RedMeatLover.com!

  • "About" 145 to 160 degrees? That's a pretty wide range for pork tenderloin. I'd keep it closer to 145.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback for our community!

  • Oven temp?...... oh I see you posted 450

  • Under thirty minutes or less

  • What's up your girl leave her beer on the counter. LMAO

    • @Red Meat Lover good video man

    • LOL, well played sir....and thx for checking out our vid!

  • Thanks, mate. Have got the pork in the oven as i type this 😆 subscribed 🍻🍻🍻

  • Awesome and thank you Sir!!

    • Nothing more awesome than getting this great feedback and we thank you too good sir!

  • 🦊

  • This is an early Sean Evans if he started a cooking show... great video

    • Thank YOU for checking out our vid for the awesome comment....wow, what a great compliment!

  • Oh so this is about your website and shit. Thanks.

  • Half this video is talking. You suck

    • You're kidding right? Lmao

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  • I know, this dude is pretty retarded to leave out the temperature of what you're cooking at! Next time please do better, because you failed this attempt!

    • @John Doe Thank YOU and well said, sir!

    • As I agree with you, I cant help but think of how disrespectful it was. Let's lift one another up not push them down.

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  • so much work ill have my maid to do this...... can i just marinate this in bbq sauce instead.......

    • Why the fuck are you watching cooking videos then?

    • Absolutely! Have your maid season it however you like - and yes, she can marinade and still use the same technique to cook it in the oven.

  • 450 ok look up comments to find it!

    • yep, we'll own that...unintentionally left it out of the vid and obviously didn't catch it before publishing. Thx for the comment!

  • Pre heat oven to WHAT?

  • It would've been nice if he gave the oven temp. I chose this because he said Oven recipes........

    • That Private hu

    • Here goes nothing, 450 it is.

    • @Yoo Daddy Thx for the sub and your comment, much appreciated!

    • @Red Meat Lover other than that great vid liked an subbed! I already knew this but pork can be dangerous if miss informed an u made that known.

    • @That Private Glad to hear they turned out great and thx for sharing your feedback with the community, much appreciated!

  • You did the exact same thing on this one than the porterhouse vid! lmao oh no, no, no. You leave the best part out! Resting, Cutting & Eating. Forget it I’m out.

    • @The Death Twitch LOL, yeah you right! Some YT commenters just need to light up and chill the f out

    • lol smoke a bowl and relax

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  • Really easy recipe thanks! I didn't catch the temp on that. I'm going to go with 375 ok? Yom can't wait

    • Thanks for taking time to leave positive feedback, much appreciated! We recommend a temp of 450F for about 20 minutes or an internal temp of 145 - 160F. You can find our blog post on the recipe here: redmeatlover.com/recipe/easy-oven-baked-pork-tenderloin-video-recipe/ Let us know how it turns out!