Easy Ardupilot on Omnibus Series: 1. Introduction and flashing the firmware

Pubblicato il 3 mag 2019
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  • Is it possible to flash ardupilot on dys f4 pro v2 or cl Racing f4? Checked the ardupilot website. Couldn't find any firmware

    • If it's not there then it's probably not supported... yet!

  • great tips thankyou lee

  • Just getting my feet wet with all this. For all the extra cash a pixhawk will run you, are there additional features it will have that a cheap FC will not have?

    • Depends on which PixHawk you're talking about. There are lots - see my PixHawk series. If you want an OSD then the non PixHawk boards are the way to go..

  • Hi, I have a question, I was inspired to try this, I got myself a Furious FPV F35 lightning since it looks neat, I successfully flashed it with ardupilot, but the GPS is not working at all, is this something easily fixed or is there a way to revert it to Inav?

    • Without knowing what you've tried it's tricky to offer any advice. To get it back into iNav then you'll need to press the DFU button/contacts on the FC to force it into bootloader mode and flash as normal. Best of luck!

  • Thanks for this awesome video! This is really helpful. I just want to say I appreciate it a lot.

  • Great info. I keep referring back to clips during builds.

  • Flashed Ardupilot on my F4 Pro V3 FC all working except no power on servo output rails. Soldered bridge for PPM receiver and removed diode as shown in the documentation. Where am I going wrong? What to use FC in a fixed wing. I'd apprcciate any suggestions. Thank you.

    • Please watch the series to see how I did it. Best of luck!

  • I have tried to download the latest firmware for Arducopter for the Omnibus F4 Pro from the download site but when I like on the hex file it just download a whole load of text, I have tried using another computer and another browser but I just get the same thing, do you have any suggestion please.

  • Hey everyone! May i ask after watching the series: Since I can flash an ordinary F4 FC with ardupilot does that mean that its possible to add flight paths autopilot by lets say buying a tx rx telemetry couple from banggood for instance? Id be greatful if someone takes time to reply thx!

  • Any idea why Betaflight Config says "No response from the bootloader, programming : FAILED"?

    • You can delete the driver you installed in error from device manager and start again.. Best of luck!

    • @Painless360 Painless360 Painless360 Yep, I actually about to installing Arduplane on my Omnibus. Uh, I found it in this video actually. I wrongly installing the Zadig (I clicked it to CDC instead WinUSB so it wont recognize the bootloader). Helpfull as always Lee, thank you!

    • This is an Arduplane video. Check out my videos on Betaflight.. Best of luck..

  • After 30+ yrs absence I am getting back into RC planes (I have been flying quads for 2 yrs). Confusion abounded because literally everything has changed about planes and I don't have a friend/club that I can go to. So after about a month of stumbling around on the internet I found your series on the 900mm wing and knew that is the direction I wanted to go. I am hoping the series goes into the 'how' and why to get the electronics up and running because I am clueless about setting up the new electronics in planes. I am retired and funds are tight but I hope to be able to be a Patreon.

    • Thanks for the comment and considering supporting the channel. There are a number of videos aimed at the newer pilot (or an older one coming back to the hobby) but I'm always on the lookout for helpful topics so let me know if you can't find detail on something.. Best of luck!

  • Amazing job! I've always loved the pixhawk series.

  • Can you do a vtail on a f4 omnibus? I cant get it right been playing with it for houres . Firmware is v3,4 so sould be ok.

    • @Painless360 I wil do thanks

    • See the latest Arduplane builds on the channel.. Best of luck

    • @Painless360 can You tell me which version i sould have ? Thanks mayby i can get it work then

    • Yes. It's easier in the newer versions..

  • Can you get & fly in Altitude Hold mode in this...???

    • FBWB mode - it-tvs.com/tv/video-P4soR6QgOk0.html

  • Thanks for these group of videos Lee. I am following this to the letter and at present all is well. Sorry but did you remove the diode or did the soldering of the pins means you can leave the diode in place ? Many thanks

    • I didn't need to as the pin trick meant that the servos were powered from the external 5v power..

  • For some reason after flashing the firmware mission planner isn't picking up my flight controller...Help!?!

    • Painless360 thank you for replying but on the brink of mental breakdown I tried switching some more drivers and it eventually worked. P.S. I’ve been watching since your cc3d tutorial and you’ve helped me into the hobby so thanks for that too!

    • It's always worked here for me. What troubleshooting have you already tried?

  • Great video! Will ardupilot work properly when installed on regular Omnibus F4 v3 (non pro) if external current sensor is connected from 4in1 ESC?

    • Painless360 Thanks for reply. I'll give it a try.

    • I've not tried, the wiki is very specific on the specific boards supported ...

  • Will it also work on Omnibus f4 v3??? (not pro)

    • I've only tried it on this one. See the documentation for the latest supported boards..

  • I couldn’t get it to work it flashes but no flashing light like it’s done spent hours on it.

    • Painless360 I got it going it might have been the way I download the hex file opened it then saved it.also used a different arundpilot version

    • Tricky to offer any advice without specifics - what troubleshooting have you already tried?

  • Sorry if you have already answered this somewhere but, last I looked, if you were building a QuadPlane using Arduplane you were stuck with using a Pixhawk or Cube as they were the only controllers to give enough I/O to handle 5 ESCs and at least 3 servos (preferably 4). I have a Pixhawk shoe-horned into a Ranger1600 based QuadPlane and it would be great to be able to use something more compact (and with more durable connectors!). Are there any options I should look at please?

    • @Painless360 Many thanks for the reply. I have done another scan of the market and it seems the Pixhawk and Cube are still the only controllers with sufficient I/O for QuadPlanes though my guess is that the rise in popularity of the QuadPlane configuration will promote more controllers that will do the job.

    • I've not tried a Quadplane so don't have any experience to sue to answer this one for you. I have used a trick or two when I'm not sure how much power the servos need (see the Arduplane/Omnibus series..) Hope that helps.. Best of luck!

  • Can this be done using a cl racing f3 FC

    • See the documentation for a full list of boards - ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-autopilots.html#closed-hardware Best of luck!

  • masha Allah, thank you brother, I have the whole playlist saved, awaiting to start a build real soon insha Allah

  • Anyone know how to make standard serial telemetry work on the omnibus, for use with a standard radio modem?

    • Should be just a case of plugging into that telemetry port.. I'll be looking at that in more depth in the next build where there are more UARTS to play with.. Best of luck!

  • Hello from across the pond. Thanks for yet another project, which should keep an old man busy. Well I got the board and it was pref-lashed with betaflight ...easy enough just re-flash ... push in the little button connect light stays on but won't flash....drat. I only wished to keep the little gray cells active, not stress them to the point where using a hammer on the offending boards sounded like a proper fix ...any insight?

    • @Painless360 Found the fix loaded an old laptop with windows 7, which seems to be more agreeable to the drivers required to flash different boards . So I have it programmed and shall give it a try in a home made foamy, I shall attempt to not crash but with the little circuit added at least it will crash nearby ... thanks for the reply

    • All of the steps I followed are a the series. Tricky to offer specific advice without knowing where and how it fails..

  • Can I use OPTO ESC (Without BEC) with the FC without adding additional UBEC ?

  • I am curious as to why you chose to power your servos from the ESC instead of from the Omnibus board? Powering from the board negates the necessity of having to remove the tiny diode and modifying the servo connectors.

    • Magnifying glass and glasses work for me ;)

    • @Painless360 Thank you. I hope my old eyes are up to the task :( ...

    • The 5v amperage rating on the FC isn't enough for everything, especially servos. Having a separate supply for the servos is a good idea (see the specs of things like like the Matek 405 and 411-wing boards that have two 5v supplies for this reason...

  • Thanks information

  • Are you loading the firmware on the latest Chibios OS old Nuttex OS? A video on Chibios could be of interest to many.

    • CHIBIOS is why this is possible. Covered in the series... Happy flying!

  • Now only I came to know how you look like.

  • Hi there could do with some help, am using the same omnibus f4 v3 pro i've soldered the receiver wires to the pin holes so to practice on simulators but transmitter /receiver not talking ( sticks not moving in betaflight) any ideas what could be wrong and do i need solder the other required pins before sticks will move thanks in advance .

    • @Painless360 Hi again thanks for fast reply , i've soldered the pads on FC for the S-bus/PPM but still no signal between receiver and transmitter, maybe transmitter cant bind powered by USB so will connect to PDB see if the it binds if and all goes well will keep u posted thanks again ***

    • You need to setup the type of receiver in Betaflight and also solder the little pads for S-Bus or PPM on the FC itself.. Best of luck!

  • You're content is just absolutely amazing. I'll send a beer or two your way soon! So far, not much different from Betaflight with my quads. I'm eyeing to get into planes and I like the idea of having a stabilizer. Considering something like the X8 or X9 and adding in a cheap Omnibus to get stabilizer from the FC and be ready for all those other cool features, once I learn how to fly. Is this a good idea or start with the plane alone and no stabilizer? Is the X8 or X9 a decent plane to learn with?

  • In your future videos, can you please address the question, how to flash such FC back from ArduPilot to Betaflight/iNav? I have a plane which i can flash to ArduPlane, but i'm reluctant to do this if I'll ever want to return to iNav.

    • Same process as normal. Nothing is different. I usually press the DFU button on the FC for speed when flashing it back..

  • Outstanding Series! My ultimate compliments! I'm a Patron now.

  • What would cause iNav and Betaflight to not load “local” firmware? I have an f4 pro v3 that has iNav flashed and tried to flash Ardupilot but the firmware won’t load. I downloaded the latest stable version of ArduPlane hex for the f4 pro but neither iNav or Betaflight will load it.

    • Painless360 I tried on both iNav and Betaflight. I go to firmware flasher, click on “Load Firmware Local” the window opens to select the “ArduPlane” hex file, I click “Open” and it doesn’t open in either configurator. The “Flash Firmware” button never lights up because the firmware isn’t loading for whatever reason. I can flash iNav or Betaflight to it without problem, but not the ArduPlane. I don’t get any errors, it just doesn’t load.

    • When you mean load it do you mean into Beta/iNav flight or to then flash it onto the board? What specific error do you get?

  • masha Allah, a very good addition, insha Allah I’ll try and build this brother

  • I have downloaded the firmware and it said it was successful when flashed. When I plugged the board into arduplane, and click connect, it appears to do nothing when I move the board around. How do I know it is flashed correctly or have I done something wrong? Thank you!

    • My display looks different then yours and the download was for Mac.

    • Painless360 Is Mission Planner for Windows and APM 2.0 for Mac?

    • Without more detail it's impossible to offer any advice. Happy to help but please watch it-tvs.com/tv/video-olIqTiSJHIY.html and come back to me with more detail of what you've tried..

  • Hi folks from Belgium. I flashed the firmware using airbot f4 firmware on inav. It would not open in mission planner 😢 Could you show me the correct link to the firmware on the ardupilot site? Please? My board is omnibus F4 Pro v3 Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, first you will have to decide the Ardupilot firmware type. You can choose between ArduPlane, ArduCopter, ArduRover etc. For a plane: firmware.ardupilot.org/Plane/stable/omnibusf4pro/ For a multicopter: firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/stable/omnibusf4pro/

  • Thank you for this Lee found exactly what you were talking about. That's brilliant I'm going to do that soon as my board comes in. Thanks for the servo pins cheat🙏

  • What about radio telemetry, can be conected to this board?

    • You can preview the later videos by using the playlist. I've made it video about that.. Happy flying!

  • Great tutorial as always. I just plugged all my servos and ESC BEC into the servo rail after removing the diode. It works fine and is not necessary to solder those power pins together as you did (as far as I know).

    • That's right, I cover that in these videos. Using the pins like this works for any board - even if the FC has no way to isolate those outputs.. Happy flying

  • I am a big fan of Ardupilot and thanks for making the transition on these F4 boards so easy. I have set up two wings already with OSD and I like the flight characteristics better than INAV.

  • I am currently a Pixhawk user, so I do not currently have inav or betaflight. In order to flash Ardupilot, must I use 1 or other of these just to flash and then not use it again?

    • Pretty much. There are other options too, all covered in the documentation.. best of luck!

  • Removing the diode is done to protect/ isolate the FC from the 5volts coming in from the esc Bec when connected to the rail. The 5 volts on the rail from the esc will then power the servos . The receiver connection gets its power from the FC separately. I do not get 5volts on the rail from the FC hence you need external power to power this rail. So this procedure is done to protect the fc. Leaving the diode will still allow you to power the rail but may risk the fc. Am I correct? Read this info from the link in ardupilot which forwards it to rcgroups

    • Pretty much. That's why I changed the 5v pins on the servos and esc connections to avoid all that.. this isn't really designed for fixed wing out of the box like the Matek F405-wing..

  • Nice exactly what i been looking for..

  • Very interesting serie Lee, really looking forward to future episodes. :-)

  • Great series. I was using APM years ago starting with APM1 (still have one laying around) and now am to build in a MatekF411 into a Bixler, but I really would like to go with Ardupilot, as I know it very well and liked it those days, when nothing else comparable was out. I do not find the Matek F411 wing board on the boards list on the AP site. Only the F405 is on the list. Do you know or think if the F411 will work as well?

    • Does not work. Tried to flash the Matek F405 Hex onto the F411, but after around 25% the progress bar gets stuck and nothing more happens. So I can confirm, it does not work on the F411. Will stick with INav on this board and consider Ardupilot for another build and then will go with either the F405 or the Omnibus pro.

    • @Painless360 I will give the F411 a try though. So what could possibly go wrong? There is only one way to find out ;)

    • @Painless360 Thanks for the quick answer. So I will have to get one of those supported boards.

    • As far as I know only the boards listed are supported..

  • Hi Lee, any chance you could include the Frsky Telemetry via the yappu lua script and may be even create a diy cable between the s.port and fc. I've tried this and there appears to be a bit of fud on various forums, which doesn't answer the challenges, perhaps a video from you with your usual attention to detail. I know you've a similar video with the flightdeck s/w, but in the true spirit of open source a free version is more attractive. Thx Andy

    • Hey Andrew, this one may be of interest to you - it-tvs.com/tv/video-PMyGOAKs5SM.html - (plus, the 6 hours I spent figuring it all out and having to update my radio is all your fault for getting me interested in this one ;) )

    • That is not a bad idea. The hardest thing seems to be getting the cable to work particularly as some of the inverter boards are a bit of a lottery. I'll add it to the list..

  • Excellent - I look forward to next videos. Every now and then something new and exciting comes to the hobby.

  • can you install a full side tbs Crossfire rx, that way we can use mavlink over the bluetooth and show the plane in mission planner.? One more item Lee, some of the V3 boards have bad barometers, so works in the beginning but after few reboots goes red, is not the software is the hardware be aware.

    • I've not tried it but I don't see why not. You just need to get the telemetry pins from the flight controller into the 'MAVLINK pins on the receiver.

  • This is got me very excited I may have to start building again

  • Thank you for these well done videos. I have been using a Pixhawk on an automated mower (it-tvs.com/plid-PLIsYv3gzZOt9N9yZmpI_WYiMaBQ6HazOG) but recently bought a Kakute F4 and a hat for a Raspberry Pi that the F4 will go on to facilitate using the R-Pi as a co-processor. I am hopeful that your coverage of the Omnibus F4 will translate somewhat to the Kakute. Keep up the good work!

  • Great news and an awesom vid. As usual. Will it work with multirotors as well? Thanks

  • I set one up on a Z84 a month or so ago. I didn’t finish it up because I was unable to get RSSI working. I tried RSSI in the PPM stream and directly analog to the boards RSSI pad. Maybe I will try it again with newer FW. I think Ardupilots level modes are much more stable than iNav at least on wings. Traditional fixed wing planes I built have worked well and are stable with iNav. I don’t know why it’s only the wings that are not able to get a smooth tune. I ran PatrikE’s FW on wings in the past that were easy to tune and flew very smooth on wings. Every wing video I see with iNav are always so unstable unless there is zero wind.

    • @Painless360 That would be great if you did! Thanks for considering it.

    • I may do a video on that.. thanks for the idea..

  • If I’m using arducopter do I wire the moters in the same place as in normal pinout for the omnibus (pins under rc in)

    • You can configure the pinpoints however you need. See the next videos..

  • Great option, perfect video, looking forward to try it out on my matek F405, withe the help of your following videos on ArduPilot

  • great video buddy as allways.quik question.one of the youngend in our group just finished there first build.dys f4 pro v2 fc.racerstar 50amp 4in1 esc.and when he plugs in the lipo we are getting a red hot chip on the fron of esc.cant see and shorts anywere.its like a small silver cap.very very hot straight away.any ideas.first time ever this has happend and im stumped.

    • @Painless360 thanks buddy will check it out.he soldered ot all perfect.so will have look

    • I double check that nothing is touching the bottom of that ESC and causing some kind of short. If not then it's probably an issue with that ESC board. Best of luck

  • Great 👍 video Lee! I guess I can finally say goodbye to that APM FC... on a non RC related note; smart haircut 💇‍♂️! 👌😂

  • I’ve managed to put it on my omnibus but I can’t get my receiver to work do you wire it through sbus or ppm ?

    • If I’m trying to use ppm receiver as per the same as apm 2,.8 with six wires I don’t understand where to put the 5th channel for the modes

    • Solder Ppm on the FC as per the video..

  • Great vid. I’ll be doing an upcoming OmniArdu build soon. Such a shame the ProFi guys didn’t include an OSD in even just one of their new Cube flavors. I understand their direction was to promote the Herelink, but honestly. . . the FPV community at large has been asking for decent OSD integration since forever. The user shouldn’t be required to purchase the Herelink. I have one, and it’s nice, but like many old FPVers, I’d just soon use my Taranis and do the vid/telm on traditional freqs. Maybe the Maya guys will put an Omnibus style OSD on the PixRacer at some point.

    • @Painless360 Yes, fingers crossed! In the meantime, this particular video series will surely be popular. So many of my flying Buddys are gearing up for summer with their builds. Looking forward to the next in the series!

    • I've been asking for the same thing for quite a while now too. Last I heard that isn't wasn't a direction that they're interested in but maybe as the majority of the Pixhawk sales are cannibalised by people using these cheaper flight controllers with on screen displays, that might change. Fingers crossed!

  • I had arduplane on f405 wing, which resulted to FC freeze mid air, where plane glided to wall. When I came to crash site, it was a terrible view. Motor got toasted and was blazing hot.