EA WTF is THIS?! | FIFA 20 Pack Opening! (FIFA 20)

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2019
I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I GET AN ULTIMATE SCREAM IN THIS VIDEO! FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Pack Opening! Brand New FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Cards Pack Opening! #FIFA20 #FIFA20PackOpening #FIFA20UltimateScream
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  • Love the content reev

  • I packed scream gamiro the best player I’ve packed on fifa

  • So many Lucky people like “REEV” get so many fifa points like if agree

  • I packed Marco Reus yesterday

  • You can get dzeco on season objectives

  • Carvalho 🐐

  • Just love Reev

  • who's reev?

  • Wenn du kein gutes Englisch kannst Keine Schwäche zeigen

  • I packed romagnoli scream😍

  • Stop yelling a-hole...

  • You won’t believe this as I was watching the video (when I liked it like two packs into my rewards I got baby gerrard😂😂🙌🤣

  • Jokes on you reev 780% of 0 is zero

  • Like👍subscribe🔔

  • This morning i packed Mané from a Two players pack(untreadeble) Then i Come back later and i level up to level 23 got a pack and packed mané again and he is Also untreadeble so i discarded him What’s the odds of that?

  • Why IT-tvsrs act like a child screaming everything? You are 30 Yold man, come on.

    • Exactly, get your facts right first

    • @REEV Man. You look older O.o

    • 30 years old? Is this a joke, I got closer to a decade left until I hit that age lad

  • I got scream Rodriguez

  • Beautiful! Wtf. is happening with the Hunter chemistry-style. It's been extinct for a week now. Is this normal for FUT? For how long will it be gone, you think?

  • I liked and actually did get an icon what the fuck

  • I packed Bernard scream card

  • How much can I pay to kick you in the face and get out of EAs ass

  • what a fkn irrelevant losser, clickbating shit, all these viewers ar 6 years and under..

  • I got a Gullit last night out of one of my scream packs!!

  • I subbed as your awsome

  • Milner

  • I liked them packed Rui Costa😂 Agter he said there’s a 780% increase

  • LOVE THE CONTENT sub to my channel plz

  • Liked the vid and got mane

  • I didn't spend anything but packed guerrio

  • 0 x 780 = 0

  • How did you get 36000 points from xbox

  • I always thought the most stupid humans on earth play shooters. But lately i understand they share that place with FUT players

  • Reev is a quality IT-tvsr

  • ur the best liked subbed and notifications on

  • I want the ‘you’re a legend mate’ intro😔

  • Bc ottamendi makes me want to scream when i see him starting for man city

  • Ngl it would of been nice to see Halloween features in the pack animations such as cob webs and fog etc to give the packs a Halloween theme

  • Is it just me who thinks reev looks like Adrian

  • Do a checklist challenge on striker Milner

  • Didn’t get an icon

  • If I don't get icon can I get ultimate scream reev

  • Mattdoesfitness lookalike?

  • i packed bernard in a 2 rare players pack

  • I opened one and got deli alli

  • Do milner

  • Go to Quests and You See a scream Card Dzeko

  • I liked the vid then I opened a pack then packed del Peiro 87 rate

  • James mbappe

  • I stoped fifa for a while, then I watched you, after that I went back to fifa You are the best reev

  • Seriously my dude. I was doing career mode in 19 as I haven't got 20 yet... and my ibra retired for me and now I got someone that had 95 strength and he shreds through the defenders but shoots like heskey

  • Wes Morgan should get one and get 90 pace

  • That moment when otamendi realises he’s only in there to be an aguero troll

    • Well no.. because it will say cb before the club

    • iRageX lmfao, didn’t realize til now.

  • Sick of the pack luck 🤮it’s absolutely disgusting

  • Oh also love the vids missing Bolton tho

  • Pls do Milner

  • Weeee loooovvveee reeeeeevvvvvv

  • Romagnoli looks soooooll good

  • I opened 60 packs on this shitty game and didn't even get 1 stupid gay board and I don't want to be rude put fifa 19 was better like 60% better, when diffeneding, Fauls: I got fauled on pen in pro clubs 5 times in ultimate team 3 times and didn't get a pen and when I was running after some one with the ball I didn't click b or x and my player fauls him and I get a red card for fucking nothink, FIFA GETS WORSE EVERY YEAR BEST FITS WAS FIFA 18 BECAUSE IT WAS EASY TO GET ATLEAST 3 BOATDS IN 6 PACKS.

  • 750% increase still equal like 2% ahaha

  • Playstation is better