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EA recently TRASHED Nintendo Switch owners, but now all of a sudden they are flip flopping hard saying they are going to bring new Switch games. Also, I finally got a Switch Pro Controller, and these are my thoughts!
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  • THUMBS UP FOR MITCH'S CHANNEL DEBUT! He's very nervous about the reception so show him some love by liking the vid.


    • @Blue Sky You would be a complete moron if you think the New Switch lite or New Nintendo Switch revision console that's gonna release in few months from now I'll have. The ability to run games on 4k docked mode with 60fps and 1080p Switch tablet, it's not gonna happen anytime soon.

    • Their releasing a new switch model but it’s changing or “upgrading” the graphics card and processor next year play games at a amazing frame rate and graphics resolution and handle pc like games.

    • RGT 85 3 Mother F***### Country Financial commercials. Come on dogg freshen it up I’m sick of those old fogies in my face.

    • @Solo Nepeon Oh how I envy your ignorance....


  • Ea ....not even once !

  • Only reason i have no switch because the 3rd party games i love not on it madden battlefield etc

  • Ea needs to stay away from the switch.

  • Haha i have a pro controller and i havent got my Nintendo switch yet lol 😂

  • Why did i get a notification for this vid today?

  • Switch is starved for a decent online Military themed FPS. Just port BF4 and I’m good.

  • Madden madden madden 😇😇😇

  • Sims 4 SimCity: Build It Madden NFL Collection(17, 18, 19, 20) NHL 19 NHL 20 Apex Legends Command and Conquer: Rivals Battlefield V Star Wars: Battlefront II Titanfall II Need for Speed: Payback Need for Speed: No Limits Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

  • EA needs to bring Need For Speed, Star Wars Battlefront, Command & Conquer, and Battlefield to the Switch.

  • ive never had a joycon die

  • Apex Legends xD

  • EA BIGGEST FUCKERS in the gaming world

  • Can't quite get the background music, but .... I think it could be from Sonic!

  • just port the sims 4 dragonn age and mass effect !

  • Basically, EA had nothing except Fifa for the Switch. The turning point was watching their other costly franchises failing around them and realising that the Switch could bring in some much needed cash without even needing to make new games for it...


  • I'm going to get a switch but only for the exclusive aspect. I grew up with mario and zelda. Dont care for ea on the switch. But I only play PS. I just realized that xbox has rare replay. Didnt know since a few days ago. And it's an old game. I would only get an xbox for that. But in reality just for a few games.

  • Didn’t dean ambrose aka Jon moxley owned a plant called Mitch?!

  • No one seems to love Frostbite except for EA Executives and DICE. way more trouble than it’s worth. Also you say ‘Nintendo Switch’ way too much in consecutive statements!

  • Definitely the switch need Sims 🙏💯

  • I've loved Electronic Arts since "Hard Hat Mack" I can't wait to play Madden20 or NHL20 on my Switch! : )

  • I like the pro controller better then ms’s an Sony’s Same with the Wii U’s pro controller Get with the program No way you play switch an are just getting the pro controller...

  • They have exclusive rights to the NFL and yet refuse to release Madden games on Nintendo platforms? No good.

  • Come on Mass Effect Trilogy to the Switch.

  • You know this means we're fucked right?

  • The pro controller is great. But the ds4 is still my favorite.

  • I already bought Madden 20 on PC, but would totally buy it again for Switch, mainly just to have my boi Patrick Mahomes on the cover.

  • EA should stay far, really far away from anything Nintendo... EA should stay far away from gaming industry too.

  • It was not until this video and that Plants vs Zombies reference that I realised that EA had bought PopCap for $1.3B 8 years ago. Jeez.

  • Lol he called his pro controller a good back up 😂

  • I do think the pro controller is awesome , but I am thinking about getting rid of my switch and games to get that new gears of war 5 console .. you think I should or just keep my switch ?? Thanks you for your feed back

  • You need to get a USB to Bluetooth dongle.

  • Why do people even buy EA's stuff? It's garbage these days, why waste your money?

  • I wish and hope EA ports the new Need for Speed Heat game to the Switch.

  • Let's face it, any big decision EA makes it either to make more money or to salvage their shattered reputation. Either way, it's only for their benefit and not the consumers.

  • I want UFC on switch, please!!!

  • Nope nope nope ea is going to try and squeeze out as much revenue as they can with a fresh platform they have nothing, fifa madden are casino simulators, andromeda was a bust, anthem? a complete failure and apex was a minor stimulas package to keep there stocks from completely plummeting !

  • Im curious when EA gonna start to poison the switch community with their disgusting pay to win games after they proudly fucked the Pc,Ps4,Xbox players...

  • The damage has been done EA is dead to me has been since the wii era.

  • Welcome to the channel, Mitch!

  • I'm curious now... I wonder if there was a quiet revision to the pro controller that improved the d-pad?

  • I hate to say but your voice is pretty aynoing.

  • I feel like this was one of his funniest videos. Well done!

  • I compared most of Nintendo's D-Pads to the Switch Pro Controllers. The Wii U GamePad, despite its crappy battery life, still seems to have a better D-Pad than the Switch Pro.

  • So NHL 20 for switch ? 😯😯😯

  • Will EA games look and play good on the Nintendo switch

  • Hey RGT85 Hey Shawn, Mitch the houseplant looks like a Pothos, try not to overwater him! He will wilt and the tips of the leaves will start to turn brown, if he is overwatered. With mine at home i wait long enough for the leaves to look kind of sad before adding more water. If the plant looks nice and healthy its probably not time for more water.

  • make sure Mitch is close to the sun, indoors and water everyday!

  • EA stands for "Epic Arseholes"...... I haven't bought an EA game in years!

  • I stand buy it, I'd love Sims on the Switch. It's their fault if they miss out on good money making opportunities. Heck even the Witcher 3 is coming out on Switch so obviously it's a worthy platform to develop for.

  • Yeah! I can't wait for a video game company to put more games on a console that asks for money after you buy the game. 😡

  • Its poison ivy

  • I love how you talk about EA like they are a little kid😁

  • they havent said anything new .. lol yea were looking Into it. were deep into it now with fifa we show so much support. they arent flip flopping

  • I love you RGT you'r awesome keep it going !

  • Why should I care? EA is dead to me .

  • I would love to see Crysis Original on the Switch

  • Progress I guess LMAO!!, and no offense, But I prefer the xbox 360 controller over the Xbone controller any day, the Xbone Version to me is just Awful!! But that is just my preference, I bought two Pro controllers when the Switch first came out, tested it for a few on Zelda, but just preferred the Joy Cons over the pro because I am always on the go, hardly at home.