E3 2019 supercut

Pubblicato il 20 giu 2019
Opening audio from Elden Ring reveal trailer it-tvs.com/tv/video-2enbYOMtR4I.html
Tyler McVicker - Valve Just Released A New Game it-tvs.com/tv/video-xarea-Uq3Lk.html
gameslice Sunday E3 Live it-tvs.com/tv/video-TTLuhF9TRaA.html
gameslice E3 Coliseum 2019 Day 3 it-tvs.com/tv/video-BeLS5mFvxlw.html
Song at 13:28 from FFXV OST - Somnus it-tvs.com/tv/video-fW8ud0179ls.html
Song at 18:00 from Halo 3 OST - Never Forget it-tvs.com/tv/video-xT0Pte5nXAU.html
EA it-tvs.com/tv/video-0eeWC_0NrNU.html
Xbox it-tvs.com/tv/video-zeYQ-kPF0iQ.html
Bethesda it-tvs.com/tv/video-DN0Co-wrElU.html
PC Gaming Show it-tvs.com/tv/video-hru6IvgRSp4.html
Square Enix it-tvs.com/tv/video-cq6GmnM98jQ.html
Nintendo it-tvs.com/tv/video-hhVCdxtofWU.html
Ubisoft it-tvs.com/tv/video-oKgTcIecu9A.html


  • epic is dead in 1, 2,3

  • 2:50

  • SHOOTS THE ENTIRE FUCKING BULLET CASING IN FUCKING 2019 14:40 srsly i think fps game makers should know a little bit about guns at least

  • No joke I burst out laughing so hard at 14:43 that I had to pause the video and go back. What the fuck

  • This was fucking hilarious

  • how many human mpc dose fallout 76 has to date (16/nov/2019), asking since i have not bought the game though it was buggy and boring, and the fallout 1st is simply just a big wall between me and my wallet (don't know about you guys but i work for my money and i carefully avoided spending money on garbage)

  • Where the hell is nintendo???

    • What do you mean? They were at E3 this year.

  • I'm coming from a load of old The Onion clips and this is honestly no different. No wonder I only play video games far and between and not upgrading my desktop or goddess forbid getting a console.

  • 15:10 the kind of mobile gaming people actually want.

  • the lil yachty parts are fucking hilarious


  • Elon Muskie not a cool guy. Anything seemingly ‘fun’ that comes from him or his companies was thought up by a thought tank of people that get paid too much while the people that earn that money for them get paid next to nothing.

  • There’s clips from Blizzcon here?

  • 4:00 What the hell is happening to him!? 12:30 Is the audience drunk?

  • fallout 76

  • 5:15 I‘m dead 😂

  • 2:58 Fucking idiot.

  • 2:12 “We got alot of well deserved criticism” *Few months later* “What criticism?”

  • (( everything we talked about is free)) 100 dollar subscription ffs Todd

  • so cringe it hurts bad, damn those fallout fanboys..

  • Anyone know what crowbcat video has the toy story Randy Newman soaring song in it?

  • I still havent played it hmm gee wonder why

  • S U C K Y

  • We are literally being scammed and people are cheering.

  • Holy shit we are degrading as a race if "Future is onto our children." more men are capable of breast feeding than women :D

  • 5:30 that's genius😂😂🤣😂

  • 6:59 died laughing lmao

  • 15:36 he's got tits

  • 15:16 Im about to end this woman whole carrer

  • Phil, are u going to fix the Xbox UI? Phil: *gAMeR GaMe gAmES*

  • Forty thousand? How about 56.2 million

  • 1:46 “What’s the biggest failure you have gone through” Them: “uh” Next clip: Fallout 76


  • It's not the size of your weapon its how you use it

  • 15:32 - both guys have a serious case of soy Gynecomastia.

  • Poor badger

  • "Is this an out of season april fools joke?" 4:49

  • 11:42 - Your Welcome 😁

  • I just wanna know who the woman screaming for "fuck yeah we put a BR in Fallout 76" was and if she still cringes to this day

  • Best part of e3, Cyberpunk and Halo👏 Worst part, Bethesda and the fake audience!

  • Greg Miller is just the embodiment of cringe. What a tool lmao

  • 5:50 "Everything we talked about that's coming this year is free." That didnt age well in the face of Fallout1st

  • I think McElhenney summed up the entirety of everyone’s opinion on e3

  • HOLY SHIT. Jordan Peterson once talked about treating a patient who had self esteem issues because his room mate was Elon Musk. Is it possible that the patient in question was Todd Howard?

  • 16:53 lmao

  • why...... why is E3 so impossibly painful to watch. Who are these out of touch people and why are they talking to me about a game they’ve never played, but insist that it’s the best goddamn thing since Jesus was born. Why is it that every e3 in the last 6 years has been an utter dumpster fire in quality. Companies like EA, the king of video game PR bullshit, can’t even hire people that competently advertise their games with the same PR bullshit! Ubisoft keeps doing Just Dance performances....... Xbox just keeps falling short on all attempts to tip the scale on an already lost console war generation in their favor. It’s even more pathetic when you find out Sony wasn’t even at e3 this year, and Xbox is still choking on the dust left behind from the PS4’s sales back in 2013........... E3 sucks dick. Opinion.

  • E3 just reminds me that not many can pull off leather jackets.

  • 2:33 get rid of him 5:52 well that was a fucking lie

  • The Spongebob "U-Pay+" fucking killed me.

  • "Hey, everyone. It's Todd Howard. I'm an arsonist!" *AND THE CROWD GOES WILD*

  • E3 2020 Developers: New cosmetics DLC for just $99 Crowd: WOOOO F*CK YEAH, TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • Why you can't choose dark or light side? Because they are lazy ass to creat a little bit complex story line what needs more work.

  • E3 is totally fake now, everything is staged, scripted and even the crowd is paid and controlled. Real good quality games don't need big sellout show. If people see it is good, more people will buy and play it such simple.

  • It impresses me how uncomfortable they do these things, Just for selling something and never being natural.... And because they mainly lie

    • The fact that the presenters are people who clearly do not consume their product, disconnects and causes discomfort because they go up to make a fool of themselves trying to sell something they barely know, is a tragedy

    • They never have any trace of Charisma nor anything that sparks out. Fuck, it's so cringy. If it wouldn't be for a gamer audience, then it wouldn't be that sad.

  • “Fuck yeah we put a battle royale in 76” needless to say, my heart sank

  • Seeing Elon Musk sit next to Todd Howard as equals (supposedly) just feels very wrong.

  • The state of this fucking industry

  • I would never go to one of these things. I don't know which is more cringy, this or Minecon.

  • E3 just seems like a bunch of corporate Boomers trying to be hip with gamers.