E3 2019 supercut

Pubblicato il 20 giu 2019
Opening audio from Elden Ring reveal trailer it-tvs.com/tv/video-2enbYOMtR4I.html
Tyler McVicker - Valve Just Released A New Game it-tvs.com/tv/video-xarea-Uq3Lk.html
gameslice Sunday E3 Live it-tvs.com/tv/video-TTLuhF9TRaA.html
gameslice E3 Coliseum 2019 Day 3 it-tvs.com/tv/video-BeLS5mFvxlw.html
Song at 13:28 from FFXV OST - Somnus it-tvs.com/tv/video-fW8ud0179ls.html
Song at 18:00 from Halo 3 OST - Never Forget it-tvs.com/tv/video-xT0Pte5nXAU.html
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Xbox it-tvs.com/tv/video-zeYQ-kPF0iQ.html
Bethesda it-tvs.com/tv/video-DN0Co-wrElU.html
PC Gaming Show it-tvs.com/tv/video-hru6IvgRSp4.html
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Ubisoft it-tvs.com/tv/video-oKgTcIecu9A.html
Sony skipped this year.


  • Star Wars cucks.

  • What do they mean, 120fps? What about my cinematic feeling?

  • Intro is amazing

  • 6:40 she's hyped about an SSD? In 2019?

  • 17:20 GRAND DAD

  • 12:20 *WOOOOOOOOO-*

  • Bitches love the SSD Card

  • " *FPS PORN* "

  • dude you're like vic berger for video games and i love it

  • Elon smoking that joint at 1:54 lol

  • its good to see that the cringe of e3 never dies.

  • Scorpio was/is useless

  • Everything in this video is funny but in siting here dying at "Matt Booty" 16:00

  • Are you working on a game? Elon musk: rugh uh rugh rugh ugh R rated...just trying to be honest

  • 14:42 That´s not how a bullet works.

  • The gaming industry should tell their jokes to someone else

  • 12:18 lolololol

  • Bethesda: Sorry to report that we did not have the resources put NPCs in Fallout 76 so we had to take money out of the audience’s bank accounts to put them in Audience: Wooo!

  • 15:16 lost my shit at

  • Tesla just wants his fuckable VR waifu.

  • Ok I have a question what is with the amount of people who seem to hate Elon Musk here I am genuinely curious

  • 14:42 Oh my good fucking Lord.

  • 09:35 timestamp so i can show my friends lil yachtys moment. Lol

  • "We can't just be on one platform and just expect everyone to go there, thats dumb." Me: ...WHY?

  • Bit late but Keanu Reeves was the best thing about E3. Stole the whole show man

  • Ice t loves homo... It's a norm among the likes of him.

  • Poor Vince.. I will always remember him and his team for TF2. Then came EA and the garbage he hates.

  • Badjur the absolute unit xD

  • wtfffffff the bullet

  • "FPS PORN" Okay, whoever came up with that Is a fucking genius what a great way to describe a game

  • The Lil Yachty one hurt, not because he teamkilled and didn't realize it, but because I do the exact same thing

  • get your daily dose 4:06

  • Elon ma boi stoned af

  • 8:27 Nintendo: Hold my beer

  • Do a video on Witcher 3.

  • "...And granddad is using crypto to buy a new kidney on the black market." :(

  • Hmm lets let them die off. Hopefully ea does first. Omg elon wants r rated cat girl sims. And i would gladly pay 60 dollers for 12 hours of content. Bro ffx music make my chest hurt. Do not like.

  • Lil yahty was funny

  • For a start wtf is Elon musk doing at E3

  • Lil Yachty made a great point.

  • 6:24 That's not Xbox. That's Botox.

  • 15:49 Jeffrey Epstein doing his thing.

  • Only thing good thing in E3 2019 was Flight Simulator.

  • Battle royale in fallout 76? Wow I didn’t think they could make me think it was more of a shitty afterthought of a game, congrats betheshit!

  • It's depressing to see corporations suck the life out of the gaming industry

  • My yearly dose of cringe =3

  • you can tell Ellon Musk knew about Fallout 76. He is very uncomfortable sitting next to Todd the guy responsible. he's like dude, you are not worthy of being on the same stage.

  • 1:28

  • 14:03 I lost my shit there

  • Poor Elon