Dwight Howard Shocks Lakers Crowd With 3 Pointer! Lakers vs Cavaliers

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2020
Dwight Howard Shocks Lakers Crowd With 3 Pointer! Lakers vs Cavaliers January 13, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • They go so hype

  • Imagine this happened all the time

  • Wow!!

  • I told Ben Simmons if he doesn't make 3s, Dwight will make it.

  • The saga continues. D12 is that nigga.

  • Where's the full game highlights???

  • Lebron: Ben Simmons drained a 3 Dwight: Hold my henny... *coop*

  • Dimer

  • These Lakers are fun to watch 😍

  • NBA sucks so bad the whole world knows that they're going to win the championship

  • Dwight Howard , Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony...so proud of you all... just when journalists and managers thought they were washed up!!

  • Whoaaaaaaaaa🔥

  • Simmons is Dr. Claw and the 3 point line to the basket is Inspector Gadget "I'll get you next Gadget.. NEEEEXT TIIIIIIMEEEE!!!!!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • We want the Number 12 because D12 come back

  • L'heure de la rédemption a sonné

  • Can't wait for the "Ben Simmons punching the air right now" title.

  • Dwights shooting 3s better than Lin

  • That 3 point by DH is much more humiliation than ankle brake lol

  • Dwight looks snoop dogg hahahaha

  • He bet not try that shit again

  • 이형 요즘 행복해보여서 좋아ㅎ

  • Honestly ....dwight embracing his role has been great for him....I love it

  • Why are ppl surprised? He hits that shot all the time. Especially in warm-ups.

  • I kno who gettin some dick tonite

  • When LeBron boutta trade your ass you better start impressing.

  • What if Kobe Bryant had tha Lakers ummm

  • Big Man with ball handling skills 🤔

  • Only took 16 years to find his touch. Or maybe he's finally losing those superman arms

  • Should still fire his ass for being so careless

  • Dwight Howard has more three points then Ben Simmions in one season.

  • Bout to equip my myplayer with a Dwight Howard shot that was a quick ass release tho

  • Who else which lebron didn’t became a sell out for money ,,, la,,, and was gd again ? Btw if u don’t agreee I dc but it’s facts lol 😂 😝

  • All inspired by curry. Simple.

  • Wow. Imagine if they was all healthy. Dwight, Davis, & Demarcus? that's like king ghidorah terrifying.

  • why are they so impressed.. is he mentally disabled or something

  • Dwight just twishes it 😂👍🏽

  • Just realizing there are 3 first picks in the lakers

  • That moment when you realize Dwight has more career threes than Simmons 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Clippers dont got shit on us

  • Big deal. Against the Cavaliers? I scored on the the deaf and blind school once...

  • 1,981 to catch up to Dirk the the king of 7' 3 pointers.

  • He shoot better than danny green, so lets trade green for real

  • dwight vs simmons please we need to see this shit 😂

  • Ben Simmons- hell no im running away from the 3 point line. Dwight Howard- give me that shit I'll show you how its done.

  • They should have a 3 point contest with just centers

  • The Reaction is like they won a championship dont slip with my Clippers .

  • Hang it up

  • Cuzins waiting out his free ring!

  • that must of felt good

  • cant believe that he would be able to develop a jumpshot

  • Oh imagine if he drained 2 in a row...I'd think Staples would fuck around and cause an earthquake

  • Ben Simmons hit DH on his jack like wtf bro ..Whts your technique? Cause i can't make shit

  • Im so glad for D.H he has been balling & blocking shots like crazy Keep up the gd wrk bro

  • I'm happy that Dwight Howard's improving on his 3-point shooting but he needs to still work on his mid-range shooting other than that he's a stud still to this day

  • He was a good pick up.....WANTS A RING.....GO LAKERS

  • ben simmons out here with tears in his eyes

  • He now showing interest in the all games 3 point contest? Lol😂🤣🏀🏆💪

  • Why does Rajon Rondo remind me of the Lil Reese of Basketball ?😂

  • 2020 NBA Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Guard Power Guard Center Guard

  • Love ur game Dwight Howard